How To Make A Professional WordPress Website FOR FREE
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How To Make A Professional WordPress Website FOR FREE


  • Robbin LB

    Hello Ferdy, Thank you so much for this great tutorial. This is exactly what I was researching to see if the Sydney theme worked with Elementor. I’m currently using the Sydney pro theme with SiteOrigin and Visual builder but would like to switch to the Elementor. I guess my question Is why did you download the SiteOrigin builder if you’re only using Elemenator? Also, is there an easy way to move my content from SiteOrigin/Visual builder to Elemenator? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
    Best, Robbin

  • Irina Yankevich

    Many thanks for such a well structured and easy to understand tutorial, Ferdy! In Front page header type I have chosen “Video”. In Header Media section I pasted a link from Youtube and video works perfectly. But I don’t see any possibility to add a header directly above my video. I'd like to add some words and below a call to action button. I even tried to do it using Elementor but I failed. Could you support me with this?

  • Abdulhafidh Saleh

    hey ferdy, great tutorial. Do you mind making another wordpress tutorial on booking websites such as travelling agencies, hotel bookings or transport bookings. Thank you.

  • Fotos On The Fly

    I have a question: The changes you did to the footer… Won't that be lost when we upgrade to the next version of Sydney? It's easy enough to change again, although I really hate playing directly with an editor.

    The only suggestion I would make is that people cut and paste the text the are deleting from the editor to TextEdit of NotePad, just in case something goes wrong, you can reconstruct what was originally there. A bit extreme, but you are playing directly with the code from the theme. A comma in the wrong place can mess things up completely. It's probably because I'm very uncomfortable with PHP.

    Not a criticism – it's a great tutorial. It takes patience and time to produce tutorials like this. I am enjoying your info on Elementor. People ask me to work on their WP sites and I haven't tried Elementor before. I tended to work within the customization parameters available and then add some additional css. Limited, but effective depending on what people want.

  • Jeroen Honingh

    You make very useful tutorials, thank you for sharing your knowledge. A few small points, you talk about adding rows when adding sections when they're actualy columns. The other point is your pronunciation of the word 'width'. You say it like the word 'wide' but it should be more like the word 'with'. Also the word 'duplicate', you should say 'doopclicate' (doeplikeet in phonetic Dutch). I subcribed to your channel. I hope to become a web/graphic designer myself one day and your video's will be very helpfull to fullfill my dream. Thanks again. Hartelijk bedankt en succes met je carrière.

  • Crazy People

    Can I add more than 5 contact form in contact page > button > contact form more than I have made 4 button and I want to use 4 contact with each button is it passible please give me you email and Skype id

  • René Langheinrich

    Hey Ferdy, thanks for the amazing tutorial. I am wondering if you have a solution on how to establish a textbox that is linked to different icons/buttons on the same page. Depending on how many buttons I have, the textbox should have different contents (similar to tabs). I dont really know the exact wording for that, but perhaps you already know what I mean.

  • Charlo Seychell

    I've been using the Sydney theme for a very very long time. Yet, I still watched your video, which I found very interesting.
    The Sydney theme ss one of my favourites. It's very flexible, user-friendly, and very professional-looking at the same time.
    As to your tutorial, I would have created a child theme first and used that as the theme for the website. Child themes save you problems in the long run as some modifications may disappear when the theme is updated by the publisher. Although child themes can be created manually, I use a plug-in for that.
    Well done for the tutorial. Keep up the good work.
    Greetings from the small island-nation in the middle of the Mediterranean, Malta.

  • JuleDaMoon

    You are incredible Ferdy! Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to share this tutorial with us newbies! I built my first ever website by following your tutorial and I must say, it is beautiful and looks so professional! I am so happy! 🙂 You’re awesome! Best of luck in EVERYTHING you do and thanks agaaiiin!!


  • Kendra Powell

    Thanks Ferdy for another great tutorial! I'm hosted on Siteground, using Sydney theme and Elementor. But for some reason a few of the pages will not load the builder (the bouncing ball page is all it does.). From a visitor perspective everything is fine, it's just a backend issue. When I view the page source it is giving a 404 not found ( is the missing file), and in the Elementor debug area there's 10 'jquery' errors. Any tips or ideas on how to fix this? Neither Elementor nor Sydney has provided very good support. They each just blame the other.. So I'm really hoping you can help. Thanks in advance!

