How to Make A Business Website Using WordPress & Elementor Page Builder & Astra Theme 2019
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How to Make A Business Website Using WordPress & Elementor Page Builder & Astra Theme 2019


  • Jenny Taylor

    Hi Adam – first, thank you for all of your time and knowledge, absolutely invaluable ? I notice in a lot of your tutorials re Astra you use the Elementor page builder. I also saw a post somewhere in the interwebs where you mentioned Thrive Architect also works great with Astra. Is that correct and do you have any resources using these 2 plugins? I'd like to use Thrive from a marketing perspective so would like to have no conflicts with their suite of plugins + a theme with a lot of ready made website templates and customisation abilities. Am I dreaming? I also wonder if there are any similar solutions on the theme side which are on par or pretty close to Astra? Cheers!

  • Sibi Abraham

    i faced a problem after importing sites. an shows that page not found.
    there shows a message
    "It looks like the link pointing here was faulty. Maybe try searching?" can you help me

  • Elaheh Madjedi

    you are the best and a wonderful teacher because you teach the basics and one by one but i get these are the error i get and i can not understand why specially since i had the really simple ssl and it is activated. is there any chance you can tell me why i get these a errors?

    No SSL was detected. If you do have an SSL certificate, try to reload this page over https by clicking this link: reload over https. You can check your certificate on Qualys SSL Labs

    Some things can't be done automatically. Before you migrate, please check for:
    Http references in your .css and .js files: change any http:// into //
    Images, stylesheets or scripts from a domain without an SSL certificate: remove them or move to your own server.
    It is recommended to take a backup of your site before activating SSL
    You can also let the automatic scan of the pro version handle this for you, and get premium support, increased security with HSTS and more! Check out Really Simple SSL Premium

  • Elaheh Madjedi

    i put the errors and it did not show
    No SSL was detected. If you do have an SSL certificate, try to reload this page over https by clicking this link: reload over https. You can check your certificate on Qualys SSL Labs

    Some things can't be done automatically. Before you migrate, please check for:
    Http references in your .css and .js files: change any http:// into //
    Images, stylesheets or scripts from a domain without an SSL certificate: remove them or move to your own server.
    It is recommended to take a backup of your site before activating SSL
    You can also let the automatic scan of the pro version handle this for you, and get premium support, increased security with HSTS and more! Check out Really Simple SSL Premium

  • Hugh Avin

    Hello Sir. I have a question regarding WordPress installation. I bought the bluehost hosting. In mojo marketplace, I've clicked on the One click WordPress install. Even after a day , its still loading. I didn't get any WordPress credentials. Help me plz

  • Adam Endrodi

    Hy Adam, I followed you step by step and made my own simple website with wordpress but after 1 month my page get viruses. Can you make video about how to avoid viruses?

  • LuckyMash

    I’m so grateful for this Tutorial. This really saved me from a lot of frustrations I’ve had with WordPress

  • Rodrigo Hernandez

    Hi! Adam Quick Question Do you thing it's possible to cancel godaddy account and move to Inmotion?

  • Videos Muchos

    Adam great video, dou you think it's possible to cancel godaddy account and move to inmotion? Would that issue a refund any idea

  • Edmund Verwey

    Thanks Adam. I like this very detailed video. As said previously I am 68 and have to be spoon fed and that is exactly what you did in this video. I have downloaded a few other videos which turned out very gibberish to me at times and have to rewind or replay parts a lot of times to be able to follow and just give up at the end. Thanks again.


    Hello Adams, I've been trying to import the Electrician Astra template but each time l try that it gives me an error message thus "import failed, see error log" and there is no place to correct that. what do i do. thanks

  • Nadine El Nour

    I have a question Adam, what if I like the page section of one template and I also like the page section of another, how would I customize my site so that I incorporate one page from one template into the page of another template?

  • Elio Pineda

    Hello, incredible video.I have a question. I creat a Website for a senior (old people) fundation with Astra Theme and Elementor, but i want to make that website multilingual. How can i do that? Thanks…

  • adam

    Thanks for the video just to let you know at 2:44:03 I think I can make out the password you have blurred. I havent gone to try and log in with it obviously but just giving you a heads up.

