How to make a completely free wordpress website with
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How to make a completely free wordpress website with

hi Tien’s here i’m very happy in this video and now today I will tell you a secret internet has become very popular around the world and people started earning money from online by selling products, service, membership and affiliate marketing and by any way you could have one thing that is a website .But the problem is most people don’t know how to make a website easily or they have to pay a lot of money for that, in this video i will tell you exactly how to build a website completely free free domain free hosting what you have to do is follow my instructions step by step remember that you need to do exactly what I tell you step-by-step and the First action is click the link below and watch the video to start the job now ok so no the next step you will click the link below you can click the link below or you can type it here then you press enter and here is a the website that you can start to register and there and to create a website with WordPress you start a website in 30 s absolutely free absolutely free and press here to start can see three options premium and business and to get completely three domain and hosting you will click the first option and to click order and the order here you press check-now, If you have already got an account you can log in here but if you are new member you click create new account to start a new user account and here you type your name for example Paul. An email address then you click here to create your account and agree you press here you tick here to agree with the condition and policy, then press complete order Now you have already got an account for yourself and to start you press here to create new account. This account will will give you a free hosting and free domain so you click here you click here oh you can see the email have not been activated yet so you need to come back to your email address to activate your registration. You can see here and you press this is me to activate the email to complete the SIGN up yeah it’s okay now congratulation. you’re almost done you have to setup the new order before you use so you click here to set up the account . To get free domain subdomain you press free subdomain free subdomain here then you can you can choose any name website name you want for example marketingonline2424 and you need to choose choose server region here you’ll select Europe and the password, you type the password you want so you already filled up all information now you click setup. This is your account This account gives you free domain and free hosting you refresh again and you ll see one hosting. Free domain has been included.


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