How to Make a Listing, Directory and Classified Website With WordPress   2019
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How to Make a Listing, Directory and Classified Website With WordPress 2019

Hey, what’s up guys? this may shake from rock to calm and this is a very special video because For the first time we are going to create a listing and a directory website Which we haven’t done earlier in in your previous video. Ok So guys this is the website which you have created as can see on our screens. This is an amazing beautiful Super awesome, super professional website and let me show you this This is Foursquare calm and as you can see at the background There is a full width image and at the top there is a professional search bar and our below that today there are few different categories and Here, this is the Here also at the background we have a full width image then on that. We have a Professional and really awesome looking search bar and then few categories so for our website Which also we have put our background image a professional background image really awesome, beautiful image in the background and a awesome professional Beautiful search bar on our table and then we have few categories or years So basically what I mean to say is that we have followed the procedure The model the design of this big companies with spent thousands of dollars on research and development To find what really works for them and if that works for them, then this should also work for us. Ok So basically we are we have followed that design Now let me show you how our website looks like So this is the same section which we have seen now when we scroll down we have this section region section Ok, so we have our different region. So your Los Angeles, New York or Chicago? When you click on Los Angeles, you see listings which are basically based they are located in that at that particular place. Ok Now when we scroll down we have this section This is a very basic and very important section which says claim and get started to live it you know motivates the user the visitor to put their business to register their business on our website and we can Promote their website and we can also make customers convert to this to their listing of things So this is really important Then we have this listing we have three different listing on top page and as you can see ad is written Beside all these three because these three are our ads and we are also providing Addyson so suppose someone wants to promote their listing promote their business then then they can pay some extra money and we Put these kinds of ads on our website for them. This is not Google ad or something This is our listing only but we have provided some premium Facilities for these guys because they are paying more So from this website, you can also under amount of money from your clients or after giving them good service Okay now at the bottom we have this testimonial section at the left side We have a video testimonial when you click on this the video plays and at the right side We have our text the normal testimonial section Okay, then we have this footer the basic footer copyright and you address phone number social icons and so on Okay, so this is the search bar when you click on this you already get this option send me when you type something You know, you can get all these options different options below this so let’s select hotels and click on search Okay, so this is our listing search page again an awesome and professional page as you can see at the right side We have the map and we have some markers over here when we click on this marker We get this thing this thing Falls up the name of this business the address and so on Same thing over here. And here we have those different listings We can also sort it by different criteria or your where To show only those listings which are open right now then we can click on this open now and if you want highest rated or then we can click on so we can Sort it by different criterias before here. Okay. Now let’s come back to our home page Scroll down and open any one of the single listing to see how our single listing looks like Okay, so we are opening this the mark hotel Ok guys so this is how your single listing will look like at the top as a header We have different images. These images are actually uploaded by the user the visitor or the one who owns this listing Okay, they also put this thing these title subtitle and we can you know Put this thing or this tick mark or besides their name so that we can say yeah We have checked everything and this is a genuine person Okay, we can also submit a rating which is very important the user or the owner of this listing can also provide our video link so that you know to YouTube or to any different platform so that they can have know the People who are visiting this listing they can be satisfied to see that video kay Then we have our description over here and we have some different features so you can put in features and with different icons Which really looks beautiful. Okay, then we have some facts It asks if does it has car parking and we yes so you can have different Packs, you can have many multiple packs over there. This is how the rating looks like Very awesome, really professional you can have your what do you want to say? You can have it over here? You can also upload some images So you basically want to so show that yeah, I went to that place and this is these are the images from that place So, this is a Germany place. This is a genuine listing Not only that even different users different visitors can rate this particular review Okay, so they can say yeah, this is interesting hell all loved and so on Okay, and this is the sidebar at the top we have this timetable today it is day off. Okay, so because it’s Sunday For this guy’s okay. So then in Monday, this is the timing and so on Okay, then we have this map over here We have the address phone number website, but you can hide the phone number if you want It’s all up to you then This is the pricing. It says if this moderated a moderately priced, okay, then we have some additional details for example You can provide additional details whether your your listing all your business has by parking and so on whether you accept these points or not so you can provide different options to the user Then we have a contact page where the user or the visitor is senior listing He wants to contact you then you can mail to the admin. So basically the website owner the admin is the Middleman between the visitor and the listing owner, okay So this is really important then at the bottom we have this ad section as I told you can charge premium prices to different Customers and we can feature their product for example or your inside bar and at the home pages as you saw earlier Okay. So this is how a single listing looks like and when you click on this button, which says add listing? We’ll see how a user will be able to add the listing. Okay. So let’s see that page also, very important page It has to be something good Okay When we when someone does that they get three different options three different plans basic advanced and professional like we get everywhere Different plans with different features one which you plan having this feature another one having that feature so basic plan has some feature and most of the important features are not available and then we have advanced plan which is Recommended by the admin over here. So we don’t have all the features and in the professional Plan which is $10 per listing so for providing one particular listing they have to fake $10 Obviously, it’s all up to you to change the prices and change all these features whether you want to Enable them to add your features or not You can also make this thing free so you can have this instead of $5. The basic plan can be for free It’s all up to you. Okay, so let’s select this one the advancement and click on continue Oh, yes once you do so you’ll be redirected to this space This is a page where the user will be putting the title subtitle the city phone number all the details which are required for Showing a listing on your website and your this image. This is really a full. This is really awesome Great done great work done by the theme developer You know, this is the image where it shows they whether you are putting your title and subtitle Yo, it will be shown on the website. Your contact details will be shown or your similarly They have repeated this procedure and this really makes this theme awesome You know outstanding and when they click on save and preview They’ll see a preview of how their site or how their listing will look like on the website and after they when they are satisfied they can check out they can pay the price and your their listing will be sent to the admin and You as an admin or the website owner Can accept or neglect that rating or you can type some suggestions we can you know, for example, the images are not so clear So you can provide some solutions if man, give some really good images so that you know, you can convert more customers I will show you how this check out thing at end of this video. Okay? So basically, I think we have seen everything now. Let’s get started I hope you guys like this demo website this demo website is really awesome as I showed you We are following some really good design and model by different giant companies Okay, so the next step is to get a domain name and a hosting account. Okay, so open a new tab and type in blog slash DMD Whereas once you do, so you’ll be redirected to this page. This page is TMD This is the cloud hosting if you are following me or follow you if you have seen my earlier videos You know that I follow and have been with Hostgator for last five to seven years And I am really satisfied with them but this is the hosting provider, which