How To Make A Sales Funnel Website With WordPress – Including, Checkout, Order Bumps, & Upsells
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How To Make A Sales Funnel Website With WordPress – Including, Checkout, Order Bumps, & Upsells


  • WordPress For Non-Techies

    Opps, accidentally called the order bump a one-click upsell in the beginning minutes of the video lol. I guess my mind was fried. Enjoy the video regardless.

  • Need MoFishin

    Great video, but I have a HUGE request… can you make a video showing us how to build a Flow using CartFlows and having it integrate with a Print On Demand company like Printify or Printly?
    I'm very interested in this because it offers a lot of upsell and down sell options for my brand.

  • Amine Seventy

    Perfect ? & on time for my next project – thank you Adam.

    Hopefully your next one is Affiliate before Others

  • Thato Forexwealth24

    I've been waiting anxiously for you to upload this tutorial , clickfunnels was somehow expensive!!! Thanks Adam

  • Alessio Palmieri

    Hi Adam, as always extremely clear video BUT this time I’m a bit confused because you called "funnel" something that concerns more a checkout and upselling process during checkout. In these years I have always used the term Funnel for something like 3 video strategy invented by Jeff Walker. Is it possible to use this strategy with CartFlows? as far as I know this was possible, at an acceptable price, with OptimizePress. Thanks again for sharing this knowledge for free?

  • José Gil Dieguez Neto

    Great funnel training, but I really was surprised to see the long domain, hosting, installing WP/Woocomerce parts…, basic basic stuff, IMHO. At least you could have divided the video em two parts, a 'basic" one and another, funnel oriented one, using diferente themes builders, as not every one uses Elementor.

  • Printcall Limited

    Thanks Adam for sharing, but I don't think this is the follow up to your previous video (Alternative to clickfunnel)?

  • WebsByAmy

    I'm hesitating buying Thrivecart because I like this better BUT I need an affiliate program. Talk me out of Thrivecart, lol (please!)… I'd rather see the $$$ go to a friend (well, forgive me, you don't know me, but watching your videos, I feel like I know you, LOL!).

  • techKNOW Consulting

    There was no mention of using Elementor Canvas for any of the pages is that not required to display without a header/footer? Great video! TIA!

  • sunny ohagwa

    Nice one, you are always coming up with great contents

    Please make a video about how one can create a sales funnel using elementor and also teachable alternative, I mean how one can create a website to sell his products

  • Tribute Salute

    About time! Great video, great plugin, great tutorial Adam. I'm not sure I'll be able to keep up with you this week but I'll just visit your videos later. Thanks for all you do for the WordPress community and beyond.

  • Rogerio Wypych

    Hi Adam, could you please give us a bit more detail about CartFlow's performance? In the past, I was using ProfitBuilder that is a mix of page builder and funnel builder, however, I stopped using it as it was really slowing down my site.

  • JustGoneGaming

    Hi Adam! Do you have a video on how you can use sendinblue for email autoresponse…I just cant seem to understand how it works…thanks!

  • Ideo Biz

    WP gave me this message when i tried to Plugin Cartflow "This plugin doesn’t work with your version of PHP. Learn more about updating PHP."

  • Lamont Jenkins

    Hello Adam, I'm a graphic designer that do freelance designs. I always wanted to build my online eCommerce on line store to sell online graphic design and printing services and thanks to your unselfish sharing of wordpress and woo-commerce knowledge I am now able to do that. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!

  • Louis

    hi Adam, i just went to WordCamp Paris 2019 this week and there was a conference about "sales funnels", and the speaker introduced CartFlows, you name was quoted and i was so happy. i am french but everything i learn comes from US, 100%, so it was cool to see you on the screen and that your product was presented here in France. ?

  • Justin Waite

    Great video. Can you set up a subdomain? Also what about tracking visitors, views, conversions, and conversion rate. Unbounce does a really nice job visually comparing data.

  • Zenergy - Sua Mente Zen - Videos Poderosos

    it will work with free version of cartflow ? with Woofunnels aero checkout it´s possible too?

  • Zenergy - Sua Mente Zen - Videos Poderosos

    additonally, your contents are great, i wish the best for you, your channel helped me a lot
    i´m waiting for add-on dropshipping video, i think it wil be amazing

  • Konstantin Gospodinov

    Dude, you are amazing! Every time I watch one of your videos it's like Christmas 🙂 🙂 And you look a lot like my favorite Game Of Thrones character 🙂 🙂 Won't say who 😛

  • Yovel619 Yovel Ochana

    Thanks a lot, great content! I didn't understand why to use CartFlow? You can easily generate Upsells etc with elementor..

  • Kevin Chore

    I have been following closely for this CartFlow tutorials and in my opinion, CartFlows is 100% better than clickfunnels.

  • David Fox

    Hi – real newbie question here, but can I purchase cartflows pro and install it on 2 separate WP account (I have 2 businesses I wish to keep separate) – thanks 🙂

  • Callum Lepley

    I rarely comment on videos but I watched this whole thing and definitely will implement it. Currently using ClickFunnels and just fed up of all the bugs. Really helpful, you've earned my sub 🙂

  • Erich Wühr

    Dear Adam, thank you so much for CartFlows and for all your tutorials. Unfortunately "Bump order style" doesn't work properly. I cannot change the colors. For example: I change "Border Color" to "green" and updated, but it stays "red". What I'm doing wrong? Erich

  • My Youtube page

    First of all, I love you. Thank you for being SO helpful, it really fills a need. Second, do you clarify how to grant access to what they paid for? Is there an email integration, so that an email gets sent with the access links? Will/can you do a video about how they actually RECEIVE what they paid for? Just at the beginning of video, but that is my biggest niggling doubt. Thank you!

  • Jamez Monroe

    Hi Adam, thanks a lot for this great tutorial. I think the only missing part in this video is how to upload the items (e-books etc.) into the sales funnel and generate a link.

  • kevinsmak

    Would you want to use this process if you are giving away a free product to earn their Email address and then upsell them or do you think that should be different?

  • Gil Cambo

    Thank you Adam for this great video. I am very excited to see the forthcoming tutorials on dropshipping and affiliate program.

  • School Of Wealth Creation

    Hi adam, always love your tutorials. My question is does this require stripe? Is there any alternative to stripe? because in countries like India there is no stripe. Can we use it then?

  • Louise Reiss-James

    Hi Adam, thanks for your video's – I have only just stumbled on your blog while looking for a CF alternative.

  • Louise Reiss-James can we build a 'trial' site by using the options you have given us without using the paid options for elementor? I know that I can upgrade on Astra at any time to activate the Pro… I understand the CartFlow is a paid item. It's just that after spending so much on CF I am loath to spend more and find it doesn't work.

  • Louise Reiss-James If I were to take your video to build a website and I wanted to add funnels to that website, do I just create loads of WP sites or is it possible to add these in as pages into my website? I don't want to have a dozen websites for products, thanks in advance for any advice you can give.

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