  • G Co

    Elementor pro is not working with the one of the free Astra themes installed. Hours of time and work wasted. Quite frustrating. But thank you Adams, you provide valuable content and taught a lot! Hats off!

  • Joyce Vaughn

    I know you've made this video already, but maybe in your notes below let people know to look at your video on transferring to new hosting. This helps a lot.

  • Malick Cisse

    Hi Adam, somewhere in your response to one of your viewers, you mentioned that you will create a woocommerce & elementor tutorial similar to this. Have you done it and can you kindly provide the link? I appreciate you for all the knowledge you are sharing.

  • Malick Cisse

    Hi Adam, good tutorial again. WP Mail SMTP by WPForms is no longer available in the plugins. Do you have an alternative suggestion? Thanks

  • whiterabbitjohn

    Thanks Adam, your a very good communicator… i'm way more a newbie than a intermediate the last 6 weeks I have hours and hours scouring youtube and the web (but t not as many hours you have producing this info). Your videos are good, easy to understand information I always come back to you, your head and shoulders above the rest .. may the force be with you..
    P.S. I have Hostgator but after watching the beginning of this vid, I just signed with inmotion …thanks my man

  • Scott Lange

    Adam, when I go to install the astra site it stalls out and doesn't finish installing it. What is going on here?

  • Noha Mostafa

    Many thanks Adam for this great inclusive tutorial video. However, if I'm using a ready website builder and want to build a WP website, how would I transfer my G Suite to WP?

  • Theresa Southern

    Hi – thank you for the great tutorial. I can't figure out how to change the "hero" image on the home page of an Astra Starter Site. The worst part is, I did figure out a while back, but have since forgotten! Any tips?

  • Lauren McCabe

    Does anyone know how to edit your site without it going live ? I'm using a different theme and don't want to publish my astra theme before it's ready, but can't figure out how to customize it with elementor without making it live.

  • kingbeauregard

    Very cool, thanks! About those Astra sticky headers, is it possible to make the primary header and the sticky header display different widgets (or otherwise be laid out with significantly different content)? I know I can display a different logo, I can shrink the logo, and I can tweak the background, but I'm looking to make bigger changes.

  • Dave Hayes

    Adam, excellent video, far longer than your usual ones, but that said, the detail is very comprehensive and easy to follow and I have now got my site up in basic format, all thanks to this video.


    I am on 59 minutes. Great so far. But I am on the home page of electrician and the blue background isn't there. Home page only says when it comes to reliability etc then fuse porta euismod manga, Europe vehicular
    Then know more blue highlighted then request callback please complete form and more. What did I do wrong please Adam?


    Hi Adam,
    I keep losing the theme with the blue background and the layout with astra on top left. How do I get. Back to that place so I can move forward please


    If you download Astra Starter Site end of june 2018 you may have problems. There was a glitch in it. I was following Adam and what I saw on my site "Electrician" was words without the blue and without a way to continue to make my website. They sent me a zip file and told me to delete the plugin and I have no idea what I am to do with the zip file so can't continue to follow Adam and make my website. If anyone has any idea how to take the 6 files that I was sent and fix this please share. Also if anyone knows if I have to then go back and download Astra again and the Electrician theme again I would greatly appreciate the help. Adam just made a new video for glitches 2 days ago but Astra says this is the solution to the problem. Thanks


    Thanks Adam. I reached out to the developers of Astra again and they found out what was wrong. I used your videos they sent to me and redid everything and now have what you have so can move forward to creating my site! Thank you for all your wonderful videos and help. Very exciting.

  • Zebella zinequeen

    Hmm, well the official website recommends blue host. Are you saying is making a bad choice? InMotion has a ton of bad reviews on google business.

