How to List Domain Names for Sale
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How to List Domain Names for Sale

– Welcome to The Journey! Today we’re gonna talk about how to list domain names for sale. Hey I’m Emma and today I’m joined with our special guest Joe. Joe, take it away, tell
the viewers at home what you’re all about. – Hi, I’ve been helping people
sell domains with GoDaddy for over 10 years and I’m excited to help anyone who watches
learn how to sell their names. – So some of you might be able
to relate to this at home. You have a domain name
that you no longer need but have you ever been curious about how much it could
be worth if you sell it? I mean think about it, like you decide you no longer
wanna have your business. I remember my family went through this when they had a cafe in Indiana. You don’t just forget about all the things inside the business. You could make a lot of
profit off of everything that made that business,
the equipment, and sell it. Similar to domains right? – Yeah that’s right and that’s
a great point to bring up. A lot of times people
think about their business to sell that when they’re done but they don’t think about the domain, the digital property that
they own and that has value. Or you might have bought a name and thought of a great idea
that you wanted to get started and get off the ground, like many of us do and procrastinate and
never do anything with it. – Oh not me, I don’t procrastinate at all. What are you talking about? – But that name might just
be sitting in your account. – Yeah. – It’s likely you’re not the only person that have thought of a great idea that that name would be helpful for. So why not put it up for sale? People don’t often think about the domains that they have in their
account that might be expiring, that have value and they can
list them and make money. – I like that. So how do you go about selling it then? – It’s really easy. So if you have a name
that you have with GoDaddy you can do it right from in
your domain control center. There’s an option to monetize it and you can list it for sale. One click of a button. – [Emma] Awesome. – It’ll give you an estimated price that you should sell it at, you can click another button
and put it up for sale. – Oh so you can actually know roughly how much you’re gonna
make before you sell it? – [Joe] Right. – And then you can make a good decision. I like that. I’ve done with my car before and realized, oh yeah this makes a lot of sense to sell. Now what if you’re not a
GoDaddy customer though? Are there other places? – Sure. – Okay. – Yeah, if you have a name
that’s registered somewhere else it’s just as easy to sell it at GoDaddy. You can go to the auctions,
or there’s other companies like that you can go
list your name, or So there’s a lot of options out there for you to list your name and
most of them are very easy. – All right, that sounds awesome Joe, but before I even sell it, I wanna know, I need some transparency here, like how much is this domain worth? Can I get those answers? – Sure. There’s a couple of great
automated tools that you can use. GoDaddy has a valuation tool. There’s another company called
Estibot, it’s – Estibot. Sounds like a fancy name. – It is, it’s a fancy algorithm and it tells you an estimate
of what your name is worth. And you can also look
at a site called NameBio and that has a bunch of
historical sales of actual names, so you can go look at comparable sales and see if somebody had a name
that was similar to yours, what they sold it for. And then you can also, you
know, think about it yourself. If it was your business you have an idea of what kind of revenue that
website was generating for you so you can price it correctly that way. – Oh that’s a good point. Light bulb, just realized
what this reminds me of. It’s kinda like real estate right? – [Joe] Right. – So if you go to Zillow and
you can see roughly how much the house, your house, is worth before putting it on the market. – Yeah, that’s exactly it. If people think about
their website as an address it really translates over
to real estate very well. And when you look at comparable sales you can look at sites like NameBio and see not only similar names that sold, but you can also see the dates. So you can see similar timeframes. – Ah, that’s helpful. – Just like on Zillow. – Right. – Where you could see, oh this
house sold in my neighborhood last week and this one
sold three years ago so maybe I should go with the
newer, more up-to-date stat. – Got it. All right, so thinking back
to my family’s business, the cafe, Emma’s Cafe in Indiana, I know the value of the business right? That’s clear. And I know therefore the
value of this domain. – Right. – But where do I go next with that to know really where to sell it? – So now that you know
that your name’s valuable, you have an idea of how
many customers come in to your business and how much
your business makes from that and what it would be potentially
valuable for other people that have cafes to use that name for, you can put a price on it. And when you have a price you wanna go and list it for sale somewhere right? You wanna get it out. – Yeah. – The best way that I
know to get it out there is to put it on a site like Afternic because what they do is
they distribute that, kind of going back to real
estate with Zillow and the MLS. When you list your house for sale it gets distributed to all
these other real estate agents around the country. Afternic distributes your name to all these other registrars
all around the world so your name will show up on
places like Network Solutions or HiChina in China or Gandhi in India, so you can list it in one place and then it gets distributed
all over the world with the price that you set on it and that gives you the
biggest audience for buyers. – Okay whoop, so someone
anywhere in the world could buy the domain,
my family’s restaurant, but does that mean they’re then committed to opening the business, Emma’s Cafe? – No, no not necessarily. Domains have value in and of themselves. So just like real estate, where somebody might invest
in an empty plot somewhere that’s close to the beach. – [Emma] Ah, yes. – Or good foot traffic,
they might buy your name knowing that it has value for other people who want to open a cafe. So just like there’s real estate investors there’s domain investors,
and they see names with value and they’ll hold those names
and sell them to other people. – That makes a lot of sense. I always wish I had that knowledge, especially living in southern California. A few of my friends,
they are in real estate, they got ahead of what
neighborhood’s gonna be trendy before it’s trendy. Buy that plot, it’s worth
more later, same with domains. – Yeah it’s the same thing. People look all day long. Some people make their
living buying and selling domain names by finding value
that other people don’t see. – That’s a wrap. You just learned how to list
your domain name for sale. Joe, thanks for being here. – Thanks for having me. – Awesome, be sure to comment
below, like this video, oh, and subscribe and ring that bell so you’re the first to know
about our next episode. This is The Journey.


  • Remote SEO

    This is great information for those who do not know the value of a website or the URL name. The relation of comparing to real estate is what we do too it is all part of the Internet's web of links.

  • Martie Helweg

    What does the site on sale have to include? What if it doesn't have a great email list, or if it does, what happens to that list? Does the buyer get it as well as al the content in the site?

  • Steven Scarlett

    Good general information but it would help if you showed the GoDaddy auction website and go through the listing process. The GoDaddy website is an absolute nightmare to navigate. There appears to be no link from the Home page on GoDaddy to the Auction page and the whole process of getting my domains listed BIN (buy it now) 7 day auctions, editing price info. etc, for auction is tedious and frustrating. Maybe you used the GoDaddy web builder on your new revamped site because the old site was way easier to navigate. Not impressed with the current setup.

  • patrick cowan

    Valuation tools are not a reliable way to price domains,I did a estimate on 3dprinter dot com on estibot and it gave a $2500 valuation, the dot net sold for $60,000

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