I came to know about them recently and I just Signed up with these guys and these guys are amazing, man. These guys are so good They are so professional Let me show you let me show you the difference between them and most of the hosting providers out there in the market For example, they have three different plans for cloud hosting summer rain and storm I have used I have signed up for storm cloud and let us see what is so special about these guys these guys use SST space if you’re if you’re if you have even basic knowledge of computer, you know that difference between SSD and HDD But if you don’t know that then don’t worry, you can go and Google and see the changes. Let me show you first of all You can type in SSD versus HDD, you know web hosting and let’s see the results. What are the results? For example, let’s open this image As you can see the first thing is speed higher is better and as you can see this SSD is way way way higher than STD and here also it is very higher than STD and let us see if it is it’s a slower the better then it is 0.04 milliseconds. So in all the cases SSD is way better way awesome then HDD So this is the main thing about this website and not only that that is not the only thing we also get a free domain Premium support you get a wild card SSL. What’s that? That is something really amazing. I Recently signed up with these guys and they gave me a free domain name shake calm Which I am really happy about that. And as you can see my demo website has a SSL certificate So not only my main website which is nice shake kama has an SSL certificate, but also my subdomains and different domains Which I linked with this particular hosting I get this thing the SSL certificate which costs around 40 dollars in open market if you see so you’re saving $40 on each domain. Okay, so that is just my pocket man Okay, then we have this Pamuk spurts and money pack and a 60 days We also have six core CPU running our our data centers over there with 6 GB RAM We have unlimited domain we can you know You can sign up unlimited domain to this particular account. You can have unlimited bandwidth So these guys are really amazing pipe by now You know the difference between them you get a free SSL that is that two wild card XSL you get a free domain It has SS this space. What else do you need man? This really boosts up your website, you know because a site speed is really important if you know basic things about SEO one of the most important thing is Side speed if your site website takes a very small amount of time to look load then your site will be ranked higher in Google so this is Important now you can select any one of these plans You can go with rain cloud or strong cloud as said you earlier I have signed up with storm cloud So let me select this one and click on sign up now now type in the domain name, which you want for free For example if you type in any domain name obviously and if that is available, you will with it you can go to the next step but I as I said I already have a domain I already have a Sign up for this thing. So I’m just showing you guys so here so I am typing my shake com Okay now shake SSA key edge. We are now click on proceed Now this is the checkout phase some really basic information about yourself First name last name email address phone number just put all this information over here And the second one is the payment information You want to pay by credit card debit card or PayPal both the options over here? Okay, so you can select any one of them and the third one is first purchase information Which data center do you want so my I am selecting Singapore because that is the nearest to me You will also see which one is nearest to you. So you can select that in USA. You can select the Chicago one Ok for Indians Singapore will be in a more nearer to you and more nearer the hosting Server that better that is okay. So select Singapore and then you can select the period I am selecting twelve months You can select fourteen months 36 months, whatever you want to select twelve months. Don’t need all these things So don’t take mark any more for them and it sums up to one two three four dollars, which is an amazing offer Okay. Now after you’re satisfied to stigmatise and click on checkout Oh, yes once you do so you’ll receive an email from TM be hosting this email is really important Ok, so this is not just any random email address this is very important to make sure you save this email address copy and paste it or Somewhere write it somewhere down save this thing in your computer in your local computer this is really important because it has all the important information which we need if we Fell in any problem then this is the email with which can save you. These are really important information Do you have your FTP cPanel username password? You have your name servers your server IP? Okay You have your FTP address, you know cPanel link everything is there in this particular email address? So make sure you don’t delete or don’t do anything Stupid with this email address save this thing and keep this thing secure Now what you have to do is you’re at the bottom We have the control panel link open that link in the new tab. Basically. This link is your website name slash CPanel so my website name is Nick dot-com service, Neshek Dot-com slash cPanel once you do so you’ll be redirected to this cPanel Now what you have to do is just copy and paste your username and password from your FTP CPanel username password and paste it over here and obviously click on login Now this is the beautiful cPanel by tmd amazing super awesome now, what do you have to do we have to install WordPress on our website. Ok, so fall down and search for WordPress. This is the one click on that Ok. Now click on Install Now WordPress is free, which is awesome ok now select HTTP Www don’t have to select HTTP right now. Don’t worry about that. I’ll show you how to do convert this to HTTPS really important Really easy. In fact now select the domain name on which you want to install your WordPress So I am selecting my domain name and delete this WP Indirectly make sure everything is empty. Nothing. Is there oh, yeah Now you have site sync site name description you can leave this for now because we can change these things later on in WordPress or not that important then you have account admin very important now here just Don’t let it be to admin and password always your website will be hacked within a few days, you know Because there are so many hackers waiting for you So, you know change it and make something different and something difficult for anyone to guess. For example, I am Typing mayor shake and and an SS capital ok Then password also you can have a mixture of alphabet and amiracle you can have some uppercase and lowercase Alphabets also so that you know the difficult the alphabet the better it is ok Now here it is the email address make sure your the email address which you’re providing is Active and you have access to that email address Ok, now select the language obviously will select English then at the bottom click on install Whereas as you can see took few seconds just few seconds to install WordPress on a website So now what do you have to do is here you have the administrative URL dis open this link in a new tab and You see that you are already logged in signed in so don’t worry about that Okay, now you see we already have an SSL certificate Oh, yeah, but if you don’t have this thing then what you can do is just click on settings over here and here you might have HTTP so after please just type in s okay, so it should be HTTP colon slash slash your website name in both this WordPress address and cited rests Okay, and after you do, so just click on Save Changes And after that, hopefully you will have this SSL certificate Now what we have to do we have to install the theme on our website. So what week’s theme is Great with that many themes here in market were frankly speaking but the thing which we have used and the most Important and amazing thing according to me is the listing protein which you have used every to use C or the Saudi In the merger, we shall show you that was the listing Pro theme really amazing so for that what you have to do open a new tab and type in blog slash listing, okay, and Press enter. Obviously, you will be redirected directly to this page the listing pro theme page This is amazing Tim. Believe me guys. It’s just awesome You can go ahead you can check the ratings and so on you have the link now Block TOCOM slash listing go there check all the ratings get satisfied then purchase The theme is an amazing super awesome theme It was awarded as weekly top seller as you can see over here, you know It has really been performing very well more than thousand come comments and more than hundred ratings with love with 4.76 average rating, which is amazing. It is the number one bestseller introductory and listings since April 2017 which is just amazing. So this thing is just amazing You don’t have to think too much about this because I have selected this theme after doing a lot of research I saw many things but this is the theme which I selected So make sure you purchase this theme and download this thing. Once you download this thing, let me show you it will look like So let’s open this thing This is how it will look like you’ll see a zip file. Okay, what you have to do is just click on Extract files unzip this thing. I have already done that so here it is And if this is the file, you have to upload on your website most of the people Just upload the file which they downloaded from the temple. That is not the file, which you have to download You have to extract that and under that you’ll see this file mostly in all the cases when whenever you download our Theme fromthe impose this how you do it you unzip that file and under that we will