  • StarkScapes LLC

    Is there a link to a video and help for….i wanna make a wordpress webpage but i have a old active webpage (non wordpress) for same business site (address)

  • David Payne

    What would be better over all using elegant themes lifetime membership for $249 or astra lifetime bonus features along with using elemental to make WordPress sites? I am totally new to WordPress and been looking at hosting and like the three you mentioned plus looking at is Namehero for hosting. Thanks for all your great input and for us beginners and even people that have been using WordPress for awhile!! 🙂

  • Hexspa

    What if I already have a site with posts and pages? Will I not 'Import Site'? Oh, I see:

  • Hexspa

    I watched the whole thing, all 11320 seconds of it. Gonna share on twitter now. Glad to see I've recently gained a mastery over most of these concepts, after a few years. Thank you!

  • Madis Bobrovski

    Thanks for the awesome content. I was just wondering if there are any checklists or cheat sheets, which you would recommend using when creating a website like this?

  • Slobine

    Thank so much for this video. One question I have if I may. I want to change the origin menu name that shows on the tab, not just the one that shows in the page menu. How can I do that?

  • Slobine

    HELP: Forgive my lack of knowledge, but how do you change "Provide some details about your electrical project…" in the message section of the email form? I can;t find it anywhere!

  • Geir Johannessen

    Holy shit. What an amazing video. I've already learned a lot from seeing other videos from you and made my first website i WordPress for my daughter who is a tailor. Check it out here: www. Now I am getting more and more customers who want me to make a website for them. I use Astra and Elementor Pro with plugins like Yoast SEO, iThemes Security, All-in-One WP Migration, Remove Query Strings From Static Resources, Imagify, Leverage Browser Caching, WP Super Cache, WPS Hide Login and Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress (so there you have them all :)). BUT I was unshure how to start from scratch as Belleskredderi was already set up on a host. I deleted all and build it up from scratch. This video was a gift. You absolutely ROCK my friend.

  • asad uzzaman

    hey i want to make a website like this would you please tell me how much do you will charge for making this type of website.

  • Connecting Your Customers

    This video is OUTSTANDING. I have been looking for a WP tutor for a while but didn't want to invest a bunch of time only to realize I wasn't getting what I needed. After watching this and building a demo alongside it, I'm jumping into Adam's courses knowing I've found EXACTLY what I'm looking for. Great content, great training and great value with WPCrafter… thanks Adam.

  • Christina Matthews

    So grateful I found you! I was getting taken advantage of by a developer. Now I feel I can handle things with your video trainings.

  • Monika Matuse

    Your videos and website are amazing! I would appreciate if you helped to answer the following questions. Is it possible to add external websites links in your website (to generate affiliate comission) just by using Elementor and Astra themes? Is it possible to create a newspaper looking website just by using Elementor and Astra? Is it possible to create buttons that would direct to external websites?

  • Pragati Chavan

    @Adam Hi Adam, I purchased the Inmotion hosting recommended by you. It's been a hour since my purchase, but I haven't received the initial setup details. I'v reached out to them but is this how long they take to just send a purchase confirmation e-mail??

  • Aus Digital Media

    Thanks Adam. I tried instaling Astra and elementor on my staging site so I can play around and start to understand its limitations. I see the first limitation is Astra doesnt support .svg image files. Is that correct?

  • Patrick Menzel

    Thanks, Adam. This was great! Kudos for helping out the community with your expertise on WordPress website building. Cheers!

  • Slobine

    HI Adam. Just finished building a WP website with Astra and Elementor. (Only my third site) Everything went well until I went to check the live site on a different machine. Some of the buttons that are internal links are great on the computer the site was built on but on other machines the background colour shows as white when it should be coloured. It doesn't help because the button text is white also. When I change colours it only shows on the "building" computer and nothing changes on other machines. I am running up to date Astra and Elementor and WP5.0.2. This only happens with buttons. Can you help?

  • All Anthems Mobile Disco & Karaoke DJ Cornwall

    never as simple as it seems. Ive had stacks of bad luck with wordpress. Ive followed your instructions but my wp folder is different to my website actual url. I have told wp under settings where i want to the site to be published but when i go to my url all i get is "Index of /
    " problem is i have removed my old website so now i have nothing. Any ideas why & how to change this?

