How to Make a Drag & Drop WordPress Website – ▼FOR BEGINNERS▼ EASY! 😀
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How to Make a Drag & Drop WordPress Website – ▼FOR BEGINNERS▼ EASY! 😀


  • Jeff Rice

    Hey bud. I love this tutorial. One question: My menu isn't overlapping my top image – It only overlaps about halfway. Do you know a way to fix that?


    Hi Hogan,
    i have problem with my one page scrolling menu. After updating WordPress. Row anchor is set with module i want it to refer to, but nothing happen when clicking on.
    Would you be please able to help me out wit this issue?
    Thank you

  • Cynthia Law

    Hogan, Help!
    You have been so awesome and I have made a couple of great websites using your tutorials. Having trouble with Contact Form 7 in the last couple of weeks. The problem: customers fill out the form, get the green box indicating the message was sent, but it never arrives at the email box. FAQ for Contact Form 7 says if this happens the email has been "kidnapped or killed". The creator of the plugin recommends changing the theme to the default and deactivating all other plugins to fix the problem. Not really a useful solution for me. Any thoughts?

    Update: Plugin CF7 blames the theme. Themify blames Hostgator. Hostgator blames the Plugin. Recommends using a SMTP plugin.

  • coconu florin

    Hi Hogan. About the ''Builder Layouts are the pre-designed layouts which you can apply to any page for quicker prototyping''… These layouts are free to use ?

  • LazyFeed

    Hi Hogan. Again, thank you for your tutorials. I am a pre-med student and I have started a business creating websites, thanks to your superior instruction skills. Is it possible to do anything like this with Themify Ultra? Thank you for your time and a great channel.

  • Butterflies and Sunshine

    i bought the developer memebership a couple days ago, from watching this video… didnt even get 20 minutes in and i knew i struck gold. i didnt read the description, i just typed in themify and bought it on splt. like i lost my mind in seeing its awesomeness, and it truly is freakin awesome. i bought developers membership… i can see buying anotber year. the updates are incredible, everyday already something new or updated. im so please, best tools ever. thank you, you stuff is amazing and your tutorials and freebies to share… its beautiful.

  • Adrian Dejeu

    how can i make the menu bar more visible when website is viewed in mobile format? It's viewed great if full site view, but in mobile version, the drop down menu is really white and the pages are hard to view.

  • Areg Balayan

    Hi Hogan, a great tutorial you have here. I appreciate your work very much. I have 2 questions tho:
    1. when creating a custom link as shown at 2:57:49 it can not be accessed from other pages. f. ex. if the custom link destination is on the home page you have to be on the homepage for it to work. Can you help fix that?
    2. How did you made the scroll down promo section on your website ( the one that says "save up to 50% on Themify Memberships & Products during their Valentine's Day Sale!CLICK HERE MORE"
    I will be very thankful if you can help me.

  • Andrew Challies

    Hi Hogan, Just used this tutorial to produce Not sure what I've done but the page links in the header are sitting in the middle of the page and down from the top. Wondering if you'd be so good as to give me a couple of hints to fix it. Kind regards and keep up the great work. Thanks

  • No Rocket Science Build

    Due to new job I am forced to up-skill myself and so I have to use WP, I will watch few other videos and see which one I prefer (I do like this one too.) I am not too excited only because I have been there before, to master it, it will take time and effort. I had previously mastered one to perfection and now, forced to try WP 🙁

    I guess, I will have to use WP for my YouTube channel website too. Ah well.

  • Claire Pulman

    Can anyone tell me why whilst customising my blog, I've got no widgets? I've doubled checked and I'm on the blog page any ideas, I feel as if I'm missing something really simple. thanks

  • Dan Calverley

    Hi Hogan, I switched my website ( to Themify by following your tutorial. Is there a way to change the appearance of image captions in my blog posts? In Themify Ultra they are all centred, too low beneath the images and non-italics, making it difficult sometimes to tell what is caption and what is part of the blog text.
    Also, when trying to install a slider on my front page, the only option is 'posts', all others (including image, which is what I want) cannot be selected. Any ideas?
    Thanks and best regards,

  • Argho Basak

    hello Sir ,
    I am a big fan of you..You are great…
    Please tell me how to do newsletter subscribe on themify ultra at the easiest way.