  • shalini bhati

    Thanks a lot for this session. Your efforts has helped me alot in designing website. It's one of the best tutorials available online and it's very good for begginers.

  • Stewartz Mayo

    Hi Ferdy, Sydney Portfolio Plugin is not working on my wordpress? Why is that? I use the latest version of wordpress. Thanks for the tutorial.

  • Sandesh Sawant

    Hey Everyone, I don't know why but i am not able to see "edit page" on my home page… all the other pages i can see it. What's wrong? am i the only one going through this or making some silly mistake? PLEASE HELP!!!

  • René Goderie

    Ferry, thanks for the great tutorials you make.
    I have one question regarding building a portfolio. Before start using the Elementor plugin, how can I add the portfolio category to the left of my WP work space to place my pictures on the different portfolio pages?
    Kind regards, René

  • Juan Zapata

    Hi Ferdy or anyone listening, I have a question. halfway through the tutorial I noticed that the top menu bar cuts off a small percentage of the very top of every pages margin, what did I do wrong? please get back to me ASAP

  • Rabia Mahfooz

    Great video, I made my website using this tutorial. Thank you so much for making it so easy. However can you please help me with one thing? I want to get rid of the extra large black area on my homepage just above footer note. How do I reduce its size or remove it? please check

  • Алексей Ларин

    Как же много воды…. 25 минут видео и ничего полезного, только wp установил и всякой фигней занимается, оформление вп редактирует, плагины удаляет…. очень полезно

  • Crystal D

    Hi Fredy. I just tried this again on another website and the 'Disclaimer' is not showing with white letters. I think it's in black. How can I fix?

  • Agostina Bordiga

    Thank you very much! It´s a great tutorial! Could you tell me if the Sydney's free version is compatible with WooCommerce?

  • Charlotte roest-ellis

    Hello, amazing tutorial so far, thank you. I am really struggling with one issue though. For some reason the sidebar (that you may have on a blog page) keeps re-appearing on a specific section (top) on the home page (using elementor). On the WordPress home page I have the template set as full width (no sidebar) not default. I then edit using elementor and randomly the sidebar will appear again. I have changed it back to full width on the wordpress page editor about 20 times now and even tried setting it as the 'elementor full width' option as well but the same issue coninues to occur. Please can you help me set all pages as 'full width.'

  • RockaKoala

    Great tutorial thanks so much!!
    (Btw, Wife, is spelled with an F) (I know you Dutch have the f sound represented by a V) 😉

  • Kamalesa K

    Hye freddy, how to adjust image slider position in the front page? I want my image to position below the transparent navigation bar. So user can see my menu clearly. Hoping for your reply!


    Thank you, Ferdy, for this tutorial. I managed to construct our charity website from zero following this tutorial.

  • Mario Vinith

    Hi Ferdy. Thanks for this awesome tutorial. I have a small question.
    Why did we create a separate page for photo, video and web design..
    since we didn't add anything in those pages . we coverred everything in the Our services page itself.
    is there a way to connect that photography menu to the section we created in services page ?
    Please clarify me .

  • Samo Kirchner

    Hello, I create a website using Sydney theme but when creating a website I came across a small problem I can not solve

    This is the Header Area (Head Area)

    I have pages Home, About me, etc. The problem is how to paint in the picture I want to change the slide only on the Home page and not on every page.

    Can it set / disable somehow?

    Picture :

    Thanks in advance for your answers

  • Serban Ionescu

    I did all this yesterday and today when I opened the page it was all gone. Apparently, the site has used all apache/php processes for a free hosting account. Is there anything I could to? Please..some assistance..

  • Simone Cavalli

    Hi, I saw the new site:

    and I really like the menu of tutorials. how do you do it the same?

    thank you

  • Anand Koti

    Hello Fredy, thanks for this lovely tutorial. Really helpful and during the process of making the website. I tried to view it on mobile the photos and font don't look good on mobile. Can you help, am not a technical guy so don't understand the technical words!

  • Jelle Pauwels

    Hi Ferdy,
    First off, great work. I've learned a lot from you tutorials.
    I have a question. At 1:33:15 you start adding a new section and I noticed for the first time there is a scroll up button in your footer.
    Can you tell me what plugin you are using? Or is it custom code?