  • Justin Warren

    Hi Adam! I just wanted to say thank you for all of your hard work. Your videos are very detailed and well done! Keep up the good work!!

  • Edward Jones

    Haven't watched the whole tutorial yet but it appears to be an amazing tutorial for free, so thank you for that. What puzzles me is what do you get for $200 on your WPCrafter site that you don't get here for free? Even more detail with support? There you go, answered my own question, maybe. Anyway, you are an impressive trainer.

  • Starvrow Tobia

    hey everything has gone smooth but i just can't configure the smtp. i am using office 365 but it keeps saying could not connect to smtp host ?

  • Nick Rice Plank

    Adam, this is a video I thumbed up long ago and came and looked at again now thinking it was a 2019 update but finding you'd simply updated the title to say 2019.

    You don't need to stoop to that sort of thing. Other people do it and no doubt it gets extra clicks for the cost of only a slightly hurt reputation and dent in trust.

    But it is deceptive and for technical videos in particular, where the world moves forward so quickly, knowing whether something is current or from the year before last is important.

    Please, change the 2019 to 2017, and also on other videos where you've done similar, I see now I look.

    Take the hit on the reduced clicks, many of which, like mine, will be meaningless anyway, stand above the crowd and protect your well-deserved good reputation.

    It's worth far more than a few extra clicks.

  • Jill Bracegirdle

    This is an awesome video. Just found it whilst trying to learn Astra and Elementor. I signed up to BlueHost in September last year as it was recommended to me by someone else at the time. I have not yet published my website as I 'm still learning how to design it. Should I be looking to change hosts? I think I purchased their 3 year hosting package.

  • Jill Bracegirdle

    Hi there, I have gone through this video several times now. I couldn't find the link you mentioned would be in the description for asking questions on your website. I have some more questions please.

    My version of WP 5.1.1

    1. The plugins recommended state "not tested on your version of WP". Is it okay to install and activate them? For example iThemes

    2. In the video, Contact From 7 was installed. When I installed the site from Astra Sites, WPForm was installed. Should I install Contact Form 7 as well? Do they conflict? Also, CF7 is not tested on my version of WP. These are the options I got to install; Elementor, Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg and WPForms Lite. Gutenberg is in my list of installed plugins but not activated. Should I delete it or is it okay to stay there?

    Thank you again for an awesome video

  • forchettina staff

    This is a question made in their FAQ page:
    What happens if I don't renew my license after one year? Will Elementor Pro still work?
    Your existing project will remain intact. The only difference is support, updates and access to premium templates which require renewal.

    Do I have the opportunity to use elementor PRO after its expiration date in new project? NO! You can't do it, Is that right? This seems to be a bit misleading. I thought the only thing should happens to my bought was not to have support and update and continue to use it in other projects, not an ending use of it! Do you think they are correct?

  • Ronda Shott

    I really enjoyed this video and I plan on making some serious adjustments to my website. The one thing I am struggling with is making my website responsive. I adjust something in mobile mode and it adjusts across the board. I didn't think it was supposed to do that. Am I overlooking a setting?

  • Gideon Abochie

    Awesome!!! Thanks Adam. I would love to add a blog page. Can I use your conversion focused blog with Elementor tutorial please?

  • Smart Web

    Adam, great video and thank you for tirelessly producing great content! I think I'll go with Inmotion Hosting. Which is better flywheel or inmotion hosting?

  • Smart Web

    Is there a big difference in terms of speed between shared and VPS? Would I be better going with VPS? I'd like to have unlimited domains on the plan and be able to migrate domains to this hosting.

  • Fearless Unlimited

    Hey,i got into inmotion, but i have Boldgrid backup installed. Is it ok for me to remove it? I dont intend to pay for it, but it did give me a code, but it doesnt seem to be a premium one.
    Can u enlighten me a bit=?

  • Nhut Ho

    Hello Adam, I have not seen "Astra Site" instead of ""Astra Starter Sites" after clicking on Plugin Add New. Did I do something uncorrected? Thanks

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