  • HasaH H

    Hi there Hogan, thanx a bunch for the tutorial it really got me going. I am experiencing a slight problem though. I chose the split menu with logo in the centre. My problem is that, whatever the size of the logo image, it is covered by the main navigation menu on its right side. (could it be a z index issue ?) I work locally for now so can't post an url to my site. Do you have an idea what causes this ? and how to fix it so that the gutters between the menu elements and the logo are identical on each sides of the logo ? Thanx again

  • pasha a

    Hogan good time of day. In the first lines I thank you for the wonderful lessons. I have one question.
    When building a site, what are you doing measuring in pixels ??? This semi-circular icon is on the left side of the monitor from the top. Sorry for my English.

  • Andre Wormsbecker

    Hogan, please, I got a question: is that possible I create a Gallery Section when the images go directly to the Portfolio URL? Because in the "Builder" I just have the options: Media File or Attachment. May you help me?

  • crysler

    i like your intro straight forward Sir …i wish i came across you video 2 months ago .
    can you tell me what you think of Sydney theme ? . do you recommend stating over with this one or just go with Sydney theme ? and thank you

  • Super Duper Bhakunday

    Hey Hogan, tons of thanks for this video. I was following along the tutorial, and apparently got stuck in the footer section. It does not load the social links even though I did just as of the tutorial. Tried two different themify versions. Same results. Am I missing something here? Would appreciate if you would reply. ahahahah. Anyway thanks mate.

  • Sean Heller

    Hey everyone! Thanks to Hogan, I was able to build my website using the Themify Builder. I am looking for honest feedback and critique. The link is


    Mate, i've watched a couple of videos of yours now and they're super helpful. You're really great at this and what you do. Keep it up man!

  • Joe Kebbi

    Hi Hogan Great Vid ! quick question i have a # in my URL at the end of each Row
    example how do i remove the #

  • Deepika Naik

    Hi Hogan, I have a domain and i am trying to get hosting. My current linux plan has expired. I was planning to go for godaddy wordpress hosting plan. I am not sure that's a good idea? Any suggestions for choosing hosting. I am not sure it would make sense if i buy WP hosting and again themefy builder. please help. Thanks! Hugs!!

  • Maja Kurtović

    Hi Hogan! I love all your tutorials, they are the best (and I've seen a lots of them). I made my whole web site by myself, and I didn't know anything about anything in web design. You can check out how it looks at
    I have a question. I would like to make an online course inside my web page. I tried to install LifterLMS plugin but it cannot be activated. Is it possible that it isn't compatible with Ultra theme? Online courses are the most wonderful way of learning and it is growing interest for them, so it would be great if you could do tutorial about that 🙂
    Thank you!

  • Manfred Jeske

    Hogan, I can update the menu font colors in the customizer and they change but it doesnt show up on the actual website. Have you ever come across this?

  • Timothy Kayima

    Hi Hogan! I'm using the ultra theme but I have a problem. There is a white space between the main navigation and banner photo. How would you suggest I resolve this issue?


    Hey man, you're my last resort! I just wondered if you know where I can fix the following issue please. On any page of my website I can add text however when I add a link to a particular word or phrase or paragraph within my text the word or phrase is in a much smaller font than the other text. I can't seem to locate where I this has been configured. this link will give you an example. If you can help I would be forever grateful! Need to fix this asap! Thanks Paul.

  • Kachina Aimee

    Hogan, I have a quick question, I used your fantastic video to create my website and I'm so happy with it, I do want to ask however is there a way to have a fb/twitter share box each page? i.e. Homepage, About, Blog page so that people can share my website without having to copy the url? thanks!

  • Celvin Lim

    Hi hogan, i have followed all the instructions you gave. But I have a little problem because every time I uploaded photo then the photo will be black and white. I can not find a mistake where, can you petrify me?
    Thank you for this video and your help.

