How-to Make a Restaurant Website With WordPress 100% Free, In 60 Minutes
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How-to Make a Restaurant Website With WordPress 100% Free, In 60 Minutes


  • Deggie Monroy

    hello Im kind of confused how much do i have to pay for my website to like and work like the one you are demostrating? I would need hosting ect…start from scratch, I dont own one- I love this look but confused if I follow al steps will it look like this or do I have to download something else from your separate business?Help???

  • Rastislav Mikláš

    Hi Adam,
    very nice and helpful tutorial, thank you so much! 🙂 I want to ask you that it is possible to make this site multilungual?

  • Chad Larson

    Adam, I am doing BeaverBuilder and I thought perhaps this DFY template would contain BB. I am curious why you would do a straight WP site when you say that BB is the best WP page builder?

  • Sk Tahzeeb Hussain

    I am preparing a food delivery website by using this theme,
    Sir, how to integrate the payment option of woo commerce into the theme.?

  • Salym Akhmedov

    the password didn't work, and now I can't access my website. it just says "This site can't be reached!!!!!!!!"

  • Deggie Monroy

    HI! I want to thank you for showing us how to build a website! I build my restaurant website with your 60 min tutorial. my restaurant is upstate New york. I held put my cell phone on speaker and followed along the tuturial with my mac so I watched and worked on it, and returned to it if he went to fast or did not get it in time, but it's fantastic I recommend it to anyone trying to have a website and under a budget like me!!!! plus he did all the work for you, the pics, the leg work you can't go wrong-I searched a lot but this one includes the steps that the others don't! you just have to upload it and most of it's done! how easy is that-good luck! and thanks again wpcrafter!

  • Harry

    Please can you guide me how to build websites like foodpanda or zomato that is online home delivery from restaurants across my region

  • Darius D'Silva

    why do you prefer to have the menu items without the image? Personally i like an image to be there, but would like to know why don't? cheers and thanks for the video.

  • Balakrishnan Periyasamy

    hi, thank you so much… kindly guide me to change the footer credits for this theme. thank you in advance?

  • CigarDigital

    Hi, thank You for the tutorial, but your recovery file does not work with new "all in one WP Migrate". I have tried to convert it but it have not work. Could You send me file from new version of this plugin?

  • Jim Downing

    Hi. Great video it's helped me a lot. I have a question. I'd like to change the fonts especially the main nav font and change the color of it. Is this possible? Thank you

  • Agustín Gómez

    Thank you so much! I am so grateful. I am going to create the page based on what you taught us.

  • Michiel R

    the plugin menu is not working anymore in your backup file. I think the plugin needs to be manually added. Also the you have more options in the customizer..

  • Daryll Casquejo

    Nice work! really good explanation . can i ask a question there is something wrong with the Reservation page, whenever i try to make a reservation it will show the success message but i'm not receiving any mails coming from the website. what is is supposed to be the problem for this?

  • Darya Mofid

    Hi Adam. Thanks for the great video tutorials.

    I entered my email address for 2 of your DFY templates, but didn't receive any email to download the template.

    Another thing is I haven't ordered the hosting yet, and I want to ask you if the inmotion plans you suggest can support a directory website with huge traffic?

  • Haroon Malik

    Hey firstly thank you for this! it has been a great help! question i have is there a way to edit the very bottom footer where it says "CREATED WITH THE HELP OF 60 MINUTE WEBSITE CHALLENGE · SPONSORED BY WPCRAFTER.COM." if we can just keep the last bit and not the whole thing. also do you have a tutorial on how you actually made the template?
    Thank you again and sorry if that seems a bit weird!

  • Kintali Naveesh

    after everything done till uploading 60min challange file… is saying website is under maintainance and i dont have any control over it even my admil panel

  • Syed Hasimul Kabir Rana

    Unable to import
    Version 2.1.1 of All in One WP Migration introduces new compression algorithm. It makes exporting and importing 10 times faster. Unfortunately, the new format is not back compatible with backups made with earlier versions of the plugin. You can either create a new backup with the latest version of the plugin, or convert the archive the new format using our tools here.
    But this process is too much slow. I wait 1 hour but don't convert the archive.

  • Nassim B

    Dear WPcrafter,

    First of all thanks for your guidance through creating a new website. It's very much of a help.

    Though, I'd have a question for you. 

    I modified the little three boxes on the home page. However, they do not link to the proper section in the "Menu" page. In fact they link to a page where it is said "oops, that page can't be found", and I'm turning in circle trying to figure it out without being able to. 

    Could you provide me with some of your insights, so that I can solve this issue?


