• Najeeb Khawaja

    Hi Jameson,
    Your new video timing was just perfect.
    I am working on my e-commerce website, trying to decide between using “Ocean wp” and Astra themes. What do you sagest?

  • Avrum Golub

    Hi Jameson, In follow-up to your video from 4/15/18 (NEW TUTORIAL VIDEO ANNOUNCEMENT) and the dialogue with
    Sherry Higdon about Sydney Theme and Elementor, please check out https://forums.athemes.com/t/sydney-vs-sydney-pro-w-elementor/23718 – Sydney vs. Sydney Pro w/ Elementor, especially the comment from Vlad on 3/20/18. Prior URLs about this are Compatibility with Elementor vs Site SiteOrigin – https://forums.athemes.com/t/compatibility-with-elementor-vs-site-siteorigin/21773 – 1/11/18 (Vlad: 1/12/18) and Elementor Compatibility – https://forums.athemes.com/t/elementor-compatibility/20973 – 12/17/17. Thank you for your diligent work!! ????????

  • Sherry Higdon

    Now I'm going to have to build out another website! I want to learn the Elementor Builder but the other site I just created with your tutorial was not using it so I guess we'll just to build out another one! I did add the Elementor plugin to the site I built with you (Sydney) but I'm not sure you can use both. Any suggestions? I really think the Elementor will be great for long term adding to my site additional pages and designs and so forth.


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  • AndyDOHD1

    Just started watching your video and subscribed to your Channel. What I wondered was whether you'd not recommend to add the OceanWP child theme? I have been workng on an Elementor/OceanWP design at https://bit.ly/2HswMaF, I feel it needs a bit of work still and wondered what your recommendations would be please?

  • Karan Ch

    make great themes by using this product i personally use it and it is awesome try it –https://bit.ly/2rkurES

  • Rick Parton

    This is the second video I have watched of yours and in one you suggest HostGator for web hosting and in this one you suggest Inmotion hosting. Are you an advocate of both or did you change which one you prefer now? Please let me know! Thank you for making these videos. ?

  • Arpi Shah

    Thanks alot for your wondeful effort!
    Can you please teach how to make a client dashboard for wordpress website?

  • Waheed Ali

    NYC TECH CLUB i watch your most of the videos and like your style too.We are working on php website, our IT created it.There are some problems with our website specially with the small or vertical images on mobile.They are not mobile responsive how to properly set these images.

  • Grant Chiyangi

    I have a
    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in …………..public_html/wp-content/themes/sydney/plugins/class-tgm-plugin-activation.php on line 2036. what should I do?

  • Rex Efe

    You are awesome. The best on the net. I have successfully built two websites with your tutorial. You can check them out and see if I tried. www.detectascam.com and www.incomegenerator.ga.

  • warever37

    I'm using the Sydney theme but it's becoming super slow. I want to change to the OceanWP theme. My question is: in my dashboard, if I export all the existing pages, then delete the Sydney theme, install the OceanWP then, then Import the pages, what can I expect to happen? Thanks, you're awesome!

  • Skatermaxie

    First of all, you did a great job by making this guide. It's super easy because you explain everything in detail. But I have one question. I want to change the distance between the header and the title, because the title cross the header on pc. But if I change this to 120 padding (as example) , it change automaticly as well on the mobile application. Is there a way to fix this separately of each other?

  • MinkeeBlue

    Thanks for the tutorial. I'm with you all the way up to editing using Elementor. For some reason, my Home using Elementor using will not load. The is an error message – "ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE". How do I fix this? Thanks

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