  • SB PH

    Hi Hogan, thank you so much for making such awesome content. I was hoping you could help me out, the css content is not showing up in my website it doesn't seem to be working at all. I have the latest version of word press but not the Themify as im not ready to purchase yet. Could this be the problem? Thank you Paul

  • Attila Józsa

    I saw one of your demo site few weeks ago, but I can't find now… (It's a relax or meditation site I think..) Pls heeeeelp! 🙂 Thx. Anyway, I love your tutorials!


    Hey man,

    For some reason I am having a nightmare getting the main navigation to look the way I want. I set my site logo and the size of it within 'Site logo and tagline' section which appears fine, but when I add the logo in the sticky header its super small and adjusting the size doesn't help. I noticed that changing the header type in the Theme Settings within Themify Settings, effected how this looks. I currently have "Header Top Widget" header selected and notice that the logo in the sticky header is a little bigger than when I select another heading although it is still not big enough.

    I had this problem before and somehow I ended up being able to get it to work but I think when I did it, I had no idea what I did. I am not sure if it's a problem with the theme version as I have a few different versions that I have used previously.

    Any help would be appreciated. I am going nuts here.

  • Scoo Ter

    HI, thank you for this website. I have two questions for you….hope you don´t mind;) My first question is could I insert a "Rating" tool in this page? The second question is, in my page down on the left, appears the word copyright. I would like to delete but I don´t know how…I do not remember having putting it in actually. Maybe it is from the template? My web site is Thank you again for sharing your talent;) vale

  • Chalit Wantaree

    Hi Hogan , i 'd like to use iframe to display another website, can u suggest what module should i use ? Thankss

  • NoName

    wow. seriously you are killing it man. Didn't even know you were giving away all of the addons for free. Dude u r the man Hogan

  • Kofi penlaw

    Hogan chua Please I want to create a website for our soccer club using a themify builder and I want you to either provide a tutorial on using themify builder to build a soccer site like sportpress or themeboy. Thank you, I will be happy to hear from you my great tutor…

  • Rachel Quintero

    okay i got as far as going to your website to download the theme ….unfortunately your website has changed???
    so im stuck. dont know where to go from here

  • Surf4evert

    Hi Hogan I added the header wrap css code for the transparency in customize but it only working on the main page. Any idea

  • Charles Lounsberry

    Hogan's tutorials and blog has been a savior in my quest to make my website look professional!
    Thanks so much!!!!!!

  • Thomas Wake

    Hi Hogan, Great video. I am just wondering if there is any way to shift the main navigation menu left slightly? I am wanting to bring the main menu page option more central on the page. Is there a padding option for the main navigation at all? Thank you so much, Tom

  • Pepe Cano's

    Hi Hogan… sorry to bother you but where can i change the font of the form7 messages and boxes?… i.e. "Thank you for your message. It has been sent." appreciate as always…

  • Kids Crafts

    Hogan Im really impressed from your professionalism and charisma. Your voice is so calm and your guidance is brilliant …so easy to follow.I learn so much from you and the journey its self is pleasant.My deepest gratitude to you my dear I see your love and presence in all of your work…is just amazing.Thank you for sharing your gift!!!

  • Begoña Sanchez Azcunaga

    Hi Hogan, when adding a Text module for header I only get the paragraph option for styling no heading sizes. Also, to update theme I need to renew membership.

  • Amit Sharma

    Thanks for the wonderful video,with your tutorial I m making the website I am not able to bring the dropdown menu towards left,can you please help me to bring this dropdown menu on right side.

  • Kachina Aimee

    Hi Hogan, I've asked you a couple of things before! I was just wondering I used this video to create my website however it keeps putting my menu like the 3 line toggle for mobile but even for desktop… the only way my  menu shows is if i put screen full screen which most people aren't doing… is there a way to disable this 3 line toggle menu on the desktop version ?

  • Kachina Aimee

    Wow thank you for your quick response! Brilliant THAT WAS it fixed now CAN'T thank you enough!! Btw do you recommend a good pop up email subscription box that is compatible with Themify/wordpress?

