How To Make a Website (STUNNING) 😀 WordPress (Step by Step) 😍
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How To Make a Website (STUNNING) 😀 WordPress (Step by Step) 😍


  • Gaming at a Glance

    Hey man! this video has helped out our site a ton! my main issue is that we custom built our own header in photoshop, but cant seem to get the dimensions right. I make a new section, and then click the gear on the blue bar, and then select the picture, and ive done that for each page, but it keeps either messing with the padding, or just isnt the right size. Any assistance would be great! If you'd prefer to email, our email is [email protected]! Thanks so much!

  • José Lugo

    Hello. Awesome video! Thanks for sharing. I have got 3 questions:

    1- Related to the hosting step. When I used your link # Hostgator Hosting, at the time to close the contract they want to charge me $44.94 by the concept of "Hosting Addons". Do you know what it is? On the contrary if I chose to enter from the outside (not using your link) they not charge me for that concept anymore and the purchase cost me a lot less.

    2- Related to the responsiveness of created websites. So, it means that all the websites created nowadays with WordPress already have the feature of responsiveness (looks great on every device that reaches them), or it depends of certain plugins that we had to add in order to accomplish this? I think this issue was not clarify on the video.

    3- Related to registering users on the website. I wanna know how you tackle the issue about registering users using WordPress websites. I have been looking on your website but I can't find any video about that. There is a plugin to do this like the Contact Form? It could be interesting to know how in order to build a mailing list to reach out your registered customers.

    Thanks again for your thoughts.

  • Ann Bruns

    Fantastic, listened over and over. Created a website with your help. Thanks so much. Took 3 days to get set up with godaddy, host gator, lots of mistakes. Only took one day to create a beautiful site. How do we get people to be able to find us online?

  • Jessica Bolton

    Hi. I love you video but I can't find the traffica theme. I've already got a WordPress site but It doesn't look the way I want it to. the dashboard (??!) of my looks different with no 'appearances' tab instead a personalise section with a themes tab. I also have a premium plan with word press and a business website with 1&1 rather than a hostgator account which supports both. Does it make better financial sense to use hostgator and have two WordPress sites? If you have time to answer any these questions, I'd be so grateful – just a sole trader trying to save the excessive costs of website design!

  • Roger's 392 Hemi Plus

    I'm trying to build a French Bulldog website and I just can't seem to find the right template, and its hard as hell to do this HELP!!!

  • Pinjaman Bank Rakyat

    Hi, I have 2 question.

    1)May I know how long it takes for Bing.Webmaster to verify the site map.xml ?
    2) What else we can do to fasten the SEO, after we do all the setting in "Site Verification Services" in WordPress?

  • John Clark

    This has got to be the best website building tutorial on You Tube. Very easy to follow, many thanks for your time.

  • Dave Keck

    Awesome updated video!  Will the footer always show the powered by WordPress and Theme quest or can that be removed.. also can you recommend a good FAQ plugin.. Thank you again for the video…

  • Myra Steens

    Hoi HELP Big problems here. Only one page of mij website is still the possibility to get the page builder to make modifications. When I go to a page to make modifications with the page builder only the text Page builder with a small tri angel is there for a second and dissapears. I Clicked also on it in theat short moment …but nothing happens. I downloaded another Quets theme …but that also not works. TipS??

  • Tom Cummins

    i;,m having problems editing with page builder in Quest. I don't get the top menu for editing only "Add Media" tab & "Add Slider"tab.Please Help!!! Love the video just can't edit any text

  • Neus voor Contact

    Thanks for your help anyway. Ik need some one next to me…to help me further. I want another theme….but you were my first inspiration as a websitemaker. Thanks Bye

  • Alissa Tuschall

    Do you have a tutorial for traffica pro? ur other video showed the traffica theme which I downloaded but I wanted the pro bc it had more options

  • Dave Keck

    My website is coming along so wonderfully. Thanks again. I have not been able to figure out how to put a link into a picture… As always I am sure its simple but I am stumped.. Thanks

  • Doug Smith

    Hello, So far I've been following your tutorial step by step and it's been coming out great. One small problem, though. A small white box has appeared in the top left corner of my home page that has the name of my site "Beit Elyon Messianic Fellowship". You can see it at Can you please tell me how to get rid of it? Thank You So Much!

  • Fman5555

    I got a several questions for you. Lets assume your beauty salon is also selling cosmetic products by top brands in the industry You also want to display some of the latest and top of the line cosmetic products from CoverGirl. The slogan should go on the left side (EASY. BREEZY. BEAUTIFUL), and picture on of the model holding makeup on the right side. Customer might want to read and find out more about the product by clicking on the READ MORE icon to redirect to the different subpage and find out more about the product and pricing. How do you create such a section in the first place?

