How to Make a WordPress Blog | Step by Step for Beginners | EASY! 😀
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How to Make a WordPress Blog | Step by Step for Beginners | EASY! 😀


  • Chelsea Banglesdorf

    Hi Hogan! Thanks so much for this tutorial. It helped me alot! I'm having an issue with one thing I can't figure out. In my header, right under my menu navigation, there is this red arrow that when you click it the header expands and gets bigger and then in the left corner my name appears. Do you have any idea how to get rid of this? Thank you!

  • Devina Mathur

    Thanks a lot for the tutorial. This is one of the best tutorial I have ever watched on website creation. This builder is a great tool. I am creating my theme on Chalkboard. I want to know how we can import the Chalk font style into this builder

  • MrSTUDofRC

    Hey man one more question … currently all my images … even the ones not linking to anything … hover black and white. Is there a way to make JUST the images linking to something hover black and white? Right now my gallery images change to black and white when I hover over them and I think it's really distracting. Thanks!

  • heather caylor

    ok i am half way thru ur tutorial and i got a new computer and cant seem to find my site. and cant get into my cpanel. please help

  • allison chong

    Awesome Hogan, Thank you for the passion and the patience, you took 90min to finish the web site, but i took 2 days.But i know more clearer how its actually WordPress work. Between, during the process of creation the web site, I facing two issue, I have an issue to appear my map(though I follow your step to do, but the map is not appear and have error), and the mobile version for my homepage, when i try to string down to mobile version after i paste th CSS Code, but still My "SHOPPING" word is out of shape.

  • Marina

    This was a really helpful tutorial! Thank you! Got done installing WordPress and got my theme and all and was stuck on posts, images, how to link and this all answered my questions! Thanks!

  • Mike Simmons

    #allison chong I just finished building my website. Desktop version looks awesome. I loaded it on a browser on my mobile device, and nothing shows up but a wonky site identity. Is there a tutorial for this that I didn't see on your FAQ? @Alyssa Maire

  • Sylvia Vervest

    Hi, on the front page of the Themify theme I have a red tab with arrows in it and if clicked on it drops down and reveals categories and search.

  • Music Why Not!

    My website is I have been trying to add another page (I need five or six pages not only four)? Every time I add a page it wont add it to the top menu is there anything I can do?

  • Andrea Cifani

    Hi again 🙂

    I have another problem… In my posts page, in the end, related posts are showed. The problem is that the related posts showed have huge, huge images.

    If you want to see it go to

    Does anybody knows how can I resize the images?

    THank you in advance

  • calicao

    Hi! Thank you so much for your video. I am having a problem that the customizer only makes changes when I have the customizer open. It reverts back to the previous style once i close it. Please help!!

  • Buddhist Blogger

    Hi Hogan, thank you very much for your awesome tutorials, I sure learned a lot! I wanted to ask you for advice – I'm trying to build my blog in two languages. What free plugin would you recommend, please? Also, I tried Polylang but I'm having problems translating pages that I created through dragging&dropping (posts work just fine). Any idea that could solve my problem? Thank you in advance!

  • Deepak Lyngdoh

    Hi, I am facing an issue while uploading HD images in builder, its getting uploaded but in black and white…..Please help

  • Tylko Hity

    I have installed the thimfy error opening the blog as admin Forbidden
    You do not have permission to access /wp-content/deleteme.b7f7b943475344ddbb1822e356c5414f.php?46966ded211d24a4b34b8fba81cc0f961 on this server.

  • Happy Now Not When

    Thank you Hogan!  An absolute beginner here – and I am about 1.5 hours into your session.  So very helpful.  Two quick questions…1. At the 1hr 28min mark you added a shop functionality to the home page. If I don't want to do that – how to I get reduce the 'white space' of the empty box underneath the gallery?  2. Is there a way I can make my wordpress website private until I am ready to go public?  Thanks in advance.  Keep up the great work!  Tez.

  • Happy Now Not When

    Thanks for your help to my last question Hogan. Much appreciated. Another couple: 1. Is the Themify Ultra theme compatible with Google Adsense? And 2. If not, and I choose to use a different theme that is compatible with Google Adsense – do I just load another theme into wordpress and will it load and replace the existing – or do I have to start from scratch – delete everything to date and start again with the new theme? Kind regards Tez

  • Khaliah Coleman

    HI Hogan! I need your help. My website is and right as I was approaching the end and nearly finished the columns option for the blog section will not pop up when I turn on the builder!!! I didn't realize you had an updated 2017 tutorial on how to make a blog so I have been using the 2016. I have bee thoroughly impressed with you and I am now overwhelmed for I well be away from a computer for the next 3 days as my computer is down at home and I am building my blog from work. Can you help me with any themify updates or anything!