have the main theme file This is the one okay, so this is the file will be uploading. So come back to your website Click on appearances Now click on add new At the top you have upload theme click on that now choose file ok, so this is the file which we have to choose listing drop click on open now click on install if you see at the left bottom corner if you’re using Google Chrome, you can see these progress 5% 6% uploading so it will take you a few minutes in just a minute or two So by the time what you can do guys, you can subscribe to my channel. This is an amazing channel You can see all my videos. There are many videos available for e-commerce social networking website I make a lot of videos and I really put a lot of efforts in making this kind of videos The quality is really awesome of the website, which I make maybe the video call It is not not that good but the quality of the website, which I make is just outstanding So make sure you guys subscribe to my channel you can also give a thumbs up to this video because know as I said I put a lot of efforts and as you can see the rim have said was awesome So if you like that make sure you give a thumbs up and any doubt Do you guys have any query anything starts, you know in your mind, then you can post that question post that out Below in the comment section and I’ll be more than happy to help you guys. I am here to help you So if you see any error, if you see any problem, go ahead comment in the comment section below I will try to sort it out for you guys. Ok, so it is still loading. Let it load Oh, yes, so our theme is successfully installed now it’s time to activate the thing just they won’t activate You can cancel all these things. Okay. Now you just have to go with the flow just keep on let’s go It will automatically know install all these plugins and few pages will be created automatically don’t click on this Skip this step. Okay, make sure you install all this plugins So just click on continue and all the plugins will automatically be installed for you guys. This is awesome, man Okay, so as you can see the progress the Composer is installed and then we have ads and so on everything is getting installed done success It will take some time few minutes, maybe a single minute or two. So Not just tip on this give this step because we don’t wanna import any content just click on skip this step Since ready you give your website just click on view our new website Okay, so this is how your website looks like right now Now, let’s start reading this website and let’s convert this website into something awesome like this. Okay So for that what you have to do is click on this Link for your many power this my blog whatever it is written. You will see this dashboard option click on that Now first thing is to activate the listing Pro because when you don’t activate it you will not get most of the features most of the awesome features so you can get this activation link from ThemeForest or you can also No message the the team owner think creator They will be will be purchased for so it’s really easy for the theme forest You will see the purchase code or you can all comment below the theme or they will give you the purchase but ok So I’ll first I’ll put in my purchase code click on activate then. I’ll continue this video Hey guys, when you put in the code and click on activate, it should say valid license key if your key is valid, okay? So my key was valid I put that code I click on activate and it says valid lesson see now It’s time to create our own page and start doing the fun thing Okay, so for that, how are your under pages and you’ll see this option called admin? Just pick on that Now we have to add a new page which will be our home page. Okay, so just typing the title as home page Okay, and click on publish Okay. Now we have to open our website a new tab So what we can do is power your you’ll see this visit site this open this link in a new tab Okay, so as you can see It looks exactly the same and nothing has changed because we have just created a page which is named home page, but that is not Technically our home page. Okay. So let’s make that page our home page. So click on customize and Yo you there you have this option static front page Just click on that select a static page and under front page select home page Okay, and here as you can see, there are so many pages already created. We didn’t create any of them We just have created the home page, but there are many pages which are already there, which is awesome You know and when you select this home page as you can see you already have this image. Obviously you can change this image But you also have this search bar and everything, so don’t have to create all this thing You already get it only by selecting a single page to be So once you are done, just click on save and publish and click on this X button Hi guys, so this is awesome, we have our search bar which looks really cool. We have all this thing We have this image in the background Now, let’s start creating the categories and so on because as you can see in the demo trees and all these things So let’s starting that Come back to your dashboard Yo, you have some blue things lo options or you’re under listings You’ll see different options you there are categories to just click on categories. Okay, there are many categories For example, one of them is hotel. So under name you will type in hotels Okay, leave this luggage blank. It will automatically be filled by this. Okay? Now you can select a category item For example, when you click on over here, you see there are different icons here. Also, no cat every category has a different icon So you have to select a category I can I have given a link in the video description below go to that link It will direct you to my website There is a post which I have written I which have typed basically and you will see all the important links so many different all the images which are Almost all the images, which I have is used in mother said you will find everything over there This is the post you will see a diet link to this particular post, so don’t worry about that Okay, here it is listing Pro theme when you click on this you will be redirected to theme well, you have Hostgator if you want to use Hostgator, I’ll also draw it the MV link for your and You can click on this button to subscribe to my channel and here is the images downloaded So make sure you download all the images which I have used in this video Just click on this download button and everything will be done for you. Don’t worry Okay, so come back for your under categories and under category. I can click on insert image and click on select file Ok, and this is the image file which you will get if you download those images from my website listen to images listing Pro This also no dot sorry. Oh, yeah Yeah, this one this is the one now we have to extract this thing and you get something like this here It is now under categories. Here it is. Ok. So what do you are creating? We’re creating Hotel. Ok. So let’s select this one, right? click on open Super fast upload. Okay. So this week on insert into post you can also have a Category banner that’s not so important and you can also add features, but we’ll do that later now. It’s time to add categories Just click on add new category Hey guys, so this is how it looks like as you can see it is Hotel sluggish Hotel As I said slug is already filled now count no product because we haven’t added any listings So come to 0 we have the icon. Oh, yeah, so similarly you can create as many categories as you want This is easy. Super easy. I would say ok Now, let’s start creating the features as I showed you features like, you know car parking or not You can have an icon and besides that I can reduce it. Will this is saying car parking so that really looks cool, you know So first feature, ok, let’s make that only car parking because we are talking about car parking so car parking is our feature Ok. Now, this is awesome, man. You can have some description about this thing why you have that but you can have some description you can put some description now you can Select icons from font awesome website now. Let’s look at website in a new tab font. Awesome dark dot io I can Okay, when you this open this link in a new tab, you will be redirected directory to this Website. Okay. Now all you have to do for example This is what car so we want a car I can so here in the search bar and this page lowered it is taken a lot of time Cancel all these things Okay guys, so you’re in this search I can just type in car Okay. Yeah so many car cards and so on. So this is the one we use and it’s this car Okay, so it says as you can see the name here This is the code. So the code is card but before car you have to put F a which stands for font awesome, so it will be F a – Car ok, click on add new feature and a new feature has successfully been added. This is awesome, man We see the icon. Oh, your account is zero because we haven’t uploaded any listing. We haven’t done any listing so it was obviously show zero and Similarly, you can create as many features as you want and we’ll link all these features to different categories. For example Let’s link this to the categories. We have just created just click on go to category So here we have just created the hotels category. So click on edit Ok and here when you scroll down we have these features Just go there search for car parking here It is just select now when the user will put the one who is giving the listing when they’ll put car you know, sorry hotels in the Category they will get all this feature at options over here Ok, so make sure you put your features under each category is ok You can put one feature under multiple categories of the scene now click on update Now you can also create tags, which is also very easy Tags can also be