How to Make a Free Website with Free Hosting Free Domain and WordPress
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How to Make a Free Website with Free Hosting Free Domain and WordPress

please subscribe and suport this channel you can support by given a comment or a like to the video, thanks Do you want to create a personal website, without any costs? if this is your case, so, this video is for you! let’s begin, with launching a web browser the link’s are in the description go to, click on, go to my account now, login whit your social account, or, enter a email address and password on my dot tk, go to, domain panel Add a Domain name now, choose a domain name to your website when the domain is available, go to and check , Free domain click, next now, choose, use a dns for this domain and, use my own dns services now, go to, click on, about and click on, get it now now, you going to register an account enter a email account, a name and a password, next, go to your email account, and click on the link to activate your hosting service. after that, you can login. now let’s create new account, meaning, your domain account choose, 1 free hosting plan get your domain name click on, domain, and paste the name of your website choose a password, and enter the security code click on, create now we can see the account bean created the account was successful created click on, switch, to go to c panel, configuration panel now, copy one name server go to my dot tk, and paste the name server you can choose up to 12 months registration the domain was created now back to 1 free hosting dot com at this point, we create a domain name, and hosting service, its all set, but the hosting service some times could take up 24 hours to put online your website, as they mention, but most of the time take more or less 5 to 15 minutes, depends. as you wait to the site be up online go forward and instal a CMS, content management system, like WordPress go to, website, auto installer, and choose a name, a directory where to instal wordpress choose an administrator name, a password, and click instal wordpress was successful installed now is just a case to wait until the site is up online now, with the website up and running, you can go to, cpanel and managed your fresh website go to, website, auto installer click on, manage put your administrator name, and password now is just a question of worpress knowledge, and you good to go this free hosting service, and domain name, is only good for a personal website or blog, if you want a commercial site, i suggest to go to a top level domain, and pay hosting service if you like this video, give us a like, or a comment, thank’s


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