How To Install WordPress in cPanel | Step by Step Installation Guide