  • Weeds 23

    Sadly I am getting frustrated, as I am stuck at 30th minute of your video, after following step by step, after making menu and installing theme, my front page doesnt look like yours 🙁 the menu only comes down after i scroll to bottom of page, and there is no cover picture :/ I am clueless, i have followed you exactly

  • Ram Rangarajan

    Fredy !!!! Nice tutorial !!! Have a quick question on the initial step. When i Change the theme and install the plugin; and publish I get a blank screen . The 'Sydney' theme does not seem to load?

  • Raymond Oickle

    Hi Ferdy, I've been using your video tutorials for some time now. I've created several sites over the last couple of years, and usually keep them simple. I love the Sydney theme, although I've been tempted to use a few others… thanks for the tutorials, They are GREAT!

  • YiNong Ning

    Hi, thanks for sharing. I have a problem which is when i scroll down and up my header is changing size as well. Do you know how to solve it?? thank you.

  • Sanket Shahane

    hi, Ferdy! I made my website by watching your tutorial. Please suggest me changes. Thank you.

  • Professor Silver

    Wow! This seems an amazing tutorial. But people should know it's not totally free before they start. I set up my wordpress website 100% free but then I got stuck in customizing it… Some functions, like installing any plugins are blocked. WordPress asks me to pay to use this feature and be able to customize my website… The 100% free version is very limited and hard to make it look professional. Or I am doing something wrong?

  • Malaysia memory

    Thanks Ferdy. Me being a complete beginner to web, your tour was 100% helpful. I have a question, as I am using the Sydney theme, can I add a custom page into it. All I am looking for is to have a page, and i want to write the code (html/css/script) for the page with some logic/styles. Please show me the way how to do it, keeping the Sydney environment intact

  • Bcoms. pk

    Can any one help me please to remove the word "EDIT" from elementor template used in about page in this video. Thanks in Advance.

  • Dot

    I have a problem on my website with the space above the footer and under the Slider. I don't want to have anything there, but I can't remove it, if somebody could help me, I'd really appreciate it 🙂

  • Mohit Singh

    Nice tutorial.. But I have facing one issue. After completing my website with theme as shown, on google result I am getting snippet as themes data and not mine.Please help me out in order to remove that and insert mine. Didn't find anything yet on web.. Need Help..

  • Aflorarte Flores de Bach

    Hi there Ferdy, Awsome presentation !! I must say you are so clear and I am so grateful !!! If I may ask you about the metatags. I know there are plugins for this and also that they can be configured from the editor. Could you help me on this issue?? Thank you in advance. Lili

  • Jennifer Freitas De Castro

    Two questions. Can I connect a domain using the free version of Elementor and how do I delete blocks? I've tried hovering over the block but the 'x' icon does not appear. And when I attempt to right click a drop-down menu appears for a second then quickly disappears before I can click delete.

  • Shubham thakur


  • Fabian Steven Marin Guerrero

    Hi Ferdy Thanks a lot for it , i have one Question , When i Actived the theme dont'n Work the Header Slider in the Webpage. Do you know any fix o better practice ?

  • RenePF

    Fredy, This tutorial is awesome! You are very generous to prepare a 3 hour presentation. I was struggling to turn-off the titles on pages. I tried your CSS code, and some others. I tried a plug-in. Then, I discovered that Elementor has a built-in toggle for this. The instructions are here.

  • Johann

    Outstanding tutorial for working with Sydney theme. I followed all the steps and my website looks great. Unfortunately, my website is not mobile friendly according to Google although it looks great on my mobile device.

  • Alesha Charlene Williams

    Love this tutorial – Thank you Ferdy! Quick question though does anyone have an issue where the slide show isn't working/showing? Mines is completely blank as in the ladies hand holding mobile doesn't show anywhere I just have white back ground. I know its relatively minor as I will upload my own pics etc but just curious if anyone experienced same thing? Have deleted theme and plug-ins and started from fresh a couple times but still nothing. Even checked my adobe flash player was working.

  • Best Body by Bry

    The best step-by-step tutorial ever! So clear and so helpful. I used it to renovate my whole website! Thank you so much!

  • Inglés en familia

    Hi Fredy! Thanks so much for this tutorial! It's been very usefull to us!
    One question: I want to take a button off, but don't kow how to do so. It's the right bottom square that takes me to the very top of the page. How do I do so for every device?

  • anthony guada

    Hello Ferdy, any chance you will do a tutorial for Sydney Pro 2 { paid verison }
    Using the paid ver. offers soooooooooooooooo much that is not covered in any video
    Much thanks for your awesome video's.

    p.s. your English is perfect, congrats..

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