How to Make a Drag & Drop WordPress Website 2019 – BEGINNERS!
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How to Make a Drag & Drop WordPress Website 2019 – BEGINNERS!


  • spikegrimsey

    Thank you Hogan ! Been waiting for this one ! Thanks for all the correspondence and support via your support email . Loving the world of themify and WordPress !

    Please keep making videos !


  • Martyna Lochstet

    Thank you so much Hogan! I got so many compliments for my website 🙂 With your tutorial, it looks really sleek and modern.

    But a friend of mine pointed out that the mailto-link in the icon on my about-page is not working. I cleared history, cookies and cache but nothing changes, just an empty tab opens up. It's the same in all browsers and devices. Any ideas? Unfortunately, I know nothing about coding 🙁

    It's this page:

  • Vania Pravica

    Hi Hogan, great tutorial! I have a problem- my themify settings are not showing, blank space. I install and make the theme active twice, but still same. Any idea?

  • Cate Stewart

    Hi Hogan. Question. I loaded woocommerce into the Ultra site I created. When I did this the format for my shop page shows what should be the blog content pages (eg. archives, recent posts, etc.). The blog content page doesn't show these items. When I try turn on the builder in the shop page it just keeps thinking. The builder never turns on. Any suggestions? Thanks for your help.

  • Roei Weiss

    Hi hogan, thanks for all the great videos as well as the replies. I'm facing another issue, when creating a new row, and going to styling, i'm trying to adjust the margin, top, bottom and left work fine, but for some reason the right margin is not responding no matter what value i put in. My website link: (currently all the rows are full width but would like to adjust them) thanks in advance!

  • Matt Wesley

    By FAR the BEST wp tutorial I've ever seen! Thank you so much for providing not only this video but the themes and tools. THIS is why people will do business with you OVER and OVER again. WELL DONE!!!

  • Yana Maximova

    Hi Hogan, i started creating my website using your tutorial. Thanks a lot! Though I'm having 2 issues:
    1. Cannot make the header trasparent. Followed your instructions step by step, but the header remains white, it doesnt become transparent on my home page.
    2. The view of my Posts area at the backend is different from what you show in the video. It consists of blocks and not standard WP text field. Is there any way how I can change it? Standard WF form is more convenient when working on SEO with SEO Yoast plugin. The blocks unfortnately don't even show the text, unless you open editor for every specific block.. I've tried to work in Misrosoft Edge and Chrome, same in both browsers

  • Kian Fallahi

    Having another weird issue. The typewriter module won't center. The button and Heading text both do, but typewriter stays stuck to left margin.

  • Kristina S.

    Hello Hogan, I have enjoyed your tutorial. My website looks so much better now. My only problem at the moment is that it is not showing my tagline. Also, I had several posts before I changed to this theme. Is there an easy way to convert those posts? Thank you!

  • Staš Markovič

    hello why can't i install theme? help please 🙂 I need a theme that has drag and drop options, because i'm having trouble with normal theme setups

  • Courtney G Hawkins

    Hi Hogan! I've loved your videos and I'm creating my website right now, however I'm wondering whether I can create a page within my website, ie Course, and when they click on it they can buy my videos. I'll need a cart and credit card info, kind of like shopify I guess. Can I imprint this into my one page with in my website?

  • Covert-Tube

    A very in-depth tutorial, well done the only thing I worry about is load time, isn't having too many elements going to reduce load time on your home page? which could result in loss of visitor up time, as I am sure you are aware of the load to stay ratio. If a webpage takes 15 or more seconds to load a visitor is more likely to hit the back button and go elsewhere.

    So, I guess what I am asking is, is this theme responsive with a lot of elements added to it?

  • Covert-Tube

    Sorry, also I already have a blog and use the Optomize press theme, I am just wondering if it would be easy to change over to this kind of layout and keep all of blog posts and opt-in forms etc.

