• Joseph Perez

    Thank you!! I have no experience outside of other youtube videos I've seen but you laid it out so easy and this was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks again… Just wondering how I can write on the pictures on the slider or install call to action buttons. Once again Thanks

  • Joseph Perez

    One more questions is there a widget that you'd suggest to help me place customer testimonials on the side bar or should I just make a new page?

  • Shamo Djanggo

    Greetings, Hi there, Thank You! Greatly appreciated your tutorial.
    Is it possible to use / import other sliders instead of ml-slider, and import other templates as well beside the Vantage template?

    Thank You!

  • David Davis

    Absolutely best tutorial I have seen on WordPress. Straight forward and the end result is a working webpage using a template that is easy to use. Thank you

  • stevehuecker

    This is literally the best tutorial I've ever seen.  No stone left unturned, no step skipped, nothing left to your imagination.  Baby step by baby step – this is the best and most complete – bar none.

  • Gerard Hamill

    Hi Guys, a great tutorial. But I must also say a big thank you for all of your help when I emailed you. As a newbie, it was a delight to get the help I needed, and you asked nothing in return. Cheers.

  • Legend Eddie

    Great tutorial man, keep up the good work. I have been struggling trying to learn on how to work with wordpress and this video completely helpped me out!!!!!

    God bless you all!

  • Holly Zimmermann

    This tutorial is GREAT! Like another poster said, it goes baby step by baby step. I like how thorough it is, and when I emailed, I got an answer within 24 hours which solved my problem. Highly recommend!

  • Lucsi Adler

    Hello All, Great video and great information 
    I have one question how to remove the top Box where is written Jim Business and Call US xxxxxx
    I would like that home button to be the first entry on the page Many thanks Lucsi  

  • MsCamton

    I like the valuable video you provide in Youtube.
     I will bookmark your  and check again here regularly.
     I am quite certain I will learn many new stuff right here!
    Best of luck for the next!

  • Sebastian

    I'm having a small problem with the widgets in the header. My "Call Us" text appears next to the social media icons rather than above them, do you know how I can fix this? And good tutorial by the way.

  • sostern gutsa

    I had no option but to subscribe to your channel…..
    Great tutorial…am happy to find someone who can hold my hand and walk with me.
    1 question. The menu is not fully responsive or did i miss something

  • Michel Zou

    Hi,thanks for that tutorial.

    Here's my question,I noticed that some features are absent from my

    WP dashboard.For example when you go to setting-reading I saw "Front

    page display".I don't have it.Can you help me on this?

  • Anatoly Krol Clothing AKC

    Thank you guys for an amazing tutorial! I've learnt so much following your video.
    I have a question about changing the WordPress Address (URL). After I add www, I'm not able to open the page, I get a message about too much redirecting. After I delete www, the problem remains, so I just had to start over.

  • Petes Videos

    I knew nothing about create a website, then after watching this video and now thanks to eMediaCoach I can now create one using WordPress.. Thanks 🙂

  • Mukul Khandelwal

    Superb and very detailed tutorial……was struggling with wordpress but this made my life easier…..thanks a ton for your efforts!!!

  • Calm1

    Somehow the theme refuses to save any changes with the slider. It always resets to the default one without stretching, so it's even worse than the default. What happened and how to fix this?

    Also there is no error message, only a "Settings saved" message. But no actual saving happens.

  • enuj68

    Thanks for making my life easy… Really nice video. God bless you for sharing your knowledge. – but I have just 1 question: how to change the color of Menu again? Where did u get that embedded text u paste?

  • enuj68

    When looking at using mobile I want that option to come like 'view the site through mobile desktop'. Where it would look like you are using a laptop. Cause sometimes doesn't come good in mobile. So hope there is an option where u can view it like using a desktop.

  • NaVnEeT DAS

    It was worth watching this video as i am beginner to wordpress, it helped me though, I am having problem while updating a logo after selecting an logo and when i click save setting it doen't make any changes and default vantage theme logo got disappear too. And in layout section too any changes in options are not taking place

  • enuj68

    Nice video. Just wondering if do you have also tutorial on how to make an android/apple apps? I would prefer your tutorial since you have an easy and interesting way of delivering the video tutorial.

  • Edwin Scicluna

    Thank you very much for your tutorial.I have done my first website. My Qs is this can I integred an eccommers in my website,is there any widget I can download for this?

  • sheenystar

    @eMediaCoach Same here, slider does not want to save, it goes back to the "demo slider" – I did update the meta slider plugin (even downloaded it from their site) still would not work :/ ?

  • Anja Basaric

    Can I get some help plese? When I'm putting those 3 icons in the middle like thumb and phone (for contact) but they are not visible, it's just a circle and in side is square, and for facebook as well it's not ''f'' but simple square.
    Other than that and Meta slider plugin you did an excellent job, theme is great and your tutorial excellent 🙂

  • Minna-Maarit Jaskari

    This was really good, thank you! However, with the Vantage theme, I was unable to save the theme settings, it kept keeping the demo slider, logo and header text. Why is that?

  • Roxane Gordon

    I am having the same issue with the new slider, it won`t show up, it just keeps going back to the demo slider. I can see there are many comments to view the updated video, but I cant find it, please can someone link it into this reply, or any assistance.
    Thanks. Great video.

  • Denise w

    Your tutorial is wonderful, but my slider won't update, I don't see any update button for the Theme as suggested, please help

  • Dominic Teng

    For those who cant get past the slider step, please install newer version of Vantage theme, you can google it up. After those steps, I was able to sail smoothly throughout the rest of the tutorial. Thanks eMediaCoach!

  • Cam Pilot

    Hi, I have ML Slider version 2.6.3 and Vantage version 1.5.4. When I alter the slider and click 'Review & Save' the new images appear. When I save as instructed the old mages are still on my Home Page. Can anyone help please?

  • Ausejah Abid

    i downloaded the slider and uploaded the photos and they are saved as well but when i go to the theme settings and change the demo to new slider after saving it always shows demo slider again and again. please help

  • Nazeer Carpentry

    Very injustice . Only 314 likes . We have watched this video ,gained knowledge and in last we left this page without hitting like subscirbes buttion . Its very very selfish attitude . If I had option to hit 50,000 likes at once ,i would have done that . Stilling hitting a like from my side and subscribed already

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