like hotel food now restaurant And so on just type in hotel leave everything blank click on it and you have a new tab, which is awesome Now you can also patience in fact, you have to add vacations For example, let me add Mumbai action by without Mumbai if you have ever been to Mumbai You’re awesome. Okay, so you can have a location image from here. You can upload education image for example Here is a view as you see we have Chicago and different things over so there’s an image, okay So basically that is what it is So click on insert image and again in that same file Which I have even you will see all those images you will see under cities Okay, you don’t have why you right now because we haven’t used that in our demo site so we will select Chicago click on open I Click on insert into post and let’s change this to Chicago. Hey, man Fine. Ok, now click on add new location easy. Super easy was really awesome And now you can also do one thing. For example, you don’t want to add too many locations because you already have this option For this search option, so don’t need to add too many locations But whenever you want to do that you can just do that for you Ok, and that sometimes you know you have a state and we have a city so what you can do you can type in Maharashtra over here and You can create a new region as Maharashtra and many are creating Mumbai what we will do from your parent location You will see Maharashtra select Mara store So basically when you are saying that Mumbai is under Maharashtra, so someone when someone selects, Maharashtra They will also see the results for Mumbai because Mumbai is under Maharashtra common sense Ok guys. So this is how you do it Now we have bomb pills as I showed you four pills were let me show you a dose form pills were Let’s open any one of this Ok, let’s scroll down and see where it is Well it is. Ok. Here it is. So these are basically the You know those form fields, okay here it will be shown additional details except Android pay yes or no, you can select that Ok, so let’s add a new form fill you’re going to add new field, obviously and let’s select first one accept credit card Ok now here you have text different things Now when you you know posting this kind of question, except a freight car, obviously there only two options Yes, or no, so we won’t select text over here We’ll select drop down. Okay now here you can put in yes, and for the next option you can put a comma and no Okay, so now then they will select this option. They’ll get two options. Yes or no So for a credit card, they can select. Yes we May offer credit card we accept credit card or if they don’t accept it cut the in select No, so with a simple stop Okay And here you have to select which categories you want to Know have this form fields for so if you want to have this form field for all the categories You can select select all but we have only created one single category till now so we are selecting this thing and click on publish Okay, so we have created category feature tagged location and the form tells everything which is needed now It’s time to create a listing. So how click on a your listing under listing click on add new? So just select this think offer this title paste it over Then this is the description copy it paste it over. So basically now, you know where all these things come from So the thing which you type over your will be displayed over your fine and this is the title. So it is Now here you can select the category we have created only one carrying you till now which is hotels So obviously you can select only one you can also add a new category from here. For example restaurants or whatever Restaurants, I hope the Spelling’s right. I’m not good at that Okay, so we have two different carriers Now you can select create multiple categories from you only and also it from your both the options you have now you can have a type when you type in something you get this target if it is already created if it is not created you click on add and it will be Created okay fine Now here we have different options. First one. Is this miss tagline. This is the business tagline legendary sushi Maspero in your town Okay now put in the address location Ok copy this location from here Let’s copy it from below Okay, copy paste it over you’re fine And you can put the latitude long to be for that. There is a website called night long dotnet The net is or the counter The IDIS dotnet and can put this address or your cape on fine and we’ll get these latitude and longitude system copy this latitude paste it or your Copy the longitude and paste it under long to do in Okay, putting the phone number whatever it is Fine email address Fine website The twitter my twitter is slash really here you can follow me on twitter Facebook. Id and google+ youtube link Basically know my youtube link, hopefully it is slash mere shake Why Okay, you can also have a video URL as I said this is it will be shown Oh, yeah When you put a URL it will be shown by your time and you can also upload image gallery select some show some images Okay, let’s come back to this category is not categories listings Sushi do we have sushi? Yeah. This is the one select all this villages click on open This offloading speed is awesome. As I said SSD usually works man. It is really awesome Okay. Now click on save we should gallery Now here it is show price status. Ok. Let me show you this is the one so either you can select No, not interested prefer not to say or you can select this moderate pricey Whatever it is price from $10 to $100 whatever you can put it just don’t forget to put the dollar sign for rupee sign or euro, whatever sign you want to put Claimed or not claimed this is claimed. We’ll see because we are creating this side so we can say at this is claimed Okay now here it says this is a fact it says speciality the coffee speciality and you can Face this question. So this thing will show up audio Then there is another type it says this free Okay, so you can click on this admin. Now we have this second one click on row your and Select all this thing from your and paste it over here now here you can change the timing of this result and so on and here you get in the features option if you remember when we Created feature willing to feature with the categories. So basically because of that we are seeing this option so select this car parking Yes, we accept credit card here. Also extra fills if you remember while creating extra fields at the bottom We had the category we selected all So for that we had we are getting this option if we had not selected this we would not get this option both the options Okay, so we accept credit cards there fine Okay fine guys now Location Chicago because we all have only one location right now. We can have a featured image Okay, if you leave this, I think the owner of first we have to put up with a female to the featured image Let’s select any one of this select this one this this one makes this looks pitiful I don’t know what that food is, but this looks beautiful Okay now click on publish okay guys, so Successfully we have created our first listing which is awesome. We have created the categories features types locations Form fields everything and finally we have created our first listing. Let’s see how it looks top Ok, so just right click on this view post and open this link in a new tab Okay, man, this looks killer It is awesome man. It is awesome. As you can see really professional neat and clean We have the price everything which we had put additional information accept credit card. You know, we have this thing already Oh, yes. So as you can see man, this really looks awesome Ok, you have the car parking or your the features and everything? So this is amazing. I really love it because this is how your listing will look like now. Let me take some time I will pause this video and add some listings so that I can show that on our website because you know You don’t want to see a blank website and I can show you the same steps Creating categories again every in creating a listing that will really waste your time a lot So I’ll pause this video. I’ll create some listings manually and then I’ll go back. See you soon guys Welcome back guys, as you can see I have added two more listings We had sushi cagiva whatever that is, and I have added the mark hotel and Colville Nez so that you know We can actually see how our website looks like one listing and whole website will if we left over so I have added two more Now what we have to do we have to see how arles listing page looks like So, let’s see and change that. So for that scroll down in your dashboard, you will see this option theme options over here click on that Okay. I said you can see there’s so many different options over here And now what we have to select we have to select this listing setting The first option is add listing only by logged in users of this lid should be off it is off Let it be off because you know vo we want a lot of users also to be able to add a listing so that they can already Know they will when they add a listing they’re you know Automatically logged and have created up an account and they are logged in but this would make this thing off Then we can see their format and so on how many listings should be there for page again Is this funny to you? Then you have your upload to your half pin if you remember on top of map we have this marker so you can Change this smarter with any red marker or anything you want. So this is the matter which default marker Now listing view, okay, if you remember in the develop site how we had at the listing at one side We had this map and the other side we had the listing So this is the that type one side list map other side listing Let me show you again if you may for example, let’s see restaurant Your it is as you can see guys we have map and we have this