How to Make a Free Website with Free Domain and Hosting
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How to Make a Free Website with Free Domain and Hosting

Hey Whats happening guys my name is Kashif
and here in this video I’m going t show you how can you make a free website and it
will be complete free, like we will get free domain and hosting.
So lets make website with the help of and google cloud platform.
So lets get started. First lets See how to get free domain.
Go to the description of this video and head over to website
And signing with your google account to create a new account on freedom.
Go to the search section and type domain name which you want, like in my case I want
So here you go, it is available, Just click on Get it now and click on checkout button.
Select your period I will choose 1 year, because free ki cheese jinti bhi mil jaye 🙂
Continue to next step and Enter all the details, and that’s pretty much it, you got your
domain. Now its time for hosting. And We will USE
Google Cloud Platform, It the best Hosting service I have used. Google Cloud Hosting Advantages
Now let’s take a look at some of the top advantages to using Google Cloud Hosting and
why we think it is currently the best solution on the market as it pertains to pricing, performance,
stability, scalability, backups, and security. SO Without wasting any more time, lets see
how to get this for free and how to setup. go to the google cloud platform and create
a new account, if you don’t have already google account.
Now you have accept the terms and condition and click in continue
On top you can see I got free $300 credit which we can use it for 1 year for free.
You can also use this by clicking on activate button and you just have to fill
Your credit or debit card details, are sure your card accept international shopping.
Select Account type as individual and enter all the details like your address. And proceed to next step. Click on HOME button and create a new project
by clicking on this tab. Name your project and click on create. It will start making a project.
Now you
have to type your deployment name.
Select zone as us-central1-f And in machine type
Select your cores and ram as per your requirement. Select Boot Disk Type as SSD and I will choose
10GB of Disk Size. Select External IP as Ephermeral
Now we have to Allow http and https traffic And accept all terms and conditions.
Now the project is being deployed, it will take some time. After deployment.
Click on your project name, on the top left hand side.
Click on API & Services then library and enable the API and Services Now Search for DNS and Install “Google Cloud
DNS API” Click on Enable Now Headover to Networking Section
and in “Network Services” click on Cloud DNS Create a New new Zone
Type you domain name without .ga Now name your DNS name
Click on create button. Now here we have to setup A record. Open the GCP Console in new tab And go to compute engine tab
Here is the external IP address Paste this in this section.
And click on create. Click on add record set button and type www
and enter canonical name. Click on create button. So these are the name servers Just enter these name servers in
dns section. In, header to services then my
domains, then manage domains Then management tools and select custom name
servers. And enter all 4 GCP Nameservers.
And that’s it. Check the website is Up or not. It will work.
You can see it is working. Now its time for how to setup SSL for free. You Install free ssl certificate for Bitnami
WordPress on google cloud platform This is Important because SSl certificate
will improve your search ranking. you need to reserve a static IP address on
Google cloud platform (here) Go to compute engine and then click on VM
instances. Connect WordPress with ssh by clicking on ssh
button Now you Should successfully connected with
server. In this window Paste below command. Press Enter Now you need to generate a SSL certificate
so our Second command is Certbot auto renewal client. It will take care of the auto renewal
SSL certificate so you don’t have to renew your certificate by yourself.
Use the below command (Make sure you add your own domain ) Press Enter Press Y to Continue Type your email address Press A for agree Press N if you do not want to share your
email or you can Press Y if want to share your email Now you should see Congratulation message,
(like you’re seeing in above image) that means you have successfully generated a SSL
certificate. (You have successfully Install free SSL certificate
for bitnami WordPress) It’s time to test our auto renewal SSL certificate
functionality. Next Paste below command Press Enter If you see Congratulation That means your
auto renewal function is working. Now in the next step you have to set up a
crontab. in general crontab will check the ssl certificate, is ssl certificate due for
renewal if yes then it will automatically renew it.
Now paste the below command Press Enter Here you have to choose text editor 1-3 to
create the crontab Press 1  (This is nano, easiest text editor.)
and then Press Enter Using the down arrow from your keyboard and
place your cursor below the last line in this window and paste the following Command This command will tell certbot to check for
the auto renewal SSL certificate two time a today, other words it will Install free
SSL certificate by itself. After pasting this command Press Ctrl+x and
then Press Y  for yes, lastly Press Enter In the next step we have to configure the
SSL certificate. Now use the below Command. With this command it will open up our bitnami
configuration. Go to middle using you down arrow key. (see
above image) Execute the below command This command going to tell our server to server
only (https) secure connection on this website. Do not forget to replace with
your own domain name. Note: you can use WWW on your website or you
can remove it. it is person preference. Do not Press Enter yet
In this same page scroll down using your down arrow key, go where you see two line of ssl
certificate text (see the image)  In front of these two lines Type #
below these two lines you should Paste the path of ssl certificate.
Paste the following command. Remember to replace your domain with
After pasting this command Press Ctrl+x and then Press Y  for yes, lastly Press Enter In the next step you should change your WordPress
website URL from WP-config file. Execute the command below to open your WP-config file Press Enter Go to
middle of the Page by pressing down arrow key and locate these two lines of code (see
the above image) Replace these two lines with below command (delete
them and add new lines from below) Understand this one more time
Replace this code define(‘WP_SITEURL’, ‘http://’ . $_SERVER[‘HTTP_HOST’]
. ‘/’); define(‘WP_HOME’, ‘http://’ . $_SERVER[‘HTTP_HOST’]
. ‘/’); With this code
define(‘WP_HOME’,’’); define(‘WP_SITEURL’,’’);
Keep in mind that you must replace your domain name with moreover you can use WWW to
run your website or you can go with After pasting this command Press Ctrl+x and
then Press Y  for yes, lastly Press Enter lastly Restart your Apache Server
Execute the command below to restart Apache server  
Congratulation ! You have successfully installed SSL certificate on your website now you can
check out your website. So Thats pretty much it guys, By this method
you can easily create a working website and it is absolutely free
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kind of videos. Thanks for watching and I will see you in
the next one.


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