How To Make A Website For Free 2019 | Beginners
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How To Make A Website For Free 2019 | Beginners


  • jana25402410

    O dont understand how ro get thw 60% off i am sorry. Also i am addicted to your videos.. im watching over and over again so i get it before i do a thing thank you

  • Daud Jama

    Hello Ferdy, could you please help me making a dropdown form with all countries listed like this one please

  • WeirdSymptoms

    Incredible video. You cover a lot in a hurry–exactly what I need to bring me up to speed. No problem following until I tried to introduce Section 2 into Footer Bar. I cannot edit Section 2 no matter which option I choose–Menu, Custom Text, etc. I really need to be able to do this on my website! Have I accidentally turned something off? Is this a bug? It doesn't matter if I refresh page, publish, our use other browsers. I cannot edit the Second section! What up, brother?

  • Ad BizStaff

    Great work Ferdy but at 33:49 by customizing I do NOT have the option "Site Identity"! Please help me out….anybody

  • Rah

    Ferdy, I have been a systems engineer and a website developer for 20 years, your tutorial is by far the best wordpress tutorial I have ever seen. I just assembled my new site in about 24 hours using your vid! keep up the great work…..

  • Ken Nesse

    Hi Fredy,

    I am a photographer who will make me a new web page. I've watched some of your videos, but I'm unsure whether to choose DIVI or ELEMENTOR. Who do you recommend.

    Have a nice day!

  • Brecht Vandelanotte

    Dear Ferdy,

    I cannot find the widget 'Facebook by Weblizar'. Can you recommend another one to display facebook in my footer?

  • Marvin Lawrence

    Ferdy great video but I do not think you are using the free version of Elelmentor. I do not have half the functionality you do on mine. For example see 1:19:27 you have 5 blue tabs on top of the photo for functionality I only have 3 and much less options. Are you sure you are not using the pro version. You say a couple of times you are using Elementor Free am I understanding you correctly ?

  • Pamela J.S.

    Hi Ferdy, I've installed the free Astra theme and modified it according to your input but now I see the footer bar has disappeared. I don't know when this happened. I go to customize/footer bar/content/Section 1/Section 2 and play around but the copyright section doesn't come back . Can I reinstall the theme without it ruining all the changes I made? Or what do you suggest?

  • Mark Darby

    I have been a long time user of I have grown frustrated by the lack of content and lack of updated content when it comes to WordPress. I came across your video by accident and I can safely say that I have pretty much built my entire website based on the advice you have given in this video. Please keep up the fantastic work. Creatives helping creatives makes the world go round!

  • Liana Manasyan

    Thank you for the best tutorial ever!
    My Comment Box is not displaying, and I already tried making it visible. it says it visible but it's not showing.

  • Kağan AY

    I wish you and your wife the best. Your video help me really well! Liked, commented and subscribed.
    Keep doing that what you doing man. You are so successfull at you do. Thank you.

  • Michelle Marie

    Thank you so much Ferdy! 😀 I love the background music and the way you present and of course, the comprehensive contents. More blessings to you! ^_^

  • whipy

    Hey Ferdy, great video man, thanks! I'm working on creating my own site right now, following along with you, and it's working out great. I'm about an hour into the video, but you haven't mentioned how I can change the background color of the header. I'd like it to be something other than white for my website. I can't seem to find the setting anywhere though… Can you, or anyone else, tell me how to do that? Thanks!

  • The Catalyst

    I would like to send you my pitch deck and executive summary of a business proposal that will change the world. If you are interested send me your contact. Dave

  • François De Grandi

    Brilliant! Thanks so much. One question: at the end of this free Elementor tutorial I want to improve certain elements with Elementor Pro.
    So what is your advice for best practices when switching to Elementor pro with an Elementor Free website?

  • Adaze Foltz

    Thank you for your wonderful,easy yo follow videos.I have a question pls,can I use this theme for a church website,if no what theme would you suggest?

  • George Pistikoudis

    Hello Ferdy. I wanted to ask if there is a way to have more icons. For example i want to change the camera or the film icon with a small telescope icon or something like this.

  • Hetali Soni

    Hey Ferdy! I have been following your tutorial but suddenly my elementor stopped working! When I click on "Edit with elementor" The page shows endless loading. It does not re-direct me to the editor so that I can edit. Please help me! I am struggling a lot 🙁

  • Devdutt Bhatt

    Hi. Awesome Tutoria;.

    I have a problem. I want to embed pdf in my website. which I developed using oceanwp theme and elementor page builder. But the pdf embeddor doesn't work.
    Here is the link:

    It works in other page builder like themefy-ultra perfectly.

    any suggestion? I am kind of stuck here. Thanks in advance.

  • Mohammad reza Shokouhi

    Hey there, as it looks there are no more free themes on anymore, do you have any other suggestions?

  • Marty S

    Okay there are some situations when you don't want an image to resize for responsive viewing. (Just reposition for example). Is there a way in Elementor that allows me to "lock" an element – and only adjust it on another break point manually?

  • Rodrigo Gibson

    Elementor is buggy. Button colours are wrong and contents doesn't align in the centre. Regardless, thanks Ferdy for your efforts.

  • Tanja Subotic

    Hi Ferdy, thank you for this excellent video. I would like to ask you why I cannot change the dimension of the buttons in the mobile version? I would like them to be small and not medium as on the desktop. Also, I cannot set the center alignment on the tablet version. Could you give me some advice? Thank you in advance.