thing so this is the type you want to select from your so make sure this is selected and this one is selected because as you can see or your This is the design and this is the design so both the thing will be second one listing page layouts the second one listing page layout the second one fine and I think after this we should click on Save Changes All this change changes except now next option is listing and submit and edit now here as I showed you or During the demo website that cases the image event Is adding a listing so we don’t obviously want to remove this image We want this image to be here if you want to remove and upload your own image I don’t know why we do that But if you wanna do you wish you can do that, but I don’t recommend obviously this images are really good Let it be how it is Okay, you can change this quick text and all these things from here if you want, but I would recommend let it be Everything here is so perfect that I don’t want you to change anything from your if you have this different options For example, you may not need for example, it is image Uploading so if you don’t want the user to upload image then obviously we can make this Off if you don’t want the website to show locations, then you can put it off So there are few options which you may consider but Still don’t know don’t think so that you should consider that because we want images me wanting map We want all the things all the important things are there you nothing is like any random thing or such Okay, so make sure everything is in order Or you can change according to your email now that it is you option It’s fine that it means time sign. Now. What does this mean? By the way, if the user is giving a review he will Know instantly we power for prompted to create a account on the account will already be created for him Leaves form the tree how it is listing claim You want to have this listing claim make there make sure this is all right and make sure this is on so that you know someone can if someone else Just creates a website at this creates a listing and uploads it and you are not the guy month of the real guys has not Added that listing some other random guy has added their listing that your guy can claim this kid. This is not his guy This is mine again. So we want to enable these things once everything this week on Save Changes Okay. So with this we have successfully done all these changes for you now Let’s see how our homepage looks like now this click on refresh and see the changes Nothing changes actually and we don’t have if you see we don’t have this category I shall so you’re like we have in the demo Website, let me show you For example over here this is not that so let’s add that. Okay, come back again. Oh your theme settings Go to panel settings Okay, banner winter should be working banner height is 610 I would recommend that size because changing that size mixer and a lot of mistakes all day You can change it You can change this image or you can select you can just delete this and upload your own image if you want Okay. Now here you have to select those categories which we want. For example, you want hotels we want restaurants We want services We want shipping or shopping whatever this if you don’t see any category earlier It basically means that you haven’t added any product to that category Okay, so if you don’t see go check your category whether everything is there or not if you don’t see any category It means that category is empty. You haven’t added any product in that, okay? Select listing categories drop-down in such what does this mean? For example, when you click on earlier in the search bar, you have different listing categories Okay, so we have to select these things now So again, we are selecting the same four because this is the only food which I have created Okay. Now you can sell a change all this thing for example here It says example foodservice barber Hotel here as you can see the placeholder Example foodservice part ways you can change all these things Ok, for example, if you’re creating a real estate website, you might you need to change this thing. Ok Now you can change all these things if you want and after you’re done just click on Save Changes Fine now again, let’s come back to our home page refresh and I hope everything is fine now Everything is fine. Except that I can with what I have in I have created this categories, but I haven’t put the icon That’s why I am NOT saying not a issue You if you put the icon as I showed in the categories, you will obviously see that Okay. Now let’s add these things this location. Okay. So again Come back. Oh you’re Now what do you have to do? We have to go to this page and here you see edit page open this link in a new tab Now click on back and editor if now click on add element Now we have to add the locations so search for locations this is the one location select this and Select all the locations which you want You can Save Changes click on update now come all your Refresh the website and let’s see how the website looks like now, okay You can see we have four different. It is a four different of different regions Oh, yeah, but I have only one with image this is basically because I have only Put this thing for as featured image while I create when I created all this then put the featured image So basically you have to follow that which I have showed earlier This is just a quick shot that so that I don’t have to waste a lot of time Okay. So this is the one which I showed how to put this icon and I have also shown you guys how to put this Featured image so make sure you see that and also think featured image now This is not how it looks as you can see. This is the look we want So again go back to that page is still loading Okay now click on this pencil button and here this is box will make this as abstractedly and click on Save Changes you can update and now That changes should be done click on refresh Ok guys, so we have that design, but I said we don’t have the image because I haven’t put any featured image That is why I am not seeing anything Now I this is also we have to put a heading and subheading ok adding our subtitle and title so come back again on this page on the home page and Now click on this button this pencil icon. This will edit the row. Ok, so click on that Here you have row title just put that title over here and we have row subtitle This is coffee this thing from your row description paste it over here. You can change the color of the title You can change the background color for this row the whole row. Okay, I’ll show you that that will come later on You can Center or left align whatever. It is now. Click on Save Changes people update Again coming back to your website now we should see Title and subtitle after we refresh the website, hopefully Pharrell as you can see now we have this title and startup. So this is awesome We have successfully created this category now. Let’s see the next section which we have to create This is section claim and get started to this section. Okay? So again come back to your website this page home page editor now click on this plus button to add a new element Now search for column elements, okay This is the one listing probe column element select this Okay. Now we have to select this left image this this image. I have given this image in that folder so click on this plus button click on upload select the file and Let me see where that file is. This is the file, okay? Video clip you know this one. Yeah, I have named this wrong. So this is the file basically select this click on open Again even set image Now we have these things So here it is within claim best way to start managing your business Listing is by claiming and so whatever. So it is everything you can make some changes if you want Okay First column title the second column title and third column title if you want to make some changes you can do so now Click on Save Changes and you also we have this style title and subtitle So copy this again Avon this pencil button to make some changes in the row row title find Subtitle or description and this time we also have to change the background color For example, if you see over the top one is white. The bottom is not white. It is different color okay, so come back over here and the color which I have used is code is hashtag e f f3 F6, okay. This is the color which I have used. You can use any color make sure it is light gray type color Okay that will look good now click on Save Changes click on update and I hope everything will be alright now to come back to your home page click on refresh and Hopefully everything will be fine Everything is fine except that we are getting a box over here. We are not getting this full width Okay, the background color should be filled with but we are getting a box. So again come back over here click on this pencil button Scroll down down Okay, here it is central content you have to select full width’ center content even Save Changes Update and Hopefully this and everything will be fine. Just click on refresh and everything should be fine because we have changed that setting Hey guys, it looks cool. Now. Everything’s fine. The top one is white The bottom one is palooka light blue. If you know hell couple you Alcala. Okay, so it is light blue Now, let’s see the bottom section. This is the section Where we have our listings, okay, so he come back this page the home page now again click on this plus button to add a new element and Typing host to search for post and we have reserved this one listing forces Now just select whether you how many pose do you want we have three four so we selected three and if you guys Have noticed if you guys are seeing how easy it is to create a website with this thing everything is ready made everything is Created for you guys. You just have to you know, add this element and make