How to Make a WordPress Dropshipping Website with WooCommerce & AliDropship – 2019! NEW!
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How to Make a WordPress Dropshipping Website with WooCommerce & AliDropship – 2019! NEW!


  • Luis Camacho

    Hogan! Thanks again for a great video. Your approach to teaching is very candid and transparent, and of course, extremely educational and inspiring.
    Always looking forward to your next video, thanks again!!!

  • Kfir oaknin

    woocommerce change order status automatically to Processing not like the you show in your video . When you order it becomes a status On hold – Can anyone help me how to turn off automatic processing status

    I want to change as it appears in the video manually???

  • shehzad khan

    Dear Hogan, i purchased Themify from your Affiliate Link today but i can;t see the Woo-commerce Module 1:01:26 please your support from where i can find it, Thanks & appreciate your support.

  • Ina Saeed Abdalle

    Hogan, you are wonderful presenter. I just finished watching your video and created an amazing eCommerce website, it is 4.15am. Sleepless night ! Thank you.

  • Amit Parsotam

    Great video mate – I was looking for a good way to semi-automate shipping and it seems alidropship is the way to go. I do have one question – not related to the content but what was the track name of the music at the end of the video? 🙂

  • Diriku Tiada

    Hi.. what is ur comment on if more that 500 products woocommerce start to hang ?it is stated in alidropship portal. Can u test it how is it on ur webshosting ? Thanks..

  • Zulphah Davids

    Hi Hogan
    Thanks for this awesome tutorial!
    I have a quick question….I have a Personal Plan with WordPress and it comes with a domain. I've tried to follow your guide, however, WordPress wants me to upgrade to a Business Plan in order to download plug ins and themes. Is there a way to get around this without having to pay for an upgraded plan? Or would it be easier to restart and use Hostgator? My WordPress plan just renewed and I am still in the cancellation window period.

  • Amaan Haider

    hey how can i get the licsense key of the theme ..? bcz there is an update in theme and for doing that i need licsense key

  • Glend

    Hogan! how can i enable the variation of the product? if i will turn it in to variable products it will appear out of stocks.

  • Young Kim

    Try Fulfillman Dropshipping service they handle all my shopify business and really help me to grow up easy! thanks Angela and all the team for your help!!

  • Adam Biz

    Hi Hogan. A question. Do we need to speak to suppliers before hand or we can just select & add products to our website and just submit order to supplier mentioning its a dropshipping order.
    The only challenge i think is if we have 100s of items do we need to speak to every supplier before hand?

  • Daniel W

    Hello. When he tries to send a message via the contact form, he shows the error: "There was an error. Please try again" Please help me!!!!

  • Anonymous Anonymous

    Excuse my you tube name its a long story haha, but let's say I'd want to drop ship a pair of Nike's shoes from Ali express, would that be Ok for me to sell them from Ali express into my woo commerce store without any issues? For the benefit of it being authentic etc.

  • Abdullah Elmadari

    Hey would you mind doing a video covering other plugins that would be best to insert into this ecommerce website to make it more beneficial?

  • Abdullah Elmadari

    I have a lot of experience within selling online, but a question I have is when opening a shopify or Woo commerce store, do you launch your store if its for a specific niche or product such as for instance the coffee market. Or would i be able to open ONE store for a variety of products and wouldn't be limited to one specific category, for example my store would contain not only coffee related products, but shoes, accessories, clothing etc. Or should i open multiple stores for multiple categorized products? Im kind of confused on that.

  • Shoshanah Shear

    Thanks for all this. How does one set up a collection as opposed to a category? I need to have both in my store.

  • lynn kim

    Hi Hogan, for a beginner would you recommend someone living in Australia to drop ship to the US only or worldwide?


    Many Thanks Hogan Chua

    I watched approx 6 top videos about WooCommerce & AliDropship,
    but no one show how the order process 1:38:00 [ Test Order & Fulfillment Process (Buying Socks!) ]
    Very Helpful

  • stacy jacqueline lee ghin

    Hi Hogan. First of all, thank you so much for this tutorial it's really good. I have followed you step by step and its been amazing however for whatever reason, my aliwoo format look nothing like yours. Yours look way more streamlined and easy whereas I cant get anything remote close to look like yours. the Aliwoo dropship pluggin is not featuring this (52:33/1:43:59) at all. Im using the basic themify builder you have in the link. Could it be that? im a bit freaked because I dont feel like i would be able to do this on my end but if it looked like yours it might have been attainable. Please Help! thanks in advance. Any chance I could What'sapp call?

  • CanYouFindTheWay

    Hey Hogan, how does one add faqs, terms of conditions, contact forms, does this have to be one manually or is there some sort of pre-set up? thanks!

  • Anonymous Anonymous

    So if you were to dropship lets say from aliexpress, would people be willing to wait for their purchases to arrive since it is an ePacket service?

  • Michelle Chin

    May I know how come when I want to publish the comments as shown in your video at min 58:20, I received this message : An appropriate representation of the requested resource could not be found on this server. This error was generated by Mod_Security. How come like this? Please advise. Thanks.

  • nkem kemzy

    wow!!! I thought I was watching a movie. A whole bunch of REAL stuff here…
    Am taking ACTION!!!
    But is this same as creating an aliexpress affiliate store???

