How to Install WordPress on cPanel InMotion Hosting Shared Host
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How to Install WordPress on cPanel InMotion Hosting Shared Host

hello welcome to DoubleHike, in this video I am
going to show you how to install WordPress on in motion hosting cpanel so
in motion hosting is one of the best web hostings which offer different type of
web hosting such as WordPress hosting VPS hosting dedicated hosting reseller
hosting and business shared hosting business shared hosting has three plans
such as launch pro and power so each plans come with free domain
unlimited disk space unlimited bandwidth and unlimited email and free ssl and
also it has 90 days money-back guarantee so you can test your site and click in
the log in if you already purchased this is your account management panel look
like here you need to click cPanel this is your cPanel look like so
you can change anything you want so if you registered your domain with a third
party domain registrar first you need to add your domains in inmotion
hosting Cpanel so I am going to click Addon domains here you you should
type your domain name click outside automatically it suggests the sub
domain and document root and also click create a FTP account, FTP account
will help to transfer your files from your computer to your server so
sometimes you cannot update upload some themes so in this case you can easily
upload your themes via FTP client so and after adding strength password to
click and also remember that you need to change your name server on the domain registrar website now you need to add your free SSL so click SSL/TLS button you can
set your private key click manage SSL select your domain click
autofill by domain it automatically creates certificate and private key now click install certificate so okay now we are going to install
WordPress click WordPress on top application categories now click
install now select your domain protocol what you want to look like
the website over HTTP or without HTTPS or and with www or without www this is your personal choice you can choose that leave in directory as blank so change your site name and description don’t choose enable multi-site option so
and now you need to add your username admin username and admin password and
also add your admin email ID you can select your language if you want to
install some plugins in the initial process you can select if you want to change the database name
or table prefix or you can change it if you are beginner
you don’t know anything about this you can leave it as a default so and also add
here you got email ID so installation details will send your email ID so check
everything is filled correctly so now click install button insert process
start now yes it’s completed so WordPress installed on your domain so
now you can log in your WordPress website so click WP admin so you can now log
in the site now you add your admin
username and password and this is your WordPress dashboard so if you liked this
video please like and share subscribe thank you

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