How to Install WordPress Manually Via ftp
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How to Install WordPress Manually Via ftp

How is it going?
This is Dino Redwell here from In this tutorial I will be
showing you how to install WordPress crate manually using FileZilla welcome back ^_^
so in order to understand a wordpress script into your website manually you
need two things to start with first of all you gonna need the wordpress zip
file which is discrete it can be downloaded from and the
second requirement is you gonna need the file transfer protocol software which is
here we’ll be using the FileZilla which is one of the most recommended FTP
softwares the links will be provided below the videos or on our website so
after finishing the download process of WordPress script next you right click on
it and extract here I’ll just hit extract here I have already extracted so
no need to reflect in ok next you will have a folder like this one this is the spirit that we’ll be
installing into our website great so it now we need to head on to
our software files owner here it is portable edition can use the setup
Edition open it and that’s it here you need to provide your host next
your username password and the port which which is default 2122 next you hit
quick connect and it will be connected to your website remotely as you can see here we cannot install
should install the WordPress on the sub folder – gonna do next is to head on to your
search for the folder actually not easy under desktop that’s it you have a
preview of all your files and folders in the selected photo
that’s it so what you’re gonna do next is just select all select all the files
and you just drag them into this part as you can see I have already dragged them
or transfer them into my website so you just drag them into this
window and then will be uploaded as you can see here successful transfers 19:09
files has been transferred zero-five-zero great so as you can see
our website now has been loaded with the script let’s I don’t know – our website
first of all before you start installing the script head on to my SQL database in
order to create a database first click on it next you will have a new page in which
you have the ability to create a new database and to select the name of it as
you like this database are meant to store the information of your website just write the name of the database
should remember it of course to be a setup hit next create and it will be
created as the one you see in here which we have created before great after
finishing creating the database we turn back and just save the username and the
password in order to be used later and you go
back now let’s head on to our website and refresh it in order to get there so
as you can see this the screen or the home page that you will get when you
install the script and to your website somehow this this means WordPress has
been installed successfully and it’s the front page select the language right
States great continue can see the dresses in here if you face
any problem just type in WP – admin / setup config.php do it few seconds was
this the first time well done okay so here we need to set up
the configuration forgetting started you need some information on the database
you will need to know the following item before proceeding database name database
username password host table prefix if you want to run more than one word
person a single database we are going to use the information to create a
wp-config.php file for any reason is automatic creation doesn’t work except
the sound I need the information that you have save it before that’s it well
done so as you can see here we have the database name the username the password
and database host all these four things must be changed and we must keep the
last one default WB let’s go back to our database so what you’re gonna do next is
just changing your database name in here username and password and leave the rest
for database host it will be your localhost and the last one which will be
default also will keep the two last one so we’ll change the first three boxes
and keep the rest as default let’s do it so first you have your username next
first you have course you have your database name next to your user main and
at last the password instant click on submit wait two seconds so try again maybe the password is
incorrect what’s what is incorrect sorry checking next we just enter in your password and
leave the rest as we said so let’s hit submit and wait a few seconds one of
this information is not correct or the password is not the right one then you
will receive an error message so as you can see we need to inject the password
and user name and database name and to the wp-config.php so we need to make
some adjustment into the files of the script first so I will show
you how to do it first before we try again so as we said we need to go back
to the wordpress file add on to wp-config-sample.php we’re gonna do is
rename it WP – config.php + delete sample save next
right click on it and edit with notepad right
so as you can see here we have you go back to the bottom I asked ul settings
and you find the database name username password host chart etc so what you need
to change these are three things that you have changed into the set up website
so just copy them lets you just say that’s what changed
next we need to reconnect to FileZilla in order to upload the file that we have
updated so I’ll click Doc’s where you have transferred the files and search
for them that’s the file so we’re gonna upload the new our new file that we have
updated which is this one fresh don’t you Abdo ps1 just drag it drop it Smith has been transferred successfully great let’s go back now to our website I’m checking him
based in the password submit wave voila so as you can see it’s all done
correctly and your script has been installed successfully it’s gonna
surround the installation well done ok so what’s the first step in which you
will be asked to provide the site for your a site name or title your username
or password and you’ll remain in order to login into the WordPress can change
the site name later Chris after finishing your site title username your
password must be strong 1 and your email which you will login into your dashboard
at the bottom here if you do not intend to use your website for search engine
then you just discourage search engine from index mega site by checking this
box that’s it so next you click on install
WordPress save your passwords well done congratulations so your
wordpress script has been installed successfully that slow game well done so
as you can see has been saying oh no need to retype it again and next you if
you want to be remembered then check remember me click on log voila so that’s it congratulations you
have reached the final stage on our installation which is the dashboard of
WordPress everything is going right and you have your WordPress and solid
properly loaded with the minimum features and options to go through the
different features in order to make a great website now with this we have
finished our tutorial of WordPress installation keep doing it for coming
tutorials on how to get the most of WordPress and how to install WooCommerce
and Shopify onto your website and increase your revenues peace thank you
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