How to Install WordPress in cPanel using Softaculous | cPanel WordPress Tutorial
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How to Install WordPress in cPanel using Softaculous | cPanel WordPress Tutorial

What’s up guys! Spiro from
here, back with another video. In today’s video I’m going to show you
how to install WordPress using cPanel and tool called Softaculous.
Softaculous is amazing very simple tool which allows you to install WordPress without dealing with databases, user
accounts and user permissions. It simplify the whole WordPress cPanel installation so even beginners can setup WordPress within a seconds. Here at wpsociety we create WP Tutorials Step by Step for Beginners! so if you wanna learn more make sure
you subscribe and hit the notification bell. Now let’s go, let’s install WordPress! We are over at our demo site
and inside our cPanel account. To find Softaculous use cPanel search option
or just click on Softaculous App Installer Once you inside the cPanel script installer you can select different scripts to install. We go with WordPress. Once in WordPress installer you can chose between quick and custom WordPress installation. We are going with Custom Install! Here you can select WordPress version. You can also select if you have HTTPS or HTTP or if you have SSL certificate or no. Since I have SSL security certificate
I’m going to chose this https:// option. If you wish you can install WordPress in sub directory. In the site settings we enter name: Good Mood Promotions for me and then also site description and there is an option to enable multi-sites if you need. Here below you can setup admin user
account name and admin password as well as official edmin email. Here we can select Languages if we need. Then also we can chose one of these WordPress
plugins to pre-install with the setup. I do not like to install plugins I rather go with clean installation and then add myself what I want. In advanced options you can setup backups. You can a utomate your backups as well! Again here we can select theme to pre-install. After setting up email just click install! That’s it, cPanel WordPress installation will go through. Here you have it guys! Now just click on Administrative URL link and it will take you directly into your freshly installed dashboard. WordPress installation is successfully completed. It took us somewhat like 2 minutes to setup it. That’s how simple is WordPress installation
with Softaculous. Softaculous can work on multiple platforms it’s not tied to cPanel. I believe in future we are going to
have more hosting companies using Softaculous with a Direct Admin or similar solutions. Softaculous is a simple script and future
of the script installation services. And we got to the end of the video.
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