  • barry abrams

    Wow! I've attempted to create a WordPress Theme from scratch…frustrating! You explained so much about workflow and how widgets, customization, etc. work together to create a theme. Thank you for caring, sharing, and figuring out a great social entrepreneurship model that benefits everyone.

  • Nagarjun Arjun

    How to avctivate jet pack how you said on video please. I was trying on jet pack after activate but its totally different on live and video. Could you please help me out


    I have a problem that I want to book a restaurant 2 time in a week if anyone else wants to book 3rd time then reservation page show that hotel is already booked.
    How can I do that??

  • Predator -X

    Thanks for giving to the begginer learners the chance of working in a profesional Project because it motivates us. Thanks.

  • Louis DiCostanzo

    With this plugin is the menu in the correct format for google business menu listings? How about Yelp, four squared and trip advisory.

  • Vishal Banerjee

    I was trying to access the link but it is showing “this site can’t be reached “ where can I find the DFY template

  • faryal amir

    Thank you so much. I found each and every video of yours so helpful. I have a question. I complete this 60 min website and I added Responsive menu plugin for my mobile menu. And I want to delete my theme menu only from mobile. How can I do that . I need your help badly.

  • huhDiasbo

    when i click on mine it says "Oops! That page can’t be found.
    It looks like nothing was found at this location. Maybe try one of the links below or a search?"
    but when i click on my menu my pages everything shows normal
    how can i fix it ?

  • Aqib Sattar

    Sir, With Respect

    You are one of most knowledge able person on youtube, Sir kindly tell how do you get such ideas and knowledge, I really watch your every tut and i really want to know how you create or get design ideas. Really waiting for your kind response.


    Hi. Wonderful video. Can i use the same technique to start my new food blog. Its not a restaurant base actually. Just a food blog. Pleas reply

  • Ronnie Soldano

    Fantastic video for us newbies! I really appreciate your efforts. So here's my request, can you show us how to create a customer response form (name, email address, contact number, etc..) and integrate that with a wordpress website.

  • relaxing music

    Hie thank you for the tutorial its amazing….but please how can i change the footer content (CREATED WITH THE HELP OF 60 MINUTE WEBSITE CHALLENGE · SPONSORED BY WPCRAFTER.COM)

  • Yadian Gonzalez

    hello I need to put more than 3 menus on the first page of those that go along with the images. How can I do it. I have some knowledge of web programming.

  • Rishabh Sharma

    Thanks for the video, I followed every step you mentioned. I want to add three more sections on the home page with breakfast, lunch and dinner, Can you please tell me how to do it? I already tried to add more sections to the menu but still, it's not working. Please Help. Thanks

  • Nwachuwku Richard

    Tried to register so as to get the DFY package, but couldn't get access to the website ''

    Why please

  • Antonio Correa

    I'm sorry if I missed this in your video but I'm not quite sure where to go to gather all the info from people that are signing up via email in your third widget at the bottom of the homepage. Thanks!

  • belik295

    So many little but important details are explained in this video!! even though it a bit outdated still it is applicable to a new WP versions . thanks!

  • Prince Ali Mughal

    The option of Food Menu and Testimonials are not there in my dashboard below the "Page" option .. Why they are not appearing?

  • Mademoiselle Jolie

    I had already had a website that's parked for a while I wanted to create this website but it seems not possible. Is that correct?

  • Ron Wigington

    I have booked marked this video for over a year and I have finally found the time to really put into my WP site with this theme already. Sadly, I started my WP site from WP.ORG and the Canape theme, being free, was selected using a personal plan and not a business (budget reasons). I am now trying to build a better page using the same theme and also using Flywheel to build the better e-commerce and blog website, I would love to know if I can download Canape again and use my local host to follow these great instructions or not while my current website is live. Thanks,

  • Antun žarković

    But can you upload a plugin after buying inmotion subscription? You get a free version of wordpress or what, because it says to upload a plugin you need a bussines wordpress upgrade. Its kinda confusing.

  • parviz kh

    One of the best videos on YouTube. Thanks! Any advice that how I can make my users ( lots of chefs) able to have their own menu? Is there any method or plugin that I can use on my chef community website? Your answer helps me a lot as I am searching for a solution for a long time

  • Soon Jin Loh

    Good content. But the template not able to download. It just keep on loading after press submit for email address. Can you please check it out? Thanks

  • Shahpur Karimi

    Hello Sir,
    The template page is not working. I tried to contact you through your website, but did not hear from you. Can you please check it or send me a copy please because I already sign up with sitegruond.

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