How to Link / Setup Freenom ( .ga .tk .ml .gq .cf ) Domain to Blogger | FREE !
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How to Link / Setup Freenom ( .ga .tk .ml .gq .cf ) Domain to Blogger | FREE !

hi it’s farhaan from rawtech well this is the
second video of the series for domain registering and installing it into
blogger or wordpress so let’s move forward so now i will show you how to link your
custom free domain freedom domain to bloggers so for this you will need to go and
then login into your blogger and freenom account so i have i’m logged in already so let me show you guys now from blogger create your desired blog by clicking on new blog fill the boxes and click on
create log so I’m entering my info’s yeah ok it’s creating i have created blog now just
going to settings and you will see this section publishing option click on setup a
3rd party url for your blog type your freenon domain write down your domain URL okay about this warning its nothing to
worry about so what you need to do you need to go to
manage domain option from do a freenom obviously check the name server from
management tools use it as default name servers now go to manage freenom the dns ok
first we have to create some record so first will be the google IP address so
i will write down these IP address in my video description be sure to copy it and click again now
selected as a name and write down the codes here and from name type www and paste it
now again take on more record based it selected as well as before cname and
copy it also paste it now its time to save change make save change its saving so okay
I think the website has been directed to be w . rocket dog here for
wanting of click on it and redirects not a dodgy q2 w dot product or GDP because
I if you don’t don’t change it then when you click on rotting . GQ the website
will show some at all ok now the website has been building a
built so we will take the website is working on not so i’ll repeat see the pages are 1 website is working
so we’ll just make a post sample post about the website just something there
three the website is working and thanks for
watching the video make sure to like subscribe and comment on the video and
share it as well as about the third part of this video so i will upload the
wordpress video how to setup WordPress into onto your freedom domain on the
next part so thank you for watching the video yeah


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