How to introduce the next speaker in a group presentation
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How to introduce the next speaker in a group presentation

Fact: Presentations are not easy.
But what’s worse is a group presentation. My name is Carl Kwan; lecturer, consultant,
voice actor & radio personality helping businesses with presentations, promo videos & marketing.
If you’ve ever given a group presentation, you would know that group presentations pose
their own challenges. One such challenge is knowing what to say
when you finish what you have to say and have to hand the presentation over to the next
speaker. So here is a simple, three step process for
when you have to introduce the next speaker: The first thing you have to do is summarise
what you said. You can say something like…
“So that is an introduction to the song Gangnam style.”
Now you’re going to introduce the next speaker. It’s actually pretty simple, but what I want
you to notice is that there are three distinct parts.
See if you can figure out what those three parts are.
Ready? “Here now is Nathan McMurray, Attorney at
Law, to talk about the legal ramifications of doing the Gangnam Style dance while at
work.” Did you get them? I knew you would.
But for those that didn’t catch those three parts, here they are:
First, I introduced the person’s name by saying, “Here now is Nathan McMurray.”
Second, I told you his title, “Attorney at Law.”
If the person you are introducing doesn’t have a title, then you can tell us where he
or she’s from, or just something to help us understand who the person is.
Third, I told you what he was going to talk about by saying, “to talk about…”
Okay, by now you have just summarised what you said, introduced the next speaker, and
now you’re finished, right? Wrong!
This was a three-step process, remember? And step three is where you tell the speaker
that it’s time for him or her to speak. All you have to say is their name.
Just like this: “Nathan.”
Make sure you use the same intonation that I just used and that you also look over to
the person and motion to them with your hand like I just did.
There you go, a simple, three step process for when you have to introduce the next speaker.
First, summarise what you said. Second, introduce the next speaker.
And third, tell the next speaker it’s time to speak.
Question time… What would people say is the hardest part
about giving a group presentation? Let me know what you think by leaving your
answer in the comments section below this video.
If you have any questions about this particular topic or anything else about presentations,
leave your question in that same, wonderful comments section below.
Thank you for watching and talk to you again next time.


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