How to Install WordPress Website with Hosting
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How to Install WordPress Website with Hosting

Hey guys, in this video I’m going to show
you how to create a wordpress website from hosting company… It’s very easy. I’ve been using hosting company for a while now. It’s a
great hosting company. Pricing is pretty great and website is very reliable.
The controller panel is very simple to use and the customer services is pretty awesome. It’s a good company. So first thing you have to do is go to website and you have to login to their
control panel. Go ahead and login it will take you to the login page and then go ahead and put in your customer ID and password. When you
signed up for their hosting company, they should give you all that stuff. so you
should be able to login. if you don’t know your password and and customer ID, You gonna call them and find out what’s happening because they should give you all that stuff. this is their control panel. Very easy to use. now scroll down to hosting section and there should be a section called WordPress. Click there and then they will walk you
through this simple wizard. Put your web site title. All these things, you
can change it later. So you can just go head and put whatever you have to put. I am just going to put down “my website” just for testing. and then click CREATE WEBSITE. this is important part. you have to
create one administrator login. One thing you want to do is…
you don’t want to put “admin” or anything like that. Create something unusual and off the wall. Here I am just going to put “samtheman” And then make sure you create your password, something that’s
kind of difficult to figure out… Something that’s kind long and… Repeat password. And then you check this box and continue. Ok, here you want to go with “install WordPress”. I think this “managed WordPress” is service you to pay for. you want to pay for this service, you
can go ahead and do that, but if you don’t want to, you can just go ahead and press “Install WordPress” and then select your domain. You should be able to have at least one domain name
when you signed up with the hosting company. so go ahead and put that in there. If
you don’t want to use a main domain name, there’s also a temporary domain name you can use. But Here I am just going to use main domain name. Setting up the database… and configuring wordpress site. So here it is. Complete. You could have more than one installed. So here as you can see I have another copy of wordpress installed. Of course, this one has main domain name installed in it. If you want to go ahead and check, you can go to the domain name. Here we are, brand new WordPress set up. Very simple! And that’s pretty much it.


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