  • Ms.Gfa

    Thanks to my man Hogan I now have a website. He makes the seemingly impossible very possible and easy to follow with his step-by-step instructions. I promise you will have a website by the end of this video.

  • Sim B

    Hello hogan I would like if it is possible a video where you explain how to use portfolio post plugin on themify for a portfolio page with photos, can you do that in the future??? thank you

  • Hassan

    Hi Hogan, at the moment I'm stuck.
    Adding a sidebar in my blog page, similar to my homepage. The colour doesnt match.
    Using themify social links into my header beside the titles.

  • Randi Westphal

    Hey Hogan, this video is awesome I learned so much about setting up my blog but I'm having trouble with the customize tab. When I click on Customize to change the fonts and colors and such, everything looks as it should when I pick my fonts and what not but when I exit out of the customize tab, it all goes back to how it originally was and I cannot figure out why. I push save every time but as soon as I close out of it, it doesn't stay that way. When I go back into the Customize tab though it goes back to how I set it with the right fonts and colors. I don't know if you might have an idea on what is going wrong or if I will have to get themify tech support to answer my question.
    Thanks so much!

  • Chan Pham

    Thanks for this video i created my blog, but i did something and messed it up. Im sure its a easy fix but i cant figure it out. Please help. My site cant resize. can you explain why?

  • Team JW

    Thanks for this video i created my blog, but i did something and messed it up. Im sure its a easy fix but i cant figure it out. Please help. My site cant resize. can you explain why?

  • Kenya Anderson

    Hi Hogan, I recently made a blog using this tutorial (extremely helpful by the way)…. what I find the problem to be is Subscribing. Would you be able to take a look ? I can't really explain the issue but here's the website, whenever you have time

  • Fenni iipumbu

    Hey Hogan
    Great video 🙂

    Make a bold statement Grab your visitors' attention front and center on your homepage, then give them an action to take.
    Get Started

    How do i get rid of this in my footer?

  • Julia Kuzubova

    Thank you so much Hogan Chua for helping me to create an amazing blog! I can't imagine how it might looks without this video tutorial. Thought blogs like this can be made only by professional web designers and now I'm so proud to say that I created my blog design! And best of all, I can change it any time. Truly appreciate what you do! Best wishes!
    Yulia from

  • The LadyBug Chronicles

    Hey Hogan, I am actually working on my blog now and I wanted to know, would it be gods idea to pay for the additional add ons, such as privacy protection and hacker alert?

  • The LadyBug Chronicles

    Wow I just finished making my website, I added a few more pages than you originally had for my website, thanks so much. All I'm doing now is changing out the pictures.

  • The LadyBug Chronicles

    I'm so excited because I'm all done with my site but I wanted ask how do you have the website fit mobile and tablets. the images are off on phones and tablets.

  • Victor Freire

    Hello Hogan.
    Could explain to me how to add an image to the side bar? Like a logo from a partner. Thank you very much. Victor

  • Lauren Bunce

    Hostgator raised their prices and doesn't offer a month to month option. Instead of the $13 startup, the minimum I could pay with your discount was about $72 to get started with the Baby version.

  • Nollywood Space

    Hi I really like your tutorial, I have a Facebook page with almost one million followers, I really need a help on creating a good blog, I don't need a free blog, I need you to tell me the best place to create a blog, the page is all about fashion,beauty tips, celebrity style, fashion inspiration etc. Please I need to create a good blog and earn money. Thank you

  • Manju Mathew

    I DL before I came across this page. When I started to follow your tutorial, I noticed my page looked a lot different. After some research, I realized that it's prob bc I have My question to you is- how do I switch over to Would I need to pay again? (I paid for the personal plan). Also, can i cancel my hostgator for the and get payment back or apply it to the

  • mia angelique

    hey hogan, i've been following ur tutorial and i have gotten to the "creating an about page" section. I tried so click on my "about" link on my website, and it lead me to a 404 page not found display. i have clicked the rest of my links within my menu area, and all of them do the same thing, do you mind giving me a hand?

