How To Install WordPress on Bluehost. You won’t believe how easy it is!
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How To Install WordPress on Bluehost. You won’t believe how easy it is!


  • Ron Taylor

    I plan on building a social community website to interact with people like a Facebook what the simplest way to do it which hosting site is the easiest out of your 3 favorite companies that have the open source social network on them & which open source social network is the best to use if you know?

  • Ron Taylor

    oh & I left another comment on I think on your 3 favorite hosting companies once you give that answer it will help me with getting started thanks.

  • Ron Taylor

    so I can get started with my WordPress site by registering at WordPress. org or go to the webhost dreamhost or siteground then get the WordPress from there then add the buddy press plugin there is another I hear works good together is WordPress. org plugins webcam video conference this plugin simply said I'm trying to get my network up & going where other can register membership

  • Ron Taylor

    It's hard to choice cause they all got pros but then the cons try siteground I hope they got domain privacy WordPress seem hard to set up but what I need they have the main plugins I need i want to try dreamhost I need unlimited I seen the government try to get all the users info a couple of days ago but a judge ruled for dreamhost

  • Ron Taylor

    only thing it seems that siteground only has 30gb web space if you have a social site that don't seem like a lot of space I would like something that's unlimited.

  • My Banned Lifestyle

    So, getting Bluehost Hosting, and installing WordPress from there, is it automatically from or is it Because I just got Bluehost, installed wordpress, and then I realized by checking my stats, that I'm on a free wordpress plan… Or maybe it doesn't even have anything to do with .org or .com. Basically, my question is: Do I still need to get a plan on wordpress if I have intention to make money from it later on?

  • Riya Dee

    Just paid for an account but when I try to log in, the page doesn't load, it just stays blank? I can't even cancel my account if I can't log in..

  • KirstieB

    Hi there! I'm a bit confused at the moment. I've been getting different suggestions from people about revamping my website. I currently have WordPress and pay my domain through them. My account is up for renewal soon and I wanted to transfer it over to bluehost and then I wanted to buy my own theme to use on WordPress. The problem with that is that WordPress is saying I have to upgrade to the business plan just to be able to install my own theme and that alone is $235 which I was trying to avoid paying. if I transfer my name through bluehost will I be able to upload my own theme? I was told I could but I'm not 100% sure and I don't want to transfer my stuff if it doesn't allow me too. suggestions please? thanks!!

  • MrMatt1138

    Trying to figure out how to install Word Press on our existing Blue Host account. We already have a domain associated with a site hosted by Blue Host we built with Weebly. Considering rebuilding the site in Word Press but would like to install it so as to be able to experiment with a possible replacement without affecting our existing site on Blue Host. Is that possible?

  • Vishnu Burla

    bluehost is garbage, it sells ur data to indian developers and then asks u money to "protect ur information"

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