How To Make A Minecraft Server [1.8.9] [1.8]
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How To Make A Minecraft Server [1.8.9] [1.8]

Hey guys. I’m going to be showing you how you can set up a minecraft server. To start off with, go to and press download it here. Then press the link, minecraft_server. Save the file. Go to your downloads area. Move the file to your desktop so it’s easier to use. Now on your desktop, right click and press new. Then press folder. And this will be the folder you have your minecraft server inside. Drag and drop the file into the folder. Double click on the file to run it. After a while, you will see a few more files have been made. And you need to open up another file called EULA. Remove the FALSE and type in TRUE. And then go to file and press save. And then run your minecraft server again. And now your server should be running. And if you want to port forward your server go to. Port forwarding allows your friends to join your server so you can play with them. Go to guides on the right, and press port forwarding. Then scroll down to your router type, in this case mine is BT. Then go to your router model, in this case mine is. Home Hub 5. Then scroll down to minecraft server. And you should see a guide on how you can port forward your server. It says that you should go to a certain IP address to access your router. In this case mine is, So I’m going to go to that address. Now that I am at my router. I can see all the things I can do here. And yours may look different to mine because you most likely have a different router. So, just follow the guide over here on how to port forward your server. I’m going to follow my guide. So advanced settings. Continue. Firewall. Manage games and applications. Add new application. Minecraft server. 25565. 25565. 25565. 25565. Add. Apply. Back to port forwarding. Now apply the game to my device. Add. Apply. Now if I go to. And I can see my public IP address. Right click and copy it. And now open up minecraft. Now that minecraft is open. Go to multiplayer, add server. CTRL + V. To paste in the IP address. Press done. And now you can join your server. As you can see. I am now on my server in a grass land. And if I go to my console. To OP myself I need to type in. /op followed by my minecraft username. In this case it’s TotalPlayable. So I wrote in /op TotalPlayable. And now you can see I’m OPed and I can use commands such as. /gamemode c. And now I can fly around and admire this ugly swamp. If you have any problems, comment down below. Thanks for watching the video, please like and subscribe if you found it useful.


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