  • Anna Gevich

    Can I completely reset a Theme, because I think I have done anything wrong. I follow the instructions but can´t see my headlines for example the about me, portfolio etc. If I want change the Menu Link Color it says #222222 but nothing change and its only a white header with Logo in it and no about me etc. Do you have an idea what I can do else?

  • Alice Pulsford

    This Platform >>> is a business-in-a-box type platform that offers a multitude of marketing tools for you to build an online business.

  • Albano Correia


    Amazing videos, and with VERY GOOD content Quality.

    I got a message to Update my Themify Ultra version 2.2.9 and when I try , it asks for a license key…
    I can't update?

    Regards, and keep the Good work

  • Alexander Sukkasem

    Hi Hogan, first I want to thank you for this tutorial. It makes the life of so many people much easier. But I still have a little problem.

  • Alexander Sukkasem

    Even after setting the homepage individually to full with there's still a empty (background) space between my hero image and the header. I've tried since hours but can't figure this out.

  • T L

    Hi I'm wondering if you know about this. Every time I go into edit post or to add new post, the Save Draft or Save button has disappeared. I have to go to preview and then back to the post to check if it has saved my work. Do you know how I can get the Save Draft button back?

  • Roy Hind

    Hi Hogan, great video and tutorial. I wonder if you or anyone can help? don't seem to be able to link my pages to the homepage. Thanks in advance.

  • Armin Lategan

    thank you thumbs upped and shared 2, 3 friends also i sent you a facebook msg becasue i have a question plz reply to it or must i ask here ??? becasue it wasnt under FAQ

  • Raimund Koerfer

    Hogan, great tutorial especially some an absolute beginner like me. However I ran into two problems for which I couldn't find an answer in your FAQ. 1. I added a logo name and logo image but when I visit my website after saving, the logo does not show up only the name. 2. After inserting the first image you go to the backend to eliminate the white section above the image in the Themify Custom Panel by changing content width to fullwidth. After updating however I still have that white section between the image and black top of the page with the logo name. The white section does show 'Home' in the top left corner. Any idea what I might do wrong? Raimund

  • Dj Andrew White

    Great Job as Usual!! love your tutorials.
    Someone actually forgot to mention you for the hard work: ??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️

  • Visual Go

    A very Well done Once Again…Please help, is there any plugin you can recommend that will grab the user's location automatically when he or she buys cause i want to use their location to deivery locally…like Whatsapp MyLocation, then ill be able to drive their Location not address inputted

  • digitalconsumator

    Fantastic tutorial… Have a question. Is it possible to make sticky header transfer from standard header a litle bit more smooth? Like smooth animation…

  • Starr Lucas

    I purchased the Themify Ultra Lifetime package last year, used it on my first WP site. I am now making
    a new website for a different domain and I can not figure out how to get the Themify to work
    on the website. I am sure it is something really simple but I must be missing something.
    Help, please. Anybody know the answer, it would really help. I am also going thru HostGator for the hosting.
    Thank you for any help I can get!!!!

  • Pascaru Ionela

    Hello Hogan! In your website demo you have an other footer, more complex. I dont`t know how to make that footer! 🙁

  • Chan Kulatunga-Moruzi

    Hi, I used themify ultra (downloaded from your link) to build my website. I cannot update WordPress and some other plugins because I cannot update themify without a licence. I noticed that others have had similar issues and have posted on your other videos. Will I now have to purchase a themify membership?

  • Ken Lee

    Hi Hogan, thank you for your videos. I have been learning from you for the past couple of years and have done numerous websites for clients since. Question: What do you think about the Divi Builder by Elegant Themes? I've heard good things and bad things about it, and the same with Themify. I found that from time to time Themify has some bugs in it and it can get really frustrating trying to work with it. So, I'm just wondering if you've tried other WordPress drag and drop builders and what your thoughts are on the other popular ones like Divi and Beaver Builder, etc.

