• James Wilan Rebutica

    You know what I'd like to see is how you created your site the look and feel of your site to it's themes and plugin used now that would be great ?

  • Drosewade1

    Hey there,

    What are some of the great plug-ins that are available within WP that is a good substitute to SiteLock Security? :)(referring to your statement in 3:10 in the video)

  • Shehzada Rana

    I have already added google search console data in ' insert headers a d footers,.
    Can i also add google analytic data in the same block a line below ?

  • Sheikh Sahab

    Great! Can you please guide me. From where I can get the photos for my post without copyright issue? I have adsense monetized enabled blog.

  • Yasmeen Yasmeen

    I want to make a website for a private teacher, selling the courses, and giving live sessions (one to one session) through the website. Is that possible using wordpress? If answer is yes,, what plugins shall i use for the live session between the teacher and student through the website?? Thanks..

  • Shafia Nasir

    Can we not install plugins in the free version? I'm new at wordpress and don't want to buy anything until I know the basics at least.

  • Tom Morris

    I've been dreaming about a site such as this and had no means at my disposal to find one. I just started this program and find it filled with a lot of useful information.

  • Megan's Life

    My site does not look like this so I am not able to do most of these things. Is there any way I can change how my website looks so that I can make changes and follow tutorials like this? Thanks

  • Steven Moore

    I'm a bit surprised that you recommend BlueHost while they don't offer PHP 7.3 (which in an article you say is the minimum for security purposes) – except in the very expensive Managed Hosting and VPN packages.

    SiteGround offers it starting with their smallest package.

    (I researched this yesterday)

  • Dawn Schamp

    I have to tell you, I’ve watched a bunch of these “tutorial” videos but your video is BY FAR the easiest to understand!!! I was lost, but I finally have some of my site set up! Do you have one to help set up the email part? I haven’t done this yet because I’m afraid of messing something up!

  • Ekhtier Ahmed

    Hello, I want to be a professional blogger and main topics would be technologies i.e. IT, electronics, heavy machines and business review. can you please recommend me a good theme. please note, I m a beginner.


    Hi, Wp beginner which screen recorder would be better to record laptop screen to make video for youtube?

  • Indahriaty Asalim

    Such a great video tutorial, easy to understand with step by step guide. Really help me to do my school assesment, i will continue to watch your other tutorial. Greetings from Queensland, Au. xxx.

  • Mpoconnor7

    I'm new to this and I've got my page set up per the video, which was very simple and made a lot of sense, but I don't quite understand what menus are for. Are posts collected upon or underneath menus? What I'm saying is, if I create menus on my site for, say, family, pets, cooking and travel; is the Cooking menu a file folder, if you will, where all of my posts about cooking will reside? And when I post about travel, will I put those posts in the Travel menu? I can't figure out how to move a post underneath a menu, if it can be done. It seems like I can only make one post on a single menu And what is the distinction between a page and a menu? I know I'm close but I've got this wrong. Any assistance would be appreciated.

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