• a privileged vegan

    Thanks for the informative video. I have a question: how does using a WordPress site compare with using Wix or Squarespace? What are the advantages of using Dreamhost + WordPress as apposed to "all in one" sites like Squarespace? Thank you

  • T. Lorelai

    Nice tutorial, but it would have been good if it was broken up into 5-10 parts so that I can choose instead of losing my place

  • mxxnlightfinn

    dude, i just have to say that this tutorial is the best video tutorial i have ever watched and used. everything was straight forward and step by step just like a tutorial should be. its virtually impossible to get lost, and i love who you throw in little lessons along the way. i learned a little bit about everything when it comes to building a site, and now i have a basic foundation of knowledge that i can use to build more. i just finished my page after about 10 hours of work, pausing to build as i went along. it's the first website i'm proud to share with people, so i had to come an express my appreciation. i wish every "how to" video was like this one. anyway, thanks again! my website is http://mxxnlightfinn.me/ if you'd like to check out what you taught me how to do.

  • StarBoy Jones TV

    Is there a limit to how many songs you can stream, can I use snippets? How easy would it be to add a store to to sell music downloads and merchandise (hats, tshirts etc) on the site?

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