• My World of Metaphysics

    This was a great straightforward video. I switched from GoDaddy because I needed a blog and was a little overwhelmed with Word Press last month and did not finish. But with your tutorial I was able to pick up where I left off and get a lot accomplished. It was better than calling word press help center. I will continue creating my website and keep using your videos. Thanks!

  • Vostadeus

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  • techlilinu

    Thank You for creating this tutorial. It is very informative and easy to understand. I really appreciate your work. Thank You again for the time you took to create it.

    P.S. I really like your background music. It is very mellow and relaxing. It enhanced the experience of watching this tutorial. Thank You for adding it in.

  • Shashi Kiran

    Hi, I have set up my wordpress website http://onlytravelforindia.com/Vacation. I have already published the theme and my post, but when I visit the site it shows A New Word Press Site Coming Soon! Please let me know why the site is not being displayed even though I have set up the Themes, pages, posts and published.

  • Callum Evans

    How do you ensure that the WordPress branding doesn't show up at the bottom of your website pages?

    Always think it looks unprofessional.

  • Haritos Realty Group with Keller Williams Realty-Michael and Andrea Haritos

    Great instructional video, thanks. My wife and I sell real estate… there are 100's of companies that sell services to realtors for websites and landing pages. It is a maze of deception and scam, with a few good companies that are super expensive. Question 1. Can I use bluehost and wordpress and create not a "website", but a specific dedicated landing page? With a call to action and a form fill? I would advertise the landing page on Facebook and Google pay per click. And can I direct the form fill information to be loaded onto my real estate CRM (contact relations management system)? Also, are there any form fill "plug-ins" that allow a one click "use my Facebook log-in info." and with one click they complete the log-in on my site? Michael

  • David Edwards Jr

    Tyler thank you for creating this straightforward easy to follow video. I was lost and floundering trying to create my first website till I found it. Thanks again! And yes I am one of the 1 in 20 that completed your video.

  • Retroid for Retro Gaming

    thanks man
    this is the best tutorial for the beginners in wordpress
    i never know the difference between wordpresscom and other hosting like bluhost untill i saw this video

  • Lisa Lofton

    Thanks to your step-by-step instructions I set up a blog site today. Had a few hiccups, but called tech support and they were very kind and VERY patient. Need to tinker with it a bit more to get desired look – Appearance. But Again, thanks to your tutorial I think that will be an easy fix. Thanks much!

  • clay cali

    Oops, I already bought my domain through domains.google.com before watching this. Do you know if I can "undo" that to go through Bluehost instead???

  • Soete & Williams

    I have been wachting your tutorial ons for sometime,your tips are rally helpful.I have already a websites but am thinking of making a new 0ne Thatcher totally custom made.what are your tips for beginners.

  • Kevin Cruz

    OMG you taught me a lot I mean that honestly. I was watching a lot videos with no real guidance so thanks you. If you the person who made the video reads this I a have a question. Thanks again

  • dali cherif

    thank you for this video , it help me alot . but i discovered this software for how want to create there own website for E-Business and i make 700$ per week with that software and its FREE

  • mwogan1

    I have found WordPress to be very user-unfriendly, but with your straight-talking steps to do things, sounds like it will make it so easy to start another site.  Thanks a great deal.

  • Niyas Muhammed

    sir, in my website,there is no option for tools,appearance,etc,,that type menus. website is build ed by one team,the hand over me that user id and password.
    i need to add a navigation bar to that site. what i do for that.. can u help me,
    [email protected]

  • Ali's Veterinary Wisdom

    thanks its nice explanation.

    can i use GoDaddy hosting for WordPress? i prefer because of customer care service they provided and i have account with them. please suggest further

  • G C

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  • Dirk Buchmann

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  • Neethu sharma G

    Nice Info and aloso look for How to Create a Carousel Horizontal Posts Content Slider in WordPress – CHPCS (Free Version)

  • Robert Stalets

    Are you available for hire ? I have been playing with this and just wonder how afforable it might be to have someone like you just build it for me with the plug in s etc I want I do the content and pictures you do the rest ????

  • Michael Gibson

    Hi. When I put through the domain name I am in new Zealand so need a .co.nz domain.
    Do I just choose the .co one as this is the only option? Can you get a .co.nz domain with bluehost?

  • Mehmood Razzak

    Hi.. I want to create a supermarket website which include everything, like Grocessries, Cosmetic, Hardware, Electrical and Pharmacy.. can it be done?

  • The Royal Road to Heaven

    Hello I have been studying your wonderful work. I am a beginner and am ready to create my .org website but have aquestion about THEMES. I want to use DIVI drag/drop a desert theme….is there an extra charge? or is it included once I get going…I see I have to sign up for it? Can you clarify?  thank you for your wonderful work

  • Ilyas houssein

    I already have url bu it's not working so how I build through WordPress my website is. Www.mombusinessstyles.com

  • Thish Jobs

    wow wonderful and amazing video sir i'm really glad to see this video so subscribe it and suppose if you want any web developer or web designer or any logo designer pls contact me my contact no 9500910005

  • UnleaPvP

    Wow, very nice tutorial thankyou.
    And I love these background music… can you tell me the name of this background music?

  • William Noah

    This was a really good tutorial to get started!

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  • Berk

    Really useful ODi, since I can't enroll in your course because it's currently full, I might as well start on making a website. You're the man, thanks.

  • Kharean Salgados

    Confused! If I have a website sir could I apply to promote on any different company like clickbank and Amazon it that work one at the time ?

  • John Rey

    Hi! Great video tutorial!
    Is the Free website set-up still up??
    The link to that video seems not working, but I hope that the service is still on going?

  • Hamza Abdul Shakoor

    I have created the website but I want this for soneone else .. now how can I give them control to run the website but not the complete admin permission

  • Naveen Kumar

    How can I create a sub menu if i have a menu named events in that am going to add three category how can i do that?


    Great tutorial Odi. You're good! Thanks a lot. I have a much better view now on how to get started. I hope more people will feel the same way just after watching this video. You're really good man!! You deserve more thumbs up!!! Honestly.

  • Kazuko Nishimura

    I think I made a mistake and have already paid WorldPress £85 for an annual subscription. It includes domain and host. Do I still need to do something to install a hos in my computer. I am sorry the question can sound a bit confusing, but I am a very newbie on this toy 😉

  • Shahzeb Shamim

    Thanks Bro It Helped Me a lot. Bro please tell me the best Free And Paid Gaming WordPress Theme Please Bro Please reply its very important

  • Tamer Elogueil

    Thanks a lot, quite detailed for a kick off start. will put my thoughts around and will come back with questions later.
    thought, can wordpress help me creating a site that will require people to login and on first login it prompt them to choose preferences and later always let them land on their preference customized home page??

  • Mario Salazar

    Hi, I'd like to start my website and I'd like your advice: I want to sell my ebook or Kindle, and promote workshops and seminars and be able to do it from my website having the future of getting paid by this same way accepting PayPal or credit card… What plan would you recommend to me? 1000 thanks in advance.

  • itz rk

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  • Rams Guest House

    Thanks for the video, i am facing some issue with my website developed by someone in word press. Still it is not completed in full and it is already live. need some help to correct the issue. How can I reach you.?

  • Ntate Sebi sangoma


  • Mark Henry

    Awesome video. Your guidelines are really helpful for us.
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  • Amber Moore

    Great video as as always Odi! Yes everyone needs a website in my opinion too. They are so easy to make and fun. Thank you so much.

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