How To Make a Website in 10 Minutes – Fast & Easy
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How To Make a Website in 10 Minutes – Fast & Easy

Hey! How’s it going? This is Ark from Better Biz Guide and in this video I’m going to show you how to make a website in 10 minutes or less after watching this video you’re going to be able to create websites like these… okay so before we begin click the link in the description below this video because you’ll need to follow along on this page alright so we’re going to do this in five easy steps and step one is we’re going to choose a name for your website now I already have a website name in mind so I’m going to enter it in here and see if it’s available now as you can see the website name that I have in mind is available so now we can move on to step two to get hosting and a domain name now hosting and a domain names are the two things we need in order to launch our website hosting is the place where your website lives and the domain is the name of your website so now for step two we’re going to come to the get hosting and free domain button and click it and that’s going to take us to where we’re going to click get started and we’re going to choose a plan in this case I’ll choose the shared starter plan now we’re going to come and click on register a new domain in this box we’ll come here and enter in the same domain that we did before and click the search button now as you can see it’s available and free so come here click on the yearly plan and we’re going to add for $0 now what we’ll do is we’ll enter in our billing information after we’ve entered in our billing information we can scroll down here to our payment method and click on the payment method that we choose enter in your card number your expiration date and your security code have the credit card choose from the additional options and then submit your order now that we’ve gone ahead and acquired our hosting we’re going to move on to the next step step 3 and that’s installing WordPress now at this point you’ll have received your confirmation email you’ll have created a password for your account and then you’ll log in and you’ll come here to your dashboard and what we’re going to do is we’re going to install WordPress so we’ll click over here on WordPress and we’ll go to 1-click installs that’ll take us to this page and what we’re going to do is we’re going to click on WordPress so all we have to do is select our domain and then click on install it for me now will then see the loading page and it’ll take about five to ten minutes for the website to be ready at that point we’ll receive our links in an email and we will click on the link to set our password and then we’ll go to our site and log in now after we’ve logged in we’re going to come here to this page and this is a wordpress dashboard and from here we will control our entire website now whenever you want to come to this page all you have to do is put in your web triste right but here is an example your site comm slash WP dash admin now the fact that you can see your dashboard means that your website is live and if you want to see what it looks like to the general public you can come up here to your website’s name click on visit site and it will show you the default theme so now to edit our website with simple drag-and-drop functionality we’re going to go to step four and install a new theme now the new theme is called Astra now to install it in theme we’re going to go over here to appearance in our menu and click on themes now we click add new and we’re going to search for Astra and then we’ll click install then click activate next we’re going to install the plug-in that comes with this theme by installing this plug-in will be able to easily customize our theme so to install a plug-in what we’re going to do is come here to plugins and click on add new then we’ll come here to the search box and search for Astro that will give us our result Astro starter sets we’re then going to click install now once it installs all we have to do is click activate that will bring you here to your plugins page and what you’ll do now is click see library now you can see all of Astra starter sites and we can use these templates to build on top of so now you can choose any design that you like as you can see there’s quite a few so I’m going to choose this design and if you click it you can see what the site looks like if you want to use this design for your website all you have to do is click import site so the design and the demo content will be imported into your website and once it’s done we can click on View site so as you can see our demo has been imported into our website and this is what our website now looks like now we can also view the other pages within the website that also have demo content once you’ve added a template design to your website you can go on to the final step edit your content so to edit pages on your website all you have to do is go to the page you want to edit and click Edit with elemental so let’s say we wanted to edit our home page just click on home and then we’ll click up here where it says edit with element so after you click Edit with elemental it turns the whole page into an editing section so all you have to do is find something that you’d like to edit and click on it and begin to type so let’s suppose we wanted to edit the text on this button we just click on the button and then we come here and change what it says and in that same way you can select and edit anything on the page all you have to do is select what you want to edit and start typing now let’s suppose you want to change an image simply click on the image you want to change come over here and click Choose image select the image you’d like to replace it with and click insert media and as you can see there’s your change don’t forget to click update now you can view your changes by coming here and clicking preview changes so by using Elementor we can change anything on our website except for our headers and our flares to do that we’re going to click on customize now as you can see in our header area there are some blue pencil logos so what we’re going to do if we want to change the logo for our company name we can simply click on one of those blue pencils and it will allow us to change our logo and we can change things with the blue icons in our menu area as well in the footer area with the blue icons we can edit our content just like in the header bar so let’s click here and we can change this to anything we’d like and finally click publish after you’ve clicked publish just simply click this X and it will take us back to the website okay so now we know how to edit a header and our footer area but what if we want to add a new page well what you do next is you come here to new and you select page that will bring you here to a blank page the first thing you have to do is create a title for your paper so let’s suppose we wanted to have a page about our clients we enter in the title and then we click Edit with Elementor and that will bring us here and so now we have two options for building out our new page add a new section or add a template so the first option we have here is the drag-and-drop menu where we can take different elements and drop them in to our web page so in this case we’re going to take the heading and just drop it in this new section and that gives us a title here now the text is white so we’ll come here to style and change the color to black and now that allows us to see our text and just like earlier all we have to do is come here and enter in whatever we’d like so let’s suppose I want to add an image to this section all I have to do is come here grab my image block and drop it into my section and then continue editing my page as we did before now the other way that I can go ahead and add content to my new page is by coming here and clicking on add template and as you can see here there is a library of templates of different types of pages that I can add in to my current website so I can just come here take a look at a page that maybe I’d like to use and then click insert as you can see that content has now been added into my clients page and all I have to do is click and edit so now you know how to launch a website how to get hosting in a domain how to import demo content and how to edit and create your own website so if you’re ready to start building your own website just click the link in the description below this video it’ll bring you here to this page where you’ll choose your name and then start building your own website so thanks for watching I hope this was helpful be sure to give us a like leave us a comment and subscribe for more videos like these

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