  • Isabelle Roger

    Hello Hogan, once again, thank you for your videos. You are very helpful. Since I watch more than one of your videos, I try to remember in which videos (which minutes?) that you talked about the 'famous' line that is there at header and footer section. Please take a look at the printscreen and I am sure you will know what I mean (ha ha) : I would like to know how to remove that for both section please. Thanks.

  • jpMustaparta

    Amazing tutorial so far.. However I ran into a problem on the step of adding hero image. I successfully added an image, added padding and saved. Then clicked "edit in backend" and clicked the Page options and there selected "Full Width" from Content width. Saved and went back to my page to see if the white spaced disappeared but for some reason my whole Hero image disappeared… Anything i did wrong? Or how can i fix this? Thanks in advance

  • Rick Olsen

    On my hero front page are the words "add heading", I can't get rid of it. Also when I try to decrease the margin on the text block "Coaching Supremacy" it decreases the hero column rather than the text block. Can you help?

  • ShutterBae Studio

    Hi Hogan, can i have the link or the license key for your Themify theme for me to get the latest version? Thanks in advance!

  • We Need Help

    Thanks for this kind of amazing video. Its really very helpful. I would be ever grateful if you could make a tutorial on how to make a blood donate website, where donor will register and people search them With blood group and specific location.

    Thank you

  • Rob Saunders

    Hogan, I can't tell you how many times I've tried to use this video to create my website. For some reason, everytime I use it, things look okay, then I open it back up and nothing looks like how your video shows it. I'm going on one year trying to get this completed and each time ends in complete frustration. I build the menu as you explain, and it looks great, but the next time I log on the menu looks like it's in mobile mode. I didn't touch or change a thing, and there it is condensed at the top right corner and not a menu… what the flip is going on????

  • lolanano

    Hello Hogan why my post back-end page are not same like yours as it always show themify builder.. not a normal wp post editing page.. did u have any idea?

  • ThePaoloaustralia

    Hi Hogan, first of all thank you for helping us out ! appreciate it! One thing… At minute 31.08 It won't let me upload the favicon , any idea why? You think I need to update to the latest version of Themify? it asks me for the licence key and username.. Cheers!

  • james dea

    Hello Hogan, thank you for your nice informative videos. I have a question about themify. Can I make a subscribe-site with themify? Is there any plug in for this subscribe-function? So I will that the visitors have a decision, that they pay and subscribe for special topics of my site.

  • Jeris

    Everything is perfect just the mobile website. Whenever I change something in the mobile outlay it also changes in the desktop one help

  • Hong Pafreh

    Hi, I am having trouble removing the white space under the header section. I have followed exactly what you have done starting from 1:05:00 (by selecting full content width) but it stays the same..have been trying to figure this out for hours but still couldn't get it right….

  • László Kecskés

    Hy all! I cant write text in the text module and the feature module. Only to the Module Title ? What is the problem? ?

  • Rob Saunders

    Hogan, in my blog I'm going to have to define some terms. Is there a way I can just have the definition pop-up when they mouse over the word? I'm pretty sure I've seen it on other websites, just would like to know if you knew of how to do this… Thanks!

  • Brian 698

    Hogan – Help 😉 I think I have a hybrid of drag and drop and e-commerce themify shoppe theme on my wordpress website. I followed both your drag and drop and e-commerce building tutorials. I think they are conflicting. now running together. Can you suggest anything to get me back on track? I'm selling watches and accessories and want an inspirational e-commerce website with cool media options and a blog. Thank you my friend!

  • Maja Kurtović

    I have a question about ultra theme. Following your tutorial, I'we made my site in 2016. It worked well for 2 years, but then I had to update the theme because it wasn't working any more. I payed for a year membership, two month ago it expired. Again, I have problems in managing my site. You say that you have permission to share the theme for free. I tried to download and activate it and I can't. Can you explain, is it supposed to be free only for some time, or is there a way to download new version for free and activate it on existing web site?
    Thank you for your answer and thank you so much for your tutorials! They'we made me my own web designer without any previous knowledge about web design 🙂

  • Mina Wardkhan

    Hello Hogan… I'm finally making progress with the themify builder! thanks alot for your tutorials.
    I'm having difficulty with the header, long after i progressed past it. it isn't spread across the width of the page anymore. for some reason it shrunk to the centre of the page and i cant remember how to stretch it to full page width like it was. can you help?