    I’m sure most website creators want to remove the “PROUDLY POWERED BY WORDPRESS | THEME: QUEST BY PACE THEMES. How do you insert your own-Copyright 2016 Beauty Salon. All Rights Reserved. How do I make the changes?

    I would really appreciate your input.

  • Mirde

    Thank you so much for the great tutorial. However I have a problem and really don't know how to fix it. The image on my home page is duplicated, I cannot have that nice photo on my home page like you have. Please help. Thanks

  • Doug Smith

    What an excellent Tutorial!! I just finished building my website using your video, and I cannot thank you enough! This was my first experience ever with Website building, and I am elated! My only concern is how long this video will be available on Youtube in case I need to refer back to it, make changes, etc.?
    Thanks Again!!

  • Željka Rakonić Goldin

    Hi! I was following your instructions, but on the part 37:50 in the video, I don't get so many options in Template like you in video – I only have Default Template and Custom Page Example. The page builder is next to Vidual and Text, but when I click on it, I don't have so many options like you (I have add widget, add row and prebuilt layout). I can't get Edit section where you can add background image, colour… I use a Customizr theme… So when I use a Page builder, I can't add any photo in my text. Can you help, please?

  • Caroline Bradley

    Great Video!
    Web hosting, Does it matter who you go with, based on your location on the planet?
    As long as they give you 24/7 support, does your location to theirs matter? Im in Western Australia, thanks

  • Meth You

    Has there been an update from WP or why does my Dashboard look so different then yours?
    Thank you for the videos btw, great work!!!!

  • Lee Webber

    Great video – very well explained – I've been using WordPress for a while but still learn things from your vids! good stuff.

  • Stephen

    Thank you for the excellent video. I have never done anything like this before but the tutorial worked easy! One question, search engins donot bring up my site easy so is there a way to increase my SEO? With the set up in this video? Thank you

  • Aaron Orozco

    at 42:00 you add an image to your website and the formatting causes much of your image to be cut from each side. I have an image I would like to format but it keeps cutting everything at the wrong place. What should I do?

  • Karyn Nelsen

    I have a wordpress site up now.. I want to create a new one. Can I do that without overriding the one I have until I am happy with the new design?

  • Sandeep K

    I have a question.
    I am about to start with this video. I have domain name registered, can you I use my personal computer as of now to host my website created using wordpress?

  • davey kav

    Hi, just wondering, if you are staring a new business, which package for your domain would you suggest e.g business or baby? IT is a hobby business. Thank you

  • Neil Martin

    Hi Chet, I have watched lots of videos but you rock! After many false starts I think I now know what route to take and which template to use. A couple of questions if you don't mind. Can I add plug ins for direct payments to this? Also should I use an SEO plug in?

  • RPG

    Chet, excellent tutorial! Most of the other youtube instructors don't go into detail and they leave you scratching your head when they gloss over certain functions. So glad I found this.
    I do have a question. Can you recommend a site where we can upload photos to use on wordpress? I tried uploading the background photo but it doesn't fit correctly or sometimes it will load multiple copies of the photo in order to cover the space.


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  • Neil Martin

    Hi Chet, I am using this fantastic tutorial to build my website. Can you tell me if there is a way of adding a more prominent search facility to the Quest theme. ie one with an always visible text box.

  • Blacktooth25

    You have excellent tutorials! I watched your other video on the Traffica theme. I installed your child theme for it. I am trying to add more sliders to that theme. Any pointers?

  • Neil Martin

    Hi Chet, sorry to be a nuisance. The website is coming on well–thanks to you.I am stuck on two things though. How do I add six items (they will be small graphics) in a single row and how do I make them in to links to navigate to other pages. These are going to be on my home page.

  • sofie7777

    Hi Chet, finally got the Share buttons up and running on my menu pages and side widget. Still not showing up on posts. Any ideas on what to do?

  • deborah teitsort richardson

    trying to understand all of this….I had never heard of web hosting and I signed up for a website directly with wordpress and paid for the personal plan ($35 per year)…since then, I can't figure anything out…I've watched a couple of tutorials and they all start with hosting and host gator…so do I need to start over??? Nothing on my screen looks like the video you are teaching from….help! btw, I want to sell photography prints from my website so I am needing to know how to have a button to buy the prints (let alone get them on there) and security is a must. thanks in advance.

