How to Install WordPress on Hostgator 2019 | Setup WordPress on Hostgator
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How to Install WordPress on Hostgator 2019 | Setup WordPress on Hostgator

Hey guys, Bryan here with WP Cupid Blog and
today I’m going to be showing you how to install wordpress on hostgator step by step. In this video I’m going to be going over
4 different steps to get WordPress installed with Hostgator. Step 1 is how to sign up for an account with
Hostgator, step 2 is choosing a hosting package, step 3 is registering a domain name, and then
step 4 is installing wordpress on Hostgator. I’ve provided a link in the description
below to Hostgator’s site. If you use the link I provided you will get
a discount on your web hosting. You will get 43% off your Hostgator hosting. Hostgator also provided me with a promo code
to get your web hosting for only a penny for the first month. The promo code is cupid17. I have provided the promo code in the description
below. Feel free to follow along with me in the video. Some awesome features you will get with Hostgator’s
hosting is a 1 click WordPress install, 24/7 support from Hostgator, they also have award
winning support, they offer a 45 day money back guarantee. You’ll also receive over $200 in advertising
offers from Google and Bing. Hostgator is one of the top web hosting providers
and Hostgator powers over 8,000,000 million domains worldwide. Feel free to walk through the steps with me
to start installing WordPress on Hostgator. Before we get started a little disclosure
the link is an affiliate link. I’ll receive a commission which helps support
this channel and helps us put out WordPress tutorial videos on a regular basis. Let’s get started. To start off you want to visit Hostgator via
the link I provided below. Once you click the link you will see Hostgator’s
web hosting page like you see here. You will see three different plans you can
choose from. The Hatchling plan, the baby plan, and the
business plan. The plan I recommend going with is the Hatchling
plan. You can have one domain name with this plan. You can always scale up to one of the other
two plans if you need too. If you have more than one website you will
want to go with the baby plan as this includes unlimited domains. Go ahead and select the hosting plan you want
by clicking the sign up now button. You will now be on a page where you want to
choose your domain name. Type in the domain you would like to use along
with the domain extension for example .com, .net, .org, etc. I recommend going with a .com if you can as
this is the most common domain extension. If you already have a domain name just click
on the I already own this domain and put in your domain name. Once you do that we want to choose our hosting
plan. Just make sure the package type is the correct
plan you want. Next you want to choose the billing cycle. You can choose to pay monthly, every 3 months,
6 months, 12 months, 24 months, and 36 months. You will see you will save the most money
the farther out you purchase your Hostgator hosting for. If you want to take advantage of our promo
code provided by Hostgator you will get hosting for just a penny for the first month. If you plan on purchasing your hosting for
3 months, or 6 months. It is cheaper for you to use the promo code
for the penny offer. To get the penny offer you have to choose
one month. So keep that in mind. If you plan on purchasing your hosting for
12 months or longer you don’t want to use this promo code as it will be more expensive
for anything 12 months or longer as you get a bigger discount 43% off just by visiting
the link in the description. So do keep that in mind. Next, you want to enter your username. Pick anything you would like. Next just enter your 4 digit pin. Make sure to remember this as this is used
when you need to talk to Hostgator support. Next you want to enter your billing information. Over on the right hand side you will see where
you can put in your card information or you can pay via a Paypal account. After you input this infromation go to the
next section where you can add additional services if you would like too. You will see protect your site from hackers. I will say there are plenty of free security
alternatives for WordPress so it isn’t neccessarry. You will see get a professional email address
from Google. I’d unselect this as you get free email accounts
with the Hostgator hosting. Select this only if you’d prefer to do it
via Google. Next you will see back up your hard work. This will create a backup of your site. I’d unselect this as there are free alternatives
that work just as well. Next, you will see https SSL Certifcates. In order to get this you have to have the
baby hosting plan or above. A SSL Certificate protects sensative customer
information. The next section is where you can add a coupon
code. If you want to receive Hostgator hosting for
a penny for a month just type in cupid17 and click validate. Now scroll down and if you selected hosting
for just a month you will get the penny hosting. If you plan to buy hosting for 3 months or
6 months you will get a discount by using this offer. For hosting 12 months or more don’t use this
promo code as the original offer page you get a bigger Hostgator discount. Now, just scroll down and accept the terms
and conditions and click the checkout now button. You will now be directed to a thank you page. Hostgator will now email you your Hostgator
receipt and your Hostgator CPanel login credentials. Once you get the email just click the link
and login to the Hostgator CPanel. Once you are logged in we want to install
WordPress. You should see at the top under Popular Links
a install WordPress option. Just click this to install WordPress on Hostgator. Next, you want to choose your domain name. You can pick it from the drop down. Leave the box next to it where it says directory
blank. Now just click next. Now, it will say Blog Title you want to put
in the name of your site here. Enter the admin username, password, and other
information to use for when logging in to WordPress. Next check the automatically create a new
database and check the you agree to the terms and conditions. Once you do that click the install now button. You will now be redirected to a installation
complete page that lists out your WordPress login credentials. Now you want to enter your domain name at
the top of the search engine and put a /wp-admin. Just like you see here. This will take you to the WordPress login
page for your site. You will receive an email with a link from
Hostgator with a login url as well. Once you log in you will be in the WordPress
dashboard where you can begin in creating your site. Towards the top you will see your site title
and if you hover over it you will see view site. Click either one and you will see the WordPress
default theme currently being used. Now you just need to customize the site and
make it look however you would like. A great place to get Premium WordPress themes
is Mojo Marketplace. I included the link in the description below. You can get already professional made WordPress
Themes if you don’t want to bother with designing your site, etc. You have successfully installed WordPress
on Hostgator. Alright guys, thanks for watching. That is how to install wordpress on hostgator. I provided a step by step summary of this
video via text in the description below. Give this video a thumbs up and subscribe
to our channel for more WordPress video tutorials.


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