  • muh fathul

    Hello Hogan.
    im fatul one of your subscriber from Indonesia , 😀
    i followed your tutorial since February and now i have own web site for my business.
    but just got some issues with themify theme and addons.
    i need to update my theme but i dont have the id to log in.
    coz it effect my site performance till now (i cannot see some addons in element module even i installed them twice).

    do you any solution for that?


  • Luis Silva

    Hey Hogan, I love your videos.
    Would you be able to do a tutorial on how to do image hover buttons for WordPress sites? I’m struggling to find any decent free plugins and wonder if you know of any.

  • Stephan Larose

    Hi Hogan, thanks for the great tuts! I'm having an issue where each time I save, instead of saving the body text I wrote for each section, instead it seems to copy and paste the same heading 2 text into every body of text. It isn't saving properly at all, the website looks like a complete mess and it won't update or display the correct text no matter how many times I re-write it and save it.

  • arunnc

    Hi Hogan

    One doubt.I didnt understand how this website is diffirent from parallox video.what is special on this video that is not there in parallox video


  • Pepe Cano's

    Hi Hogan,

    Sorry to bother you but my blog pages are not showing the comment fields at the bottom… maybe you've seen this before…. I've spent hours and can't fix it… please help!

  • Alk_minie

    Hello ! I have a question. Why not choose WordPress hosting ? What is the difference ? Because WordPress has its own plans and can provide you a domain , the price range seems similar and I don't understand the difference.

  • Daniel Kiteski

    Hi Hogan, I have an issue. On the mobile version of the website, the menu isn't responsive (and yes I tried using a plugin but now I just have two menus: one is responsive and the other scattered across the website). Is there a way to hide the navigation menu for mobile users while keeping it for desktop users?

  • MDS

    Look at this Fast, SEO Friendly WordPress Theme. Over 300 Niche Header Graphics, In Post Ads, Funnel Templates. Easy Setup And Great Support. Used On Over 200k Sites

  • Cesar Roman

    I haven't been able to make a transparent header and is also not going in full width, it seems like a weird box and the menu options are always like close to the top of the browser, what do you suggest?

  • Luisa Schumacher

    I built my website with this tutorial some time ago and would like to update my website now. Whenever I want to add a new textfield, it always inserts the text from the first textfield of my site. I write the text I actually want to have in there and as soon as I click "safe" it changes the text to the one I added in another textfield above.

  • Ignatius Kemp

    Hi Hogan, I am following your videos for some time know and have learned a lot. I am ready know to get the $139 Themify. I have one problem as soon as I press the HOGAN for the coupon I go to a website where can order what I want but when I click on HOGAN I am send to a page to order but then they ask the coupon and if I put HOGAN in they say it is wrong. Please help me.I will also get my hosting at Hostgator but I first want to get this themify fixed. My email is [email protected]

  • Giridhar Gautam

    Hello Hogan,
    I am using this version right now ULTRA 1.1.4, and while using feature module, when I duplicate the module and chnage the old content and try to save but it shows old content only. Please help

  • Alek vedenski

    Hello Hogan, I used earlier your free theme "Themify" and now i'm getting a notification to update the theme but when I press update it asks me to enter my themify user name and password which I don't have since it is a free theme published by you. so what to do now and how to update the theme?

  • Ronald Jiang

    Hi Hogan, this tutorial is very informative. but it is hard for me to absorb all the information. I am looking for someone coach me to sell things online. Do you have any recommendation.

  • Newspolitans Info

    Hi Hogan, in minute 56, how do i get the transparent header code? how do i copy paste that code? i went to your blog but i could not find that code.Could you please let me know about it. Thanks in advance!

  • Newspolitans Info

    Hi Hogan, for the contact page, i inserted the map module but it did not work. It showed "this page couldn't load google map correctly", could you please help me regarding this? thank you so much.

  • Newspolitans Info

    Hi Hogan, one question please. Is there any way to set the menu navigation in the middle of the hero image instead of in the right above? If there is any could you please let us know how to make it.Thank you much in advance.

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