some changes so don’t have to do anything Okay, everything is so damn easy. You’re saying a lot of time don’t invest you are not wasting time on anything You’re you’re getting everything ready made. It just have to change the image and the text and so on fine guys Now what we have to do we have to add this title Exclusive paper exclusive listing in our directory whatever it is click on this pencil button to make changes in the row Row title, you know, this is not the row title rotate’ almost excuse you Really? Click on Save Changes click On update obviously and let’s again come back to our website Refresh the side and everything should be fine Successfully we are saying pressing only to Listing maybe that listing does not have a thumbnail. Okay, that’s why it is not showing so not a problem Let this thing is showing. Okay, so we are seeing with this listing over here Are you fine now? What we have to do let’s see, what is the minute this is the video testimonial fine now click on this plus button Search for testimonials and you should select not client one. This is the one video testimonials Now we have the selective video preview image this is also given in the file everything image All the images are given in the file. This is the one just select this thing you can open Now click on set image Ok, and now you can put in any video URL you want, you know? So I’m not putting anything now. We have the testimonial title author name author company and so on So this is the testimonial title people talking about us. Just typing all your This is a guy resurgence Ok, this coffee face yo-yo. This is the company or in this time gonna be X media I don’t know what that is with this thing. Please copy this to do your You can you know upload this guy’s image avatar from your that is also given, you know Everything is given basically In the file, this is the one author avatar just select that you can open This thing is amazing. This click on is set image Now here you have to type the testimonial content. Okay. So this is what it is. Just copy this from the demo website place to do your click on Save Changes Have anything no we haven’t don’t have anything else now click on update and I hope it this If nothing goes wrong our website the home it will be complete now. We need to move on after this if everything is fine. Okay? in This one if you remember though The first section was white then we had that light blue color then white then again for this also We should have a light blue color. So again come back to that page Last with this one his video testimonials edit this row and again put that color Make sure you put the same color, okay? So that was hashtag double F 3 F 6 This is what it was. They once a trait this update and Everything should be fine and we complete our own page, hopefully okay, I don’t know why I do the same mistakes again and again again for God we make this thing full with Okay again, come back I’m sorry guys now click on this pencil button again scroll down Center centered select full-width Center content Click on Save Changes click on update and click on refresh ok boom now successfully we have created the Homepage congratulations guys the main and the most important thing you have achieved if you’re following me Obviously you have achieved this thing and we have created the most important most crucial thing now. Let’s select this thing. Let’s see how the If you see in the demo side, there is a menu and we have a menu over here So, let’s see how we make changes in the menu and let’s also see how we change the header. Ok So again come back to this this file the theme file your area header option. There are three types of header This one is selected the third one and this is the one which I’ll selected the blue one You can select this white one. You can also select this one. Okay, but I have selected this one So after you do so this feed on Save Changes Okay. Now we have to see the menu settings. So for that qmc appearances at the left sidebar power of your Ince’s and select menus click on leave Fine so we have to create a new menu. Let’s give it a name main You can name it anything main menu mean many one whatever it is You just have to for its your for your and this time that you should know here This is the main you are talking about you don’t have to put all this thing This is already there in the home page in the menu, so don’t worry about that You just have to put this thing Explorer and all these things. So first thing is Explorer when you click on explore you are not Redirected anywhere. You just stay on the same page, okay So for that we have to click a custom link in the URL type in hashtag So basically when you do that, you are not redirected to anything that becomes a link, but that doesn’t kind of redirect you anywhere So that is important Express Now it is Explorer To Find us now. We have all the categories under tiredness this stable job But not this carrier. These are basic categories the post categories. We had listing categories. So here we are not single listing categories Don’t worry. There is an option here. It says main option click on that and we have Listing categories where we have it where we have it man Categories I hope this is the one Yeah, it is the one so this Select this Select all the categories you want in the union click on add to menu and add this thing Over here so that you know, it all comes under Explorer We want all these four things to come under Explorer and select homepage main and Inner pages menu. If you don’t select this thing, this thing will not show up available. So just click on save mini Come back to your website refresh and everything should be fine. We should see those changes over here we had success as you can see Explorer and we see all the changes were you’re Now, let’s see the footer settings over here in the footer. We have this address and all these things so Let’s see that again. Come back over here and you? Have to select this thing the theme option and how have any power theme options you get put her somewhere Find that here it is select that Ok, you can also click on this theme option and from your select footer so both the ways Well guys here is the footer option You can change the footer top area background color put on top area background Well from here you can see this is the color you can change both this color and this color if you want Then you have facebook URL. You can put in your facebook URL over here if you want. Okay you put in all your URL so you then you have the copyright information if your website name is some Then instead of listing for this type of unions over sending for example block, dude And obviously you can type delete this and type in your address from your and your phone number and your See information. If you don’t want this thing this beam information. You can just delete this, okay? And you can change these things also, for example What does it say says proudly listing? pro/5 videos to you in so instead of videos in two days suppose you want to buy Mayor shake so it can put in when you shake Okay, and here if you see credo studio is linked to some page. Okay. This is the page okay the credo calm so I want to my website over your so what I’ll do is Www dot block to calm fine this GG and Target blank. It means that when someone clicks on this link, it will open in a new tab. Okay So after you do, so just click on Save Changes Come back to your website refresh anything should be fine, hopefully Everything’s fine We have mayor shake which will redirect us into our code form and have this plotted over you Make all the changes it will appear or here So we have successfully edited and created the footer section now, let’s see the ads Section. Okay, as I said ads will be displayed on your home page On single listing at the bottom if you saw that demo website when I was showing I showed that everything Ok again come back to the theme options here. You should see this thing adsorption Ok. Yeah, it shows you everything all about this. Ok. Now random ads now you have to select the pricing Ok, random ads is just puts an ad price over then you have detailed page ads Ok, then you have top in search and taxi mini basically when a person’s searched something for example is searching for a hotel in Mumbai then if you if any user has You know subscribed to this package $50 package, then there their product will be at the top You know you you see this everywhere whether on YouTube on Google you type Anything and you see two or three ads at the top. So basically that is what it is You can change the pricing from here. You can change the ad duration Okay, for how long you want this to be you can change everything from your whatever you want and click on Save Changes Okay. Now let’s add some ads here. It is now click on admin Ok now we can put in any title, for example, let’s put in for Sushi catchy, but I don’t know where I am pronouncing it, right or wrong sushi Cashy bar Okay now select this listing we want this listing or EUR and select any package For example, this guy or this company has opted for $50.00 stop in search Okay, so when anyone searches for something in their website or their listing will be at the top again, so they are Spending you, they are investing $50 and they are getting the returns now click on publish For example, let me show you in our website. Just click on over your select hotels. Click on search We have deeded only one. That’s why we are secretive even if there are multiple Then this one will be shown at the top with this sign ad and rest all will not have this sign. Okay? So this is what it means you have any user is searching for some category that we talked This thing will reach one because this guy is paying more money This is what money works Fine now, we have successfully created ads and seen how ads work now. Let’s create Contact