  • pman0856

    Hi Chet! Been following your tutorial for my first site. Question: At 36:30, you explain how to move the sidebar from right to left. I've tried to move mine to the left, but it remains on the right. What am I doing wrong here? Thanks in advance for your assistance. Cheers!

  • pman0856

    Another question for you: How do I remove the background image I've installed on my unfinished site. "Removing" it doesn't seem to work. Thanks again!

  • pman0856

    Me again Chet! I finally got the right background image, but now the site title: how do I move it on the background image and change its font color? Thank you!

  • pman0856

    Chet, help!! I need my site to be just an internet search site, not a blog post! I can't seem to add an informational paragraph to the page designated as "Research Service"( Quest has it as Research Service – Blog Posts). How can I eliminate the "blog" part and set it as merely a page like the "About" page? Thanks again for the help!

  • pman0856

    Hey Chet! Thanks to your help, my website is finally finished! Now how do I actually put it up on the Internet. Can't seem to get a clear answer from WordPress or Bluehost. Thanks again for your help!

  • stephen avraamides

    Hallo Chet thanks for the video really helpful. Can you please help me please. I was under the impression that the quest theme is mobile/notpad/iphone/tablet friendly but when I look at the website I am currently developing on my android or when my girlfriend views it on her tablet or iphone the fonts I use for the home page are not the same nor is the layout and the display is all wrong putting everything on the page in the wrong place. Are there setting I need to take care of also? (I have seen Yypography setting on the Section setting of the page and have seen the switch to turn on mobile and tablet but this does not seem to do anything! ) Of course I am a newbee and sorry for my lack of knowledge but I thought the the quest theme would automatically resize itself depending on the hardware used- HELP! PLEASE

    Many thanks.


  • Sheryl Squirrell

    I'm now about to follow the video. Can I ask what the background music is at the beginning of the video please?

  • Jasper Coetzee

    Hi Chet, you're a brilliant teacher! My website is almost done, but I cannot remove the default WP footer, the black section above the credit bar. The footer sections in Appearance are all empty. I do not want to mess with the coding… Would appreciate your advice. Many thanks!

  • Wendy Teh

    Hi Chet, thank you for the brilliant tutorial. The video shows how to create a website using the original theme. If the website is already created but knowing well some changes will be lost if the theme is updated, how do we create a child theme and import the changes already made on the original theme to the child theme? Thank you in advance. WT

  • Dymundsnpearls

    Hi Chet, you are amazing for sharing your knowledge wth us. Is there a way to mirror some parts of an existing site? And, if I need an accounting site, will this theme work?

  • stephen avraamides

    Hi Chet using the Quest theme. Can see that there is a sidebar widget in widget area but when I use page builder and build the home page the side bar widget disappears, Is this an upgrade to Quest plus? The side bar is displayed on the other pages that I have just created but have no content in. How can I show the sidebar widget on the front home page? thanks Stephen

  • Michelle Di Micco

    Hi there, thank you so much for such a helpful vid! One quick question, my image on the home page at the top is not "responsive" to the different devices, as the screen gets smaller it just cuts it off and I am left with just a tiny part of the image on the screen rather than scaling it down to suit? Do I have some settings wrong or what is the issue here? Thank you in advance for any help 🙂

  • Malcolm Nicoll

    Hi Chet!
    I can't get ahead. Quest was NOt an option so I downloaded a very simple layout. Tried to create new pages as to your instruction (Home, About, Contact, Blog). Only Home and About showed up on my site. The other 2 (Contact and Blog) never showed up despite clicking "publish" as instructed. Any guidance would be most appreciated.

  • richard

    Hi Chet great video I have a great website now thanks to you. Yesterday I noticed my Quest page builder template won't allow me to format text in my pages (i.e. change font size) but it will in my posts. Any ideas?

  • mj6400

    Great video! I'm going through the steps with you, however, my text can only stay as a paragraph/p tag. Is there a way to troubleshoot this?

  • Robert Stevenson

    Great Video, I am having trouble putting an image on my pages. I have followed your instruction and created a page section thru page builder but when I click the section editor I get no option in the pop up window to upload an image. If I scroll down in the pop up window I see attribute change options but the top where you show the upload box in your tutorial is empty. Please help

  • phero ami

    im having trouble adding PAGE BUILDER.. @38:10 after i add new section there's no section of background image.. i dunno if i need to pay for me to open that section.. any reply please

  • Jonathan Wrightson

    I just really want to thank you for the coupon codes that you gave out in your vid. They are and were a huge help.

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