  • orglancs

    I've turned off after three minutes – hopeless, far too fast. You describe exactly the sort of would-be blogger I am and then cater for viewers who can read at the speed of sound. For beginners and non-nerdie people trying for the first time you must give us time to catch your cursor as it zooms round. I just couldn't follow it, much of the time didn't have a clue what you were referring to because you were going far too fast. I'm still looking for a sane how-to-do-it video on setting up a blog. Any recommendations, anyone?

  • Wayne Sinclair

    Excellent video. thanks for the styling tips… PS: where did u get the video @ the very end of the tutorial. Thanks again.

  • Alex McGinness

    This makes me mad that I didn't realize how easy WordPress is until now. Migrating from Blogger immediately!

    Can you edit content easily through mobile? That's one of the main things I'd like to be able to do with my website.

  • Jessica Smith

    I am using this tutorial to build my website right now, and I'm having an issue with something in the header section. Between the logo and the main nav menu I just built there is another menu with "Site Admin" "Logout" "Entries RSS" "Comments RSS" and "" on it. I am super new to this so I'm not sure if I just missed a step or what I can do to take that off. I am at 1:04:25 in the video and the demo screen doesn't show this on it. I can seen a picture if that helps…

    Thanks so much!

    -Great tutorial by the way! This is helping me so much.

  • Rubyxoxo Javier

    bravo!!! well done thank you for this blog tutorial at fist I was scared to actually start  own blog but I couldn't stop the urge inside of me that was telling to start my own blog that this is my moment and finally after endless video tutorial on how to start a vlog I finally came across yours and you made me so happy thank you thank you so much

  • Katharina Ustinov


    Thank you for all your videos.

    They are great.

    However I am confused now regarding the wordpress theme Themify…
    You offer it here for FREE to download – does this version have all it needs to build a stunning blog and a ecommerce website?
    or will you then have to buy all the extra plugins?

    Really interested in getting this theme – can you please advise….

  • Daniel Juul Madsen

    Hi Hogan.
    How do you get space between post?
    My post is directly against each other..

    Thanks for super cool videos

    Greeting – Daniel from Denmark

  • Dayna McRoberts

    I've followed your tutorial very closely and double checked that I haven't missed any steps. But when I went to edit my site on a different computer I can still customize but the top bar has completely disappeared and there is no way to the Themify Builder… when I go to my dashboard the only drop down option under my site name is "Visit Site" as oppose to "Edit Site". What happened???

  • Christian Maverick Glodove

    Can you help me about his Hogan?
    how many times I tried to reset the setting and re-upload the theme to make it default, but still I'm getting this type of footer so annoying 🙁

  • chris lynch

    Hi Hogan, when i change the order of my menu titles it changes fine in customizing- menus but then when I save it and preview my site they are out of order again? thanks for all the help this video is great : )


    Hi Hogan!Great tutorial. I want to change the input text font color in my forms but have been unsuccessful. Please need your help

  • Aneesh Jain

    When I use the post module on my homepage my posts appear without their titles, also I chose to display the excerpt which appears fine when the builder is open but as soon as I save and exit the builder the excerpts disappear.

  • J.B. Adorare

    First and foremost, let me thank you for this wonderful and comprehensive guide. I'm having a slight problem, though. I'm paused at timecode 41:17 and I'm trying to establish my pages. I followed you instructions, but when I go to look at the site, the only page listed is "Home." Should I be concerned? I'm going to continue with the video, maybe it will resolve itself by the time I finish this video. Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Thank you again.

  • Amanda West

    On your dashboard, what is ULTRA? I don't have that on my dashboard.. I have Genesis? But I do not have the same theme settings as you do.

  • Sera Hejlskov

    Hey Hogan 🙂
    I have followed your tutorial but have a problem. I cannot make the spacing between the header and main post at the top of the front page smaller for some reason. Do you know how to do it? If you look at the web page I'm working on you will see a large white spacing under the header. How to I make it smaller? Best regards – han THANK YOU for an amazing tutorial!

  • ellie cruz

    hi hogan, thanks so much for this amazing tutorial! i have a problem when i click on the customize button. it just took me to an error page. i don't know what i did wrong :/. should i contact wordpress or how can i fix it?

  • HiddenGems

    For the background settings once you add in a picture it's not giving me the ability to hit full over. What do I do??

