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How To Make A Website – Website Hosting – Domain Name Registration –

hello guys and welcome to this tutorial and today I’m going to show you how to How To Make A Website build Your website so like I’ve been said just pull your boobs are hot and go to the main icons calm as you can see right here just type domain icon calm and once you get to the site I suggested you to come right here and click create an account once you do that you’re going to be taken to this page other to do just put your email address on you username that you want to use to login your password that you want to do is to log in and your call in 10 a four-digit call in pin what the calling pin does is when we call the cost the customer service number I’ll pair they’re going to have to put this call anything so always remember your calling pin so if you have any technical issue which I never did you can provide them with that my dad once said once you create your account just go back to domain icons comm you’re going to be taken back to the main icons comm which is loading right now we can see a little bit more about the main icons this is what they do so there are very professional companies so school three so once we get back to the main icon icon you’re going to search you’re going to register your domain name and how are we going to do that we have to search with this box right here to see if our domain name is available or not so my name is Jabbar and I’m going to search for shavar and it search see what it says now it searched the whole database and see if my domain name is available and unfortunately my domain name that I want to register is not available not a big deal as you can see they’ll have some suggestion that I can choose you know but I don’t want any of these so all I have to do this add some more words add some more keywords to my search such as I’m going to add web because I do web design so I’m going to say shalwar web and then I’m going to it search and check if that’s available and yes as you can see say good news this domain and name is available this domain is available so you come down here you click select and then you hit continue to cart once I should continue the cart I always suggested you to take privacy because this is what private your information online so no one can take your information this is what does that instead of your information in the when someone do our research to look on your particular domain name the main icon replace it with their put your information so no one can get your information so you’re protected so I always suggested you to do that and that’s step number one step number two is Austin right and like that being said we go into this list because this is the guide for us to create our website right so we just register we just choose the domain name which is $9.99 per month and now we at Austin so the Austin can go from $6 per month to $14 per month right so now we add the hosting so the web austin is basically a website builder so you can drag and drop stuff where you want it and customize the look and feel of your website but Austin in Austin you can install WordPress and you know choose a team and that’s all your particular size going to look and I I were to use Austin because hosting is well good because a lot of big site like eBay a CNN etc using Austin because they using the WordPress platform so I just suggest to use Austin so you can install WordPress and use WordPress to build your site and right here remember I told you like the Austin go from $6 per month to up to $14 per month okay so this is where you choose what fits your budget so I say for me I always pick deluxe because deluxe is always with my budget it’s only $8.99 per month and now we have step three right here and what structurally basically does is add a business class email to a domain name so if you’re both know you’re going to know this you know you’re going to you want no more on it when you send customer email you know more professional I mean you can do it if you want but I’m not going to do it for this for this for this tutorial I’m not going to do it so you you get the idea several instant I register my domain name Chev our web so Sutherlands tangible web is right here right Chuvalo calm you can add something else like chef at shavar web calm and then when you send customer your email that’s how it’s going to be jabbar chef at shavar web calm so like I’ve been said I’m going to hit continue continue to cart and this is where you can see your prices over here that’s what you’re going to pay for the old entire here but you’ve got to get the domain name for free as you can see over here so you save $9.99 and everything is good you choose Austin everything is good but down here I’m going to give you a coupon right here to use and the coupon is 1 1 2 2 1 1 1 and that going to decrease the price for you see so I was paying a hundred and seven dollars and now I’m only paying 98 or for the whole here you see that and please keep in mind you can change the oath thing to your body you can go for monthly if you want or earlier if you want but I choose I for me I choose 12 more tattoos per per here so write up in 30 plus 8 continue the card and remember that account I tell you to create create earlier so if you never create the account you you would have to click over here known customer but because we create the account you’re just going to log in with your username and password right here you enter and then you hit the login what I’m going to go this wrote because I know movie some of you guys don’t create account from earlier you can just click that particular option right there and then you can put in all your information right here including your card payment method and then click continue and that’s it that is basically all you register your domain name and choose your own stage plan so now in the next video I’m going to show you show you how to make your website and no guys and welcome back alright like that being said you guys can if you want to read more about domain icons calm just go to icon new domain registration calm and you will be taken to this particular website that explains everything about domain icons calm as you can see I can show you a bit what they do right here but you guys can check it out for yourself read we need everything that you want to read and see what domain I can really does for your business Clyde Abin said let’s continue with video by the way this is video number two so I hope you guys stay close to the attention because this is where the technical stuff comes in of Auto beam your website so I’m going to show you how to build your website right now so like that being said let me pull this up so once you register your domain name and help you take write the domain name going to be in the domain name folder the osten is going to be in your Austin folder so once you log in just create this Ostrom button right here and then you have to choose your domain name like you domain name gonna be there so it managed hosting so once you click manage Austin right over here I’m just waiting on it to load kind of big slow yes so once you click manage all scale it’s going to open your C panel and this is where it’s going to get a little complicated guys so pay close attention all right so remember we start in about WordPress earlier this is WordPress right there so basically what we’re going to do I’m going to use another domain name for this training video for this example so I’m going to show you all my install