  • celltrix1

    I have actually downloaded this video to serve as a reference. Im a newbie on dropshipping and on the process of building one at the moment. This video helped me a lot.

  • abdulla najad

    You are saying ali express deliver directly to customer. So the package will contain aliexpress adress and all. Is there any option to deliver in our own store address from ali express?

  • Objective Taskforce

    One thing confused me about everything.

    When the process of customer buying a product will the full sum of the customer purchase go into my account and then withdraw the fee I have towards AliExpress or will it just split up the purchase and send me my part and send rest into AliExpress? Think that's a need to know, so I don't wake up one day with 0$ in my bank and gotta wait for PayPal to pay up while eating crumbles.

  • Ghaith Hamdi

    Hi there Hogan.
    just a small problem, I'm having trouble updating the themify themes and builders can you please provide the latestest versions of all the plugins you used from themify in a download link. thanks

  • SeongKyu Ahn

    Hi, Your video is fantastic and very easy to understand! I have one question if you don't live in USA, when we setting the woocommerce do we have to put any usa address? if we put it any usa address how about pay , actually not live in usa

  • Mandla Richard Shongwe

    That great man, you know I was thinking of getting someone to make a webside for me because I was clue less but now I know. Thanks a lot

  • Wayne Wright

    Hello Hogan I am following you and things are going great but I am stuck at the section where you add feature products on home page. I click the frontend builder and hovered over the green X but i do not have any woocommerce module

  • DarkBlack22

    Hello Hogan! May I know where is the link to the video on how to get those additional services at 4:57 for free? Thank you!

  • Nanapohn Wongwattanakul

    Thanks!!,I have a questions: If I buy a hosting for 1 month then its expired. I want to know that an alidropship plugin which i bought the last time can use together with my new hosting or not? Or i should buy a new one?

  • Naphea U

    I’m just wondering if the customer order different products, will the AliExpress suppliers shipped them separately one by one to the Customer?


  • Tony Hampton

    I am at the part where i have installed dropship woo and changed the php version (in my case to 7.1) the woo app does not appear on my left tool bar as it does on your video and i have no error is there a solution?

  • JL Green

    What was the font of the header before you changed it to Open Sans (City Bags For Travelling)? I want to change mine back to the original, but I have no idea what it was.

  • Brandon's Crazy Life - The Web Series

    from what i'm seeing wordpress is more expensive than shopify, i have to pay £36 per month for ecommerce from them then £89 for alidrop shop, and god know what else

  • Tony Sera

    Yes Hogan its the themify plugins that I dont get on my computer would you sent those downloads to my e-mail so I can download it on my computer my e-mail is [email protected] can you send it to me please

  • Norton Cortez

    Hi Hogan, thanks a lot for this tutorial, Im doing everything at the moment. I have a problem with "really simple SSL" with the follow: Detected possible certificate issues
    Really Simple SSL failed to detect a valid SSL certificate. If you do have an SSL certificate, try to reload this page over https by clicking this button:

    Reload over https

    The built-in certificate check will run once daily, to force a new certificate check visit the SSL settings page. Really Simple SSL requires a valid SSL certificate. You can check your certificate on Qualys SSL Labs.

    I believe its because hostgator alredy have it ??? Can you please help me.

    Best regards.


  • Josh Cavallo

    Is there any way to automate the order from aliexpress process? Do you need to also do the same thing through shopify?

  • Clermont Couillard

    Hello Hogan,


    I have just arrived in this world of dropshiping and I see you are very generous and thank you for all of us.

    I listened to your training video with the utmost care and followed your instructions.
    Hosting, domain, SSL, install WordPress, buy the Alidropship plugin, install Woocommerce and theme (themify-shoppe)
    All works fine, except that my products only stay three days displayed and disappears.
    I do not see them anymore on the online store, but they are good in products on wordpress admin.

    Does that tell you something?
    What can I do ?
    Thank you so much.
    Rimouski, Quebec.

  • Gongoozler I am

    Thank you so much for going step by step. The last tutorial didn't do that and just expected us to know everything (it's my first time building a website) and skipped steps. I was so confused! Thank you for making things clear for me! 🙂 <3

  • A-Z Man

    If I have an already existing site with products I marketing with affiliate links,
    Can I change it to a dropship site or do I need new site for this?

  • A-Z Man

    If I have an already existing site with products I marketing with affiliate links,
    Can I change it to a dropship site or do I need new site for this?

  • karim belhadj

    First of all thank you for this informative video.
    I have one question : How can i remove the word sale from my product in the Home page ?


  • karim belhadj

    Hello hogan

    Thank you very much
    I wanna ask you about the updating of the theme , it's demand a licence key .

    What should i do ?


  • Fortnite Legends

    These all fake youtubers tell you the easy stuff, while they make money from youtub3 videos.

    If i was dropshipping and had success or profit with it, i would stick to it, and not search income from youtube.

    I am not only saying this by speculation but i know about dropshipping, all of them show you ali express wich is old and outdated, no body wants to wait yhe item to arrive after 1 month of purchase, and you have to pay for taxes for custom duties, and all hell breaks loose if you take this route, be warned they show you the outdated stuff, while they hide any good knowledge or tricks.

  • roei Zamir

    Hi Hogan, your guide really helped me allot and thank you! Just one question, how is it that on 53:02 you were able to delete these variations? i don't have that button on my alidropshp woo extension

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