  • Hernan Rodriguez

    Hi Hogan this is hernan rodriguez, I saw your tutorial how to make a wp blog. I want to buy the themify standard $49 I was looking the coupon that you offer, I could not find it. could you help me please, my email is [email protected] I also want to know if you have a tutorial only for how to use parallax or themify software. thank you

  • Hernan Rodriguez

    I already did and I got the coupon, but I have another question the page in the hostgator is different to the one that you showed in the tutorial. Is it possible that you can help me to install wordpress, I will pay for this services. thank you

  • Rakele Bertini

    Hi Hogan. Amazing tutorial, but I'm struggling. The theme doesn't seem to work the way it should. When I navigate to themify options all the roll down menus are open and refuse to close, and I can't see the changes directly on the screen when I'm making them. When I save and refresh the page the changes doesn't show. What is wrong?

  • HJ boo

    thank you! such an amazing video. I set up my blog successfully 🙂 just a quick question, I would love to sell small product on my blog ( I dont wanna open an ecommercer website ) so was wondering if its possible to add a page on my blog that I can sell some stuff?

  • Norma Luz Davila

    Hi Hogan I am looking for a blog where I could also add ads is your website will be able to add any adds if I desired?

  • Catherine Bai

    Hi Hogan, how can I get my instagram feed to completely span from the left to the right with no spaces between the borders of either side?

  • Marta Sanz

    Hi Hogan Chua! Thank you very much for this kind of videos becuase is the perfect way to learn. I thing that I need your help because, I am trying to create my webside following your videos but, the builder options have desapered and now I can't to add text box, image box and all that I need to complete the web. Could you help me?.

  • Liz

    Thank you for this tutorial! Unfortunately the "everything disappeared"- case seems to have happened to me. Alle the pictures are gone… I looked at your FAQs and also the Themify-Website and you both mentioned "Clear Builder Cache > Turn OFF Builder Cache" – but this option is not even there in my Themify settings? It should be between "Themify Builder /enable-disable" and "Disable builder shortcuts" – and there is nothing in my case 🙁 I really don´t know what to do… i looked everywhere.

  • Mat Freeman

    I don't believe I've ever left a comment on YouTube, but this gentleman deserves a resounding review. Brilliant tutorial! It's worth watching at least once, all the way through, before diving in. But it really is step-by-step the full picture. After building sites since the beginning of the internet on a million platforms, I dove into my first WordPress site. Tons of other tutorials and research before I found this. Wish I'd found this first. And this much information would be unbearable with an amateur delivery, so it's a good thing Hogan provides an easy listening experience. In fact, some great information is missed online because you just can't listen to the person delivering it. Thanks, Mr. Chua!

  • Blogger Campus

    Great video. Please watch my video A short powerful guide to create your blog. Thank you.

  • Jenny Johnson

    Nice, thank you for the help here! I was creating a website on WordPress too and it helped me a lot! I personally used the templates from Templatemonster for it and they are great. I would also like to share the promocode which I got there: m6qvxsbfqyo969av44x94wsr0 It is a nice 10% discount on any themes. Maybe you will find it interesting to you too 😉

  • Dered Dered

    Hi Hogan, thanks for the video. I was wondering if exactly the same wordpress blog creation steps can be applicable on godaddy-hosted site? Unfortunately I have already purchased a site/hosting before I was your video, would've supported you.

  • Deva Angga

    Hi Hogan, all of your tutorials are so amazing. We wish you could make another tutorial on how to make online newspaper website. thanks a lot.

  • Loretta Whitby

    Hi dear Hogan,
    Thanks a lot for this awesome video 😉 it’s very useful.
    In fact, I want to delete the “website” input under “Comment” section.

  • Claire Buehler

    Hi Hogan, starting around 50:15 when you begin editing your theme, how does that appear? In my dashboard, below contact is just WP forms and then appearance, plugins, etc. I have chosen to try to follow your tutorial but with the theme Crismon Rose, but I can't figure out how to edit my theme in that much detail. Please help!

  • somtochukwu ifedilichukwu

    First, this has got to be the BEST tutorial I've ever seen. It's so step by step and thorough! I've been building my site for days and could just never get it right.but after this video i set it up ones more. Thank you SO much for it. I have no idea how I found you, but I'm SO glad I did!!! I've subscribed and liked! If anyone asks me about where to go to learn how to build a website,i will away tell them about you

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