How to Install WordPress on Hostgator (Web Hosting)
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How to Install WordPress on Hostgator (Web Hosting)

So the first thing we will need to do to get
your website up and running is set up hosting. Hosting is basically a computer that is left
on 24-hours per day, seven days per week with your website loaded onto it. This is so people
can gain access to your website even when your computer is switched off. Hosting is
something you do require if you are going to run a website and will usually cost you
around $8.00 per month. I’m going to show you a way that will get you your first month’s
hosting for only one penny. The next thing we will need to do is get a domain name for
our website. A domain name is basically the title of our website with “www” before
it and “.com” after it. So for example Google’s domain name is . Once
again a domain name is something you do require if you are going to run a website. It will
usually cost you around $13.00 only you don’t pay this once per month like your hosting.
You pay for this once per year. Your hosting you will pay once per month and your domain
name you will pay once per year. All together to get this website up and runny when you
remember I’m going to get you your first month’s hosting for only one penny is just
over $13.00. The first thing we need to do to get our website up and runny is set up
hosting for the website and get a domain name for the website. Lucky for us we can get both
of these at the same place which is a website called Host So if you just want
to open up your internet browser and go to Alternatively you can just
click the link below this video. From their home page you either just want to click in
the middle where it says view web hosting plans or else up on the top left where it
says web hosting. Either way it is going to bring you to this page where it shows you
the different hosting plans they have available. To be totally honest with you, the business
plan comes with the whole lot of extras you probably will not require at this moment in
time so that just really leaves you between the hatchling plan or the baby plan. The only
difference between these two plans is the one allows you to have a single domain and
the other allows you to have unlimited domains. What this means is that the hatchling plan
will allow you to have one single website loaded onto the hosting or the baby plan will
allow you to have as many websites as you would like. So if you are only going to have
one website, I’d recommend going with the hatchling plan but if you are going to have
more than one website I would go with the baby plan.
It is easy enough to upgrade from one to the other so if you just go with the hatchling
plan for now and have one website and then you do decide to have more websites in the
future you can just upgrade to the baby plan. For this tutorial I’m just going to go with
the hatchling plan and once you have decided on the plan you are going with you’ll just
want to choose how often you’d like to pay for it using this drop-down. You can pay for
it every month, every six months, every year, or you can even pay for it every three years.
You do save a bit more money the longer you buy it one time so it does make more sense
to do it that way. Because I’m just purchasing this for the tutorial I’m just going to
go with monthly. Once you have decided on the plan you are going to go with and how
often you would like to pay for it just click order now. Once you do, it will bring you
here and this is where we are going to register the new domain name for our website. So just
click here and type in the name you’d like to register as your new domain and make sure
it comes up and says it is available. If it comes up and says it is not available unfortunately
you are going to need to choose something else. Then on the right-hand side you can
choose if you’d like it to be something other than “.com” so you can have it be
your website “.net” or “.org” but for this example I’m leaving it as “.com.”
You can check here if you bought a domain name from somewhere else that you would like
to register with this website but because I’m registering a new one with Hostgator
I’ll leave this one checked. Underneath that it gives you the option to buy other
domain extensions as well as the one you’ve chosen here. So you can buy
as well as .net or .org but because I just want the .com I’m going to leave these boxes
unchecked. Underneath that you just want to make sure your package type and billing cycle
are correct. I chose the hatchling plan and 1-month billing cycles so these are correct.
Underneath that it is going to ask you to choose a user name and security pin and then
fill out your general billing information. Then here you can choose if you’d like to
pay for it by credit card or Paypal. Under that it will give you the option to purchase
further hosting add-ons such as domain privacy or site backup. Personally I don’t think
any of these are necessary so I’m just going to uncheck the boxes although you can have
a read through them and if you think you do want any of them just check these boxes and
add them to the cart. Underneath that you may see a coupon code already entered here
worth 20% off your first month although as promised I’m going to show you how to get
your first month for only one penny. If there is a coupon code entered in here you just
want to delete it and you want to type in WordPress number one, and then host. Now if
you click validate you will see you are getting your first month’s hosting for only one
penny. Then you just want to review your order to make sure everything is correct.
At this time I’d like to point out you do get access to Hostgator’s 24/7 phone live
chat and email support for free and you also get a 45-day money back guarantee. This means
if you do change your mind for whatever reason and you don’t want the website you can contact
Hostgator through their 24/7 live chat and ask for a refund. I’d also just like to
point out that here you can see we are getting our website up and running from the $12.96
which is pretty amazing. Once you are happy with everything just click here where it says