  • Marc Povell

    Hi Ferdy, whats the crack mate?
    I have been trying for days now to download as you ask me at this address ""
    But all I get over and over is a 404 page,can youy help plesae mate 🙂

  • Zinedine Zidane

    Hi Ferdy thank you so much may GOD continue to bless you and your wife what ever you needs in your life , i thank you so much, I has a I.T foundation, but i don't know anything about webdesign i started follow you and learn on you-tube about webdesign, i want to be come a web-designer and your and i am so grateful how you developing my knowledge though your Tutorials thanks you so much.

  • John L

    Hey Ferdy, nice info. I am only half way thru this, but really appreciate the solid info. I like to create a collection of sample pages/elements that I like so I can go to my own page and install those elements. How can I do that?

  • John L

    Hi Ferdy, I love what you are doing for us. However in the hosting/domain registration details you give impression that you can get both at 3.95/yr. when I registered for 2yr with them based on your reccomendation, they said I have to pay for domain separately. Your info on that may be out of date according to Customer Service person. Please update your info regarding that.

  • MisterAadj

    thanks!! following your tutorials since you let it be local first and i can decide on purchasing things later. love the content

  • Ellie Bromiley

    Happy new year and congratulations on becoming a father!
    I followed this very clear tutorial as a complete novice and have created a website I'm proud of. All for free! My question is would this be compatible with open cart? What do you think of it?

  • Ann Prentiss

    In searching for help to build my wordpress website, I found you!! Your instructions are fabulous! My problem is that I can't find your theme. The photo you show as Astra is listed as 2017 with my host, Site Ground. I also think it doesn't have Elementor. Please help me be able to follow your video in creating my website.

  • Ant Brad

    Hi, I’m looking for a WordPress template to display video thumbnails of small video promos of done that I can sell after editing at the visitors discretion…. but I haven’t found a particular theme with this layout… basically I need all thumbnails ready to enter my video into each one and wen a visitor places there pointer over it a pop up will a pear for them to upload their script along with that video they choose …. any ideas? Than you

  • Nicholas Andrew

    Hey, mate. I'm following the tutorial along, but when I try to install the Elementor theme this message appears to me: "The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet." Any thoughts on how I can solve this? Thank you very much for sharing! 🙂

  • Sevim Alptekin

    Hi, What is Astra Pro? When you buy a premium theme from, say, ThemeForest, do you make a one off payment for a premium theme or do you have to pay for it every year like hosting?

  • Iulia Moisei

    Thank so much, Ferdy! You are so careful with all the details! The best teacher ever!!!
    When you say that if we did the website on our own computer and that we need to transfer it, what do you mean? Isn't it it live after I close elementor and exit wordpress admin? Why do I have to transfer it?

  • MooCow TV

    Hello, when I go to install the zip file for templates ( the Complete-Elementor-Template-Pack-2019 and One-Click-Install-Templates) it gives me an error. Not sure if its because the templates are 2019 but I tried them both with no success. Please help .

  • The Bellclapper

    Wow! The theme is no longer free? I'm finally to the point to download the themer and there is no FREE version anymore. Oh well, I still learned up to this point. 🙂

  • Sadott Barrera

    Ferdy, thank you very much for sharing this amazing tutorial with us, I did follow step-by-step from beginning to end, and my website looks fantastic. Thanks again!!

  • Gaurav Kumar

    HI Ferdy, i have followed your instructions but that Free ASTRA theme is not available, can you please provide the same

  • Phénix Libre

    I am very happy to have found your video super accent in English for me who does not understand English very well

  • Harry Select Telecom Systems

    I am following your tutorial here, how come i can't insert a text box like you did at 1 hour and 19 minutes, or dropping a header into the middle of your mountains picture ?

  • Brenda L Doucet

    You have a gift for teaching! Very clear. Steady speed. Love how you always show what everything does but then put it back to what your preference is.

  • Goodnews Ubi

    Actually, I find it difficult to like videos and subscribe on YouTube. However, I had to go to YouTube just to like and subscribe to your channel. Your tutorials are informative. Thanks so much and remain blessed.

  • Mourice Nyongesa

    Signed up to but unfortunately, WP can't be updated, the example site is not found anymore and the server also crashed. Why is it so?. The space given is little and when tried to update I was told no space

  • A.Hajdo

    Link shared here are PAGE NOT FOUNDS. Your site looks different than the real site. Different menu names etc….

  • David Nitzsche-Bell

    Hi Ferdy. Your videos are really good. And you English is fantastic, considering it's not your native tongue, but when you say the words "file" and "style" it sounds like "fill" and "still." The vowel sound is the same as in the words "I", "my", "mine", "line", and the second syllable in "divider" which you pronounce correctly, so I'm surprised that at your pronunciation for "file" and "style."

  • JomTab

    Hi Ferdy, I'm John. I'm enjoying your lessons and learning from your videos. Congratulations on the didactics. Brazil. Thank you

  • Rose City Natural Healing

    not sure what is going on but the elementor plugin will not instal for me. would love your assistance.

  • Emily Gruz

    I started following these steps and editing thinking I was editing my home page but it turns out I was editing a separate page called "Elementor #137"….how do I transfer all this work onto my homepage?

    Please help 🙁

  • Cassandra James

    I cannot thank you enough, I have struggle for MONTHS trying to get a handle on this and you have made it so thorough and simple. I have even gone to word press meetups that were NOwhere near as helpful.

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