How To Make a Website: A Blog in 10 minutes for $5/month
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How To Make a Website: A Blog in 10 minutes for $5/month

Sup guys. Welcome to the Grok Shop. So, my little youtube channel is finally
starting to take flight (thanks fam), and I wanted to add a little companion blog to
it. Just wanted something simple, cost-effective, and where I was in
control. So, I decided to go with a site that I hosted on a
virtual private server. So, I’m using Linode because we’ve already been using
Linode to host a site for my wife’s big youtube channel and we’ve been real
happy with the service there. Plus, Linode makes it super easy to set up a
wordpress site. You guys won’t believe how easy this is. Just watch. If you don’t
already have a Linode account, just hit my referral link and they’ll get you set
up over there. Once you get your account set up, just go ahead and log in. Once you
get logged in, hit the big blue “create” button.
Next, click “Linode”. Next, click “one click.” Now, click “WordPress latest”. K, next
scroll to “WordPress latest options” and enter your admin username (which is your
username). You can change username later but it’s not super easy so try to pick
something you really like and then enter in your password and email address next
you can go ahead and enter your website title now if you want you don’t have to
it’s very easy to change later as of this video there’s no real option for
selecting an image it’s straight Debian 9. You see the little checkbox there so nothing
to do there next you need to pull down select a region and this is basically
what data center you want to use just try to pick one that’s centrally located
to your audience kay next you need to select your Linna plan I recommend going
with an Nanode because it’s the cheapest at only 5 bucks a month and you can
always resize your Linode later ok next you could set your linode label if you
want; it’s just for your own identification mainly if you have
multiple linodes going you can always change this later easily if you want all
right now you can set the root password for the linode itself this is for the
underlying OS not the same necessarily as your WordPress password you know if
you know what SSH keys are you can enter them here if you don’t know don’t worry
about it right now ok now we can hit that big blue create button and watch
the magic [Music]
okay after about less than a minute or so you’ll see the little status area go
from busy to offline to running all right now what we can do is grab our IP
address and test it out so just select your IP address here and copy and paste
it into a new tab what you should get is the Apache default page which is the web
server that runs underneath WordPress so if you just type slash WP login dot PHP
after the IP you should get the login page for WordPress at the login page you
should be able to go ahead and login with the WordPress admin credentials
that you created earlier once you get logged in you should see your WordPress
dashboard where you can customize and configure your WordPress site so after
that initial login and it’ll create a default hello world post for you now you
can go back to your IP address and see what that looks like so at this point
you’re live the world can see you at this IP address it doesn’t look like
much it’s just the plain default but of course you’re going to do your
customizations and get your first post out so I’m not really gonna get into how
to use WordPress here but I will go ahead and create a first blog post by
clicking this write your first blog post [Music] [Music] [Music]
[Applause] okay so next order of business we need
to get our domain name attached to our IP address you can do this by adding an
a record at your dns host a lot of people will just use their domain
registrar for me in this case it’s
but you can also have your DNS hosted by Linode and I found their name servers to
be quite reliable so that’s what I’m gonna do here so now I’ll just click the
domains menu item go to add a domain and then enter my domain okay next you need
to enter a SOA email this is an email address that’s not associated with the
domain name that you’re adding here now tags is just an internal Linode
organization feature I’m not gonna use that now we want to select insert
default records from one of my linodes which is a really cool feature then just
select your Linode and hit create so now we can see that domain records configure
for this domain you should be able to see an a record for the ipv4 and quad-a
for the ipv6 and even mail records so now we just need to let the domain
registrar know that we’re going to use a custom DNS config so on we
go to the domain area and under name server select custom DNS and add in the
Linode name servers which are NS 1 through 5 dot leno com so it could take
some time for the DNS changes to propagate that depends on your ISP and a
number of factors you should be able to ping it here I’m on a Windows box so
from a command line it’s just ping and then your domain and then if you think
it should be ready you can always type ipconfig slash flush DNS on Windows and
that flushes out your DNS cache on your box and eventually your ping will start
working and then you can go to your domain in your browser once you’ve
confirmed your domains working you want to go to your WordPress settings and
under general settings you want to head over to WordPress address URL and put
your domain name in instead of the IP address there and same for site address
ok so now your WordPress blog is up at your domain but you have no HTTPS which
you really want to have so I’m going to show you how to do that here now so now
we head back over to your Linode server configuration find the launch console at
the top there and click that next you’ll see something like this
you want to select the G lish in the top right the blue one is the selected one
okay next we’re gonna log in as root using the root password that we set up
earlier okay next we’re gonna install cert bot by issuing these commands shown
and actually for these commands you don’t need the sudo since we’re already
root you can leave that first command sudo off just a force of habit on my
part and a foible but it doesn’t hurt anything okay this next command will get
our certificate and automatically configure Apache for HTTP yeah so now
let’s pretty much just follow the prompts enter in a valid email address
check out the terms and conditions and agree or not but you have to agree to
get it to work of course and then opt in or not to the marketing information and
then also enter in your domain very important and then the last piece is to
decide to redirect HTTP to HTTPS or not I recommend you do and select number two
and that’s it you’re done okay now back in our browser we can test all this out
by typing HTTP colon slash slash your domain and then we should see it
redirect to HTTPS and that not secure will turn into the little padlock okay
now with that confirmed working we could go back into WordPress under settings
general settings and where it says WordPress address URL like we edit it
before we just add our s to the HTTP and save so that’s it for this video guys be
sure to check out the docs as I show here for more information about setting
up your wordpress but not too bad right pretty easy if you found my video
helpful be sure to thumbs me up for sure I’ll have tons more wordpress videos and
other web related videos coming in the future so if you guys want to be
notified be sure to subscribe but as far as how to quickly set up your WordPress
org site on a Linode that’s how it’s done thanks for watching

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