I’ve read and agreed to the terms and conditions of use and then click create account. I’m
going to pause the video just while I fill out my information above and then I’ll restart
the video when I click create account. Once you create your account you will be brought
to a page thanking you for your order and then you will be redirected to the home page.
At this point you can close Hostgator and you want to go to your email inbox and look
for your new email from Hostgator. This is a really important email so you want to write
down the information in it or print it out if you can. For now you just want to click
the link beside where it says your control panel and then you want to copy and paste
in the user name and password that is also in the email. So just copy and paste the username
and password from this email into the C-panel login screen that you just opened. Once you
do that you can just click login and this will be you logging into Hostgator for the
first time. Once you are logged in you just want to scroll down to near the bottom to
where it says software/services. Then you want to click where it says quick install.
If you brought your domain from somewhere else other than Hostgator you might want to
click Fantastico Deluxe but because we bought ours from Hostgator I’m going to click quick
install. Just want to click on the left where it says WordPress and then click on continue.
Just make sure your new domain name you have purchased is selected in this dropdown and
this box is left blank. Here besides where it says enable auto-upgrades make sure the
box is checked. For admin email just literally enter in the email address you would like
to have registered with your new website and for blog title this is your website name.
Don’t worry the blog title or website name can be changed later if need be. For admin
user this is the user name you would like to use when logging into your WordPress website.
Just be warned, what you put in here cannot be changed and it also appears in a few places
on the website. I’m just going to put in admin and then just enter your first name
and your last name and click install now. It will normally only take a minute or two
to install if even. Once it is done it should come up and say congratulations your instillation
is ready. You can access it now by going here. It will also have your user name and password
so be sure to write these down. It says you can access it by going here but this isn’t
always the case right away especially when you’ve just set up a new hosting account.
It can actually take anywhere up to 4 hours for your website to be fully configured so
if you want to leave it a while and wait until you can click here and your website appears
and then restart this video. I’m going to pause it now while I’m waiting on mine and
then we will restart the video together. So that is me now back and hopefully I’ve left
it long enough that when I click here it is going to bring me to my new website….and
I have. So this is what it looks like when you first install WordPress. This is the preinstalled
theme that comes with it. It is just a sort of example so you can kind of click in here
and see what an example post would look like and things like that. If you were deciding
to use this theme. We’re not going to. We are going to be changing the theme and making
it look a lot better than this. The first thing we will need to do is log into the back
end of WordPress also known as the dashboard. This is where we are going to be able to add
pages and make any changes to our new website. So to get logged into the dashboard or the
backend of our new website we just need to go to our or .co, .uk, or
whatever you’ve used and then put forward slash(/) and type wp-admin. That’s going
to bring us to the WordPress login screen and you just want to copy your username and
password from the quick install page and paste it in there. If for whatever reason you’ve
lost access to this page to the quick install page you will be able to get your username
and password from an email that will have been sent to you. Once you’ve copied and
pasted your user name and password in here. Just click login. This is now you logged into
the WordPress dashboard for the first time and as I say this is where you will be able
to add any pages or make any changes to your new website. The first thing I like to do
when I get logged into the dashboard is change my password because it is unlikely I’m ever
going to remember this one. To change your password from the dashboard on the left-hand
side you just want to click where it says users and then if you hover over the username
you just set up you will see it now says edit. Just click edit and then if you scroll down
to the bottom you will see here it asks you to enter your new password. So just enter
your new password in here and then repeat it again here and click update profile. Now
it says profile updated and your password has now changed. To get back to where we were
before this just click on the top left where it says dashboard.


  • Zoubida Tanger

    Thanks a lot
    l have already bought my domain name + hosting from Hostgator 3 months ago.
    Before watching this video today.
    My question is how can l know my Coupon Code ?

  • Edgar Khachatryan

    Hi, I have followed the instructions, but when I write mysitname/wp-admin I recieve Not Acceptable! message. Can You help me with this issue?

  • meagan hughes

    Great video, I'm watching this a year later in May of 2015, so its changed a little. At the end, once wordpress is installed through quick link, they send you the information to your email that you provided for login. It doesn't take you directly there anymore. Took me a minute to understand it.

  • rgehrehe Pofewwerhtrjytw

    If I have a website with photos that are uploaded to wordpress and used in the website…will it look the same when on hostgator?

  • borislava hicks

    Hi when I try to leave the second part empty after I enter my domain name after the slash ….it's not letting me it fill itself out with ..install/path/here ….help pls

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