  • Brian 698

    I have themify shop and ultra but it shows themify shop is the one that is active. I see themify Shoppe in my sidebar control panel and woocommerce and the Builder plugins 😮

  • Adriaan Devillé

    Hi Hogan, I want to rebuild my website with your genius video-tutorial. Is it possible to have a non-scrolling homepage and just a photoslideshow with the header and footer and going from there to the other sections? It would just be a more visually interesting remake of my old website (

  • teri r

    Hi Hogan! I'm having a problem with the white space between the full-width image on the background and the header wrap. I made it full-width on the page options on the backend but the white space is still there. My themify is the newest one and is a little different than the one you're using here. I think I clicked something by accident when I was first trying to find where to put the background image on the home page and it's stuck with that space. Any thoughts? The website is for our group that's opposing a concrete plant going in near our homes so this isn't crucial, it just bugs me.

  • admincanoc. groupmail

    Hogan if you own an active domain and site and want to rebuild what happens to your site if I use the active domain name, and site while rebuilding?

  • Keith Atkinson

    Awesome video love your work Hogan, these have helped me massively! I can't seem to find the video you did on the creation of the secondary menu bar though?

  • admincanoc. groupmail

    Cannot login. getting this message: Error Details
    Installation directory is not empty. Please install to an empty location. What next?

  • Nicha Branker

    not moving forward. this is what i'm getting: Error Details

    Installation directory is not empty. Please install to an empty location

  • Nicha Branker

    Hogan, this Hostgator is crap! I've done as they said, website is dead, moved it from SiteGround big frikking mistake!

  • Paco Paco

    Thank you Hogan, you are great! I do have one question, why can we use Themify free when I see they charge on their website for that same builder?

  • Mason Pain

    Thanks Hogan. I just built a site (first time on wordpress), and this was super helpful. The one thing I am stuck with however, is a broken mobile menu. The dropdown arrows are about 10x larger than the menu items and are not aligned. The whole mobile menu is being pushed down quite a bit, with the large dropdown arrows displaying over the top of each other below the menu items. I've searched your faq as well as google for days trying to find a fix for this to no avail. Any insight as to what I could do to re-align the mobile menu arrows would be super appreciated.

  • Nexus Marketing

    Love the tip to use Chrome Extension "WhatFont".This will save so much time for everybody trying to figure out what font to use on their website.

  • John Simons

    Hey Hogan, Love your videos. I do have a question that I hope you can answer. I've followed your directions, but can you tell me why my site appears differently on google vs firefox?

  • DCA-Consulting Dr. Dietmar Abt

    Dear Hogan, thank you so much for your tutorials! I came across you tutorials years ago when you published your "parallax"-Tutorial. Following this Beginners tutorial I run into a problem with blog posts and I hope you can help me. I visited your FAQs and especially the section regarding blog posts. Unfortunately, the link to more details doesn't work, error 404 page not found. So I hope you can help me here on the comment side. I drag&drop a post module into the row. But afterwars I can't find any field in which I could insert my text. I can enter a title, yes but where do i enter the text?
    Thank you very much in advance for your support!

  • christine lucas

    Hi Hogan when I try to upload I get an installation failed. It says the destination folder already exists. Not sure what to do now??

  • International Foodie Guide

    Hi Hogan, first of all, thanks a lot, you have inspired me to create my own website, I found your videos very useful, I have downloaded the Themify Ultra theme for free, however, now I am wondering if I should purchase the Master Club, if I do so I will definitely use your link as a gesture of thanks, one small favour, please could you tell me what additional benefits I will receive if I go for the Master Club that I do not get from the free version that I downloaded from here?

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