How to Integrate Dot tk domain to Blogger properly tutorial
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How to Integrate Dot tk domain to Blogger properly tutorial

welcome to my channel subscribe and enable bell icon lets see how to integrate tk domain to blogspot blog to apply for adsense approval this is the integration video, next video will be on adsense go to site sign up and click on services register a new domain search for the domain which you want to use for blog if you see a free tag, then click on get it now click on checkout set period for 12 months fill out the details and follow the procedure go to this area click on manage domain set up the DNS go to sign in with gmail create a new blog put the title same as domain name search for the blog address check for the availability select any theme and create blog go to setting and basic setup third party URL click on it and go back to freenom copy domain name paste here add www infront of domain then save copy and paste like this add records like this select CNAME add ip addresses of google blogspot given in description save changes wait 5-10 mins click save done successfully domain linked to blog click on edit and tick the redirect then save thanks for watching


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