Us page Okay. So again come back to your website and It is appearances Appearances with you first let’s see whether a Contact Us page is already created or not. So just click on pages and Let’s see, there’s no Contact Us page. So first we will have to create a Contact Us page click on admin You any title you want and From template you have to select Contact page make sure this is very important Okay, you put any title, but you have to select contact page from template click on publish We can now scroll down go to theme options under theme options. Go to contact way – we have that contact man type On your desk contact me speak on contact page Okay, now you can Make changes over here in the title of the contact information your address your phone number You have to put everything you are if you want to show so Schelling see you can put on or off It’s all up to you now select form settings Okay, so title for form contact us you’ll see what this is first Let’s see all the options then you’ll see the page contact us page which we have created Success message for when the person has successfully filled the form. He’ll get this success message. Your message was sent successfully It will be in time in touch as soon as I can. Okay, so you can change this message if you want Okay. Now we have contact map setting. Okay, this is the latitude. This is the longitude. You can click on Save Changes If you guys don’t see the map by the way on your website, I’ll give up video link in the video description below So you can watch that link you watch that video and hopefully you will that will help you because Website requires an API from Google to show map on your website, okay So that link will show you help you make sure your voice back to you If the contactors in how if the map doesn’t show up on your website fine, so everything should be fine You can select your latitude and longitude from the lat/long dotnet website as I showed you Okay. Now, let’s see how the page looks like. Oh, yes so this is how it looks like you have the address and everything if you remember it can change this thing from here also as I said Contact information you change anything from you all the changes will take place over here? and if you don’t see this map go and watch that video that will help you we have this contact form or your So all these changes from you you can change it from here. Okay? So with this we have completed the contact page now. Let’s see what is left. I think okay Let’s add the contact page over here in the menu for that again. Come back to your dashboard our appearances go to the menus and now at the top you see contact by page, if you don’t see click on View all your you see Contact Us page so that It is it is automatically on Como your you can save menu Now come back to your website We press the website and you should see that Here, it is Contact Us page. So that is done contact page instant Now, let’s see some email management stuff again Come back over here on the – code team options under three modules. You will see email before that Okay. So basically what is email management when a person signs up for your website? He’ll get a certain email at a certain message when a person adds a listing He’ll get a message when a person when a person’s listing is approved will get a message of Email or mail from your website. So basically those are the settings, which we’ll see Oh You’re the first one is email address. Make sure you put a proper email address because They will receive email address from this particular mail address Okay And your name should be there or your my instead of my blog type in your company’s name. For example block – dot-com so if they are receiving mail from Brock – dot-com The first one is new registered user. Okay, so subject for new Let’s draw user your username and password on website URL so basically how their username and password will be sent to their email address and they will be asked to login in the website with that email address and usually this is awesome a Great premium feature and this is the mail they get welcome to our website website URL em This will be changed website URL with your website name for example Welcome to know your shade. You can log in now using the fill of credentials Username will be given password will be given they will login with that. Okay, similarly the next one What do we have new user expression same thing? Submit listing now from this thing Whenever you have this Steve style option. What do you have – there’s a issue. I hope this guy will the theme Person will solve this issue as soon as possible actually when you see this thing when if you don’t change or make the changes which I’m going to show now a user will receive This thing from you live style whatever it is up code, but you don’t want him to see the code So what we can do is just select it. It’s simple. Don’t worry just select everything Control X to cover to cut everything now click on know your text now Is where we put in all the HTML for not in the visual thing, okay Now people know you click on ctrl + V that we paste all the code over here now We will get a proper formatted message. Okay? So for all these things where you have deep and very have any HTML you have to do the same thing Just cut all the thing and paste it in the text section You have few Different term I guess there are six seven Messages so you have to do This thing for all of them so that they don’t get a good hold But you know they get a real message from you that you will really be awesome Okay, so make sure cut everything from usual go to text and paste it over there You’re also cut everything Go to text based it or your if you don’t if you are facing any problem If you are stuck up anywhere in the tutorial go ahead comment in the section below I will be more than you to help you guys. Okay, so don’t worry if you are stuck anywhere I’m already there – there are these things you can you don’t have to change all these things. This is fine This is fine all this thing fine so basically as I said When we are there anyone is making a claim and their claim is approved and how they get this message They mess up to be okay on listing and URL so that listing URL will be given for example your claim on listing on This particular hotel has been approved Okay, so make these changes click on Save Changes very important guys This step was make sure don’t miss this step and do everything properly Okay so we are done with email management now the pricing plans if you remember when we clicked on ADD listing’ We were redirected to the pricing plans So for that first, we have to create a plan three or two or four different plans. Ok. So again come back to your dashboard Scroll up to the top and here we have pricing plans. Just how all that click on add new price plan Ok. So basically we will be creating two or three ok, so first one, let’s say basic or Let’s give up free also, for example a pre-planned an update planned and a premium Better than the paid one, okay So in three plan You check whatever you want to allow the users to have access to for example if you want To your users to show these contact Information. Okay, you can check mark this you can pick my face You can pick one thing for everyone If you want your users know you want to allow your users to upload a video you can have that thing You can select all this thing But it so for example now for free you want to look you only four features Rest what you don’t want to give this feature is a free plan They will have to apply to the pay plan so that they can access the different features. Okay? Now we have to select the package type. Okay, whether you want to charge them for per listing or a whole package Okay, so when you charge for whole package if they’re if you’re charging $50 So for $50 for particular amount of days, they can upload our they can put in any amount of placing which is not recommended So, I think it’s all up to you if you if you think package is good for you You can you select that, but I’ll go for pay per listing. Okay fine So they’ll be paying a certain amount for per listing You can select the background color of the box again select Sun color like this like this fellow Okay. Now your price as I said For paper listing For example, it is free. Okay, so you disagree so we don’t have to put in any price over here And people will be considered as present to make this thing empty Duration, but 30 days. It doesn’t matter when you they are getting a free plan Okay, fine we can put 30 but for example or now we can say key you are using a few plan for 30 days that Is enough now you have to pay and upgrade your plan It’s all up to you guys If you want him to allow free access throughout his lifetime, then you can just leave this thing inclined. Okay? Now here it says check you if you want your users to continue with free band after expire. So after even after expiry, After 30 days if you want your user to just continue with the free plan You can take my place if you want to make this as hot plan You can click Marcus but not to obviously are planning free plan again. We don’t want the free panting hot plan Okay now click on publish Now we have the Friedland, let’s add our basic plan Basic planning basically will be better. I’m sorry. What is Basic plan will be better than discreet. And obviously then we give four options now, let’s hear some more Okay. Now we are giving for a few more options and for this thing will be charting same background color you’ll see what this background color is when we see the website of him now for here We can charge for example two dollars per listing five dollars per listing hundred dollars per listing. It’s all up to you It’s your website pro do whatever you want with sense, obviously Okay, so select the price select the duration. Okay. So for 30 days Okay. So within 30 days he has to do