WordPress and get everything up anywhere in for live right in front your eyes and I hope you guys watch this video closely attention and follow along this is a wordpress right there so basically what we’re going to do I’m going to use another domain name for this training video for this for example so I’m going to show you all my install WordPress and get everything up and running live right in front your eyes and I hope you guys watch this video closely attention and follow along okay so I’m gonna guess it WordPress right here and then it’s going to be taking me to the WordPress website just give it a few seconds to load okay so just taking me to our WordPress website that I have already login to so let’s back it up right there so we’re going to go application and then after application I’m going to color scroll down and hit WordPress right here once I hit WordPress I’m going to come to install WordPress right here and then when I hit to install WordPress guys pay closer attention you’re going to hit this that hammer right there and then you’re going to see all the domain names you have for me I have a lot you may check maybe just going to have one so I’m going to use this domain name for the example alright guys this is a big tip once you shape the domain name you see this box right over I said directory optional always make sure it black make sure nothing is inside this box okay because the reason for those is I’m going to show your example so my domain name is going to be archive so if I type blog in this box you see the example down here is coming so archive is going to HTTP that column such as archive slash block you don’t on that you don’t want slash blog to be on your website because so for instant you install the WordPress on this particular domain this is like another page are on your blog you know I mean so suffer instantiy you want a customer to check your website out and you said okay I’m on my domain name is archive domain calm and it gives on that door and don’t go there it’s going to be it’s going to be more content than there because you have to give them the exact thing that said archive domain name that columns as blog so it’s going to be from abou basically everything on slash blog and nothing going to be an archive so that’s why you learn this box to be empty always remember that so we’re going to scroll down this is the version of WordPress I’m going to install right now and right here this is where we’re going to create your admin like your username password to login to WordPress right so from me now I’m just going to enter some basic information so I’m going to say and then I’m going to write an easily a password and then admin email address you should put your email address right here and then you’re going to write your website title title right here say what your website is about I’m just going to put archive coming I’m just going to put archive domain web design company that’s going to be my title and my tag I can say web design professional I think if you know giving duty done just China go to it quickly as possible so you guys can known you know all to build your website quick fast and easy okay and then down here you just get install WordPress and what’s this thing going to do is install your WordPress site this Justin going to go ahead and build your website so you can start to work on it like install the WordPress give you a back office so you can manage your website it’s this easy guys there is nothing odd about this so we’re gonna click on a wait until this due to do what it’s doing and then we know what to do afterwards yes hello guys and welcome welcome back as you can see my web site is now installed and it’s right here is going to be in your inks in your installation folder and it’s right here so guys as you can see if I click this link right here it’s going to take me to my website so that’s basically how my website look right now and down here you can see it says hello world right so this is my actual website it’s that easy so no I’ll just gonna often you know make some customization to this particular website and make it mine okay so more beautiful so if I click it top-ranked it take me to the actual website and if I click the bottom in the middle link it take me to the actual office door I can make changes to my website for once the first thing you need to do when you get into your back office is to click all polarity and then this base post that said our world just charge it love click the trash button okay so once we do that and come right here and it is inside that ello world is going to say nothing because you just delete that ello world folder okay so I’m going to go back to the dashboard and now let’s look at the list again someone we install WordPress right so now number 4 is to install a team and that is also free so to install the team’s let’s go to appearance says just go to appearance and don’t go to the scenes and then you scroll down and we see this box right here does that add anything you just click that and then it’s going to bring you all the things that Han WordPress ok so depending on your building is our what kind of site you bhr make right so always if you spawn Stan let me show you an example so all right so the best example I can show you let me see popular team and scroll down let’s go down 2011 Giggs tours or several instantly emotional online store website you want to go to go for nine store things you know what I mean so you guys can know that you’re making an online store they say is common sense so let me see you have all these themes I’m going for information kind of times to fight with one tone and simple so I find these themes I just click install right away once I click install it’s going to install for me and then once I click active active times and done F when I hit view inside this is no the way my website log see Molly’s guys know easy so now that I find a team I’m just going to go back to the dashboard and we want to hide a content so to add content I will show you in a bit but now I’m going to show see where we are on the loaf know we had prog in C that’s the five plugins we have to install plugins right and the number six is add content so number six is should be the last you need to add on content to be the last thing we do and it’s going to make sense in a little bit so right here you can see plug-in just go add – which one to get over here just let me see if it’s right here alright it’s not here so you’re going to type say SC Oh once you type SCO you’re going to see Yoast and feel this is the plugin that you want to install either one work all-in-one SEO are Yoast SEO but I ready to use Yoast SEO and why we install in those SEO because your SEO is going to help Google to find our site and around kit in the search engine so that’s why we need to have plugins so I’m just going to actual this plug-in and then yes the plug-in is active so now we can add post so we’ll go over here and click Altos and then we’re going to click man admin and then if we scroll all the way to the bottom this is all those plugins area right here this is where we’re going to fill our description or title and description so you can please help us to get in the search engine 3 title slog and metatag description so that’s basically how the search engine going to rank your site and then we give you a little guide to make sure that you include in all your keywords and your title and description so you can rank ing search engine so this is where we write our post you


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