this thing, okay? This doesn’t make any sense because this is a free plan if you want your user to be Move it, for example after expiry if you want to use it to produce pre-plan Jersey dick Marcus if you don’t make this hotline Yes, I don’t make this hard climb just pick not this thing Click on publish if you are not understanding anything Don’t worry, when you see the output of this plans you get everything Ok, so just follow me. And don’t worry. I will show you I will clear all your doubts now click on add new price plan Ok now let’s make this premium professional whatever you wanna name it and your fee want to allow all Options we want to give access to all the options. Ok Paper listing or paper package all up to you change the background color Now this is premium. So obviously it will be higher than the basic price Click on OK, I’m sorry Now we have this duration price will be $5 that was $2.00. This will be $5 Ok, now we can also use some mode is to this poor guy Okay, one plan is already Marked as hot plan so we don’t wanna mark this thing also and now click on publish So with this we have created our three plans be awesome plans Now we have to feed up page where we can show this 3 plans. Ok. That makes sense Now go to pages our pages and click on add new Now create a new page price in clam or whatever I call it pricing and planning or different plans, whatever you call it Just click on that and click on publish Actually, we didn’t have to see if this flat face because we already have this plane select your plan just click Open this page in a new tab to see that Pricing plan is the name Okay, guys So we have this thing or your we didn’t have to create so you can delete this page Price and plan page which we have created just now because you already have a page. It says select your planned page So with that we have it over here and as you can see This is the background color which we were selecting the blue and you know When we tick mark this thing this is allowed and these things won’t be allowed Okay, and now let’s see the payment option because after this there you will be making a payment Okay, make sure when you click on ADD listing’ Again, you are not Redirected to the submit listing here. We are you ready directed to the servant listing which is a problem Just go back. Now. We have to make the payment changes so that you know, it doesn’t happen that way Now after coming to the dashboard scroll down to options and select payment Payment settings Okay, now the first option is Submitted listing should be approved by admin. Yes Obviously, we won’t be first approved then and now we have a nibble paid Commission’s. Okay submission. Yes currency for paid submission You can select your currency from your left currency position PayPal and checkout API select live sandbox is basically when you know, your website is in development stage and you just have a Testing situation going on, but we’ll make this. All right both the thing Okay, the checkout page make sure payment checkout page is selected Okay, fail payment page select lease payment fill all these things are already created. Don’t worry Just select the page Thank You page. Just select this and select the thank-you bar is a payment success We don’t have so disability of famous success now click on Save Changes Now go to PayPal settings Keep on enable now open your PayPal in a new tab Okay guys, so this is your PayPal home page scroll down and at the left hand side, you’ll see selling tools just click on seller preferences from your new window will open okay here you have API access over here as you can see API access beside that’s a button or a link which says update just click on that and Click on or select this one view API signature now It will authenticate whether you are the real guy so you can select receive an SMS or whatever You can select your mobile number click on continue Okay, I got the message if you do that finding out – continue Now you can keep on show and it will show your username your password your signature okay, and you can copy all those things from your based eat before you Use any API signatures click go on kicking these things Signature and so on and the last option is PayPal receiving email address put in your email address obviously don’t put in my email address or else I will start getting Your money or if you want to you’re generous enough, then you can do that. Just click on Save Changes Then you can also make stripe settings enabled in fact, I would recommend going for stripe but Unfortunately stripe is not yet available in my country in in India. So that’s why I’m not able to do all these settings but if you guys Are in US or Germany or these kind of countries then basically will have this thing you have this stripe option Make sure you use this right that is more recommended because in stripe we have the SSL certificate And because of that you can make payment or the user can make payment on your own website on your website Okay, so that is awesome Now we have direct payment or if you want to receive direct require payment then you can make this enable and instead of the awful name and mailing address you can put in join and Address then your bank account number swift code and so on fine You can put all these things if you want to receive direct payment Okay, I just make it reasonable tax setting okay? If you want to enable tag setting whether it takes just named a tax and tax rate Okay, and you can enable this thing just disabling this and I think everything is fine Now click on Save Changes and I think this was the last step hopefully Now again coming back to your website just refresh the website first Whereas after doing the payment setting on now when you click on add listing page at this button You should be redirected to this page pricing panel. So let’s do that. I’ve clicked on add listing and let’s see Ok, so it is redirecting us to the same page. So this is awesome. We are successful now. Let’s see how it works So basic plan, let’s keep on continuing Again, we are in the basic plan Now the subnet listing is parameter coming. So this is good Ok, just put in the title and subtitle, whatever. I just don’t like this man puffiness of this stuff so I’ll just put in anything like tagline Anything I said anything tag lines with fat line Put in your city your phone number. This is my phone number. You can call me if you want Website, you know my website obviously plug the awesome website full address Mumbai is enough Mumbai Maharashtra, India. Okay minute. What is that, Germany? But select your category, I am selecting I am selecting hotels and when you select hotels as I said you will get this option features You will get this option additional option here also So first, we see how to add listing from the dashboard now. We are seeing how to add a listing From a user’s point of view. Okay price range, you can sell moderate pricey whatever you want put some description. Yes Okay, so just go to any description in fact I don’t like this typing stuffs on camera. So it is put in anything. I don’t want to waste your time Also, just typing all this thing in is put in all this URL over here If you want to put our business video you can do that. You can also upload images that Select any listing You can open all these things are uploaded now click on save and preview Okay, this will redirect us to this page Now as you can see you guys now the user can see a preview of their listing and now if they like it they can Weigh and publish if they don’t like if they can edit so suppose the user likes it and says pay and fish So he will be redirected to the checkout page that is fine, isn’t it? Okay, so you have to select this thing and you also have to select the paypal It is foundation their PayPal because I have done this setting if we want to go first price Which I recommend you try this there in your country go first, right? That is awesome Having a check out on your own website is very important. Okay now click on proceed checkout So as you can see we are redirected now when the user pays Everything will be paid and in the dashboard, you’ll see under listing this Google listing. Here it is Typical instead of title we put critical. So here it is It is showing pending if you want you can go ahead click on edit and Click on publish if you want if the user has paid the amount and if you have received the amount then you can go ahead and do that Okay, just click on publish if you have received their amount in your that will learn over your in the moisés click on that Okay, if there’s there’s no success invoices right now, so if there is any university or your if there is any pending You see all those things. So when you receive a successful of payment you can no just Let go that Listing again. You can approve that listing for that website. Okay guys. So with this we complete this awesome tutorial I hope you guys have enjoyed it. It has helped you guys I hopefully and There might be many flaws You know ups and downs in my video. Don’t consider that please. I’m trying to improve myself day by day and I’ve worked a lot Really hard for making this on research and development and so on and I hope you guys have enjoyed this video Make sure you subscribe to my channel so that you don’t miss anything because soon I’ll be creating an in video on Multi-vendor ecommerce website which is, um, awesome really awesome and it is in so much demand In fact every day I get messages man create over the video on that. So I’m working on that and hopefully Within a month. I will try to make that video. So make sure you subscribe to my channel to you Don’t miss anything Make sure if you thumbs up to this video also share this thing with your friends if you know any friend Hope you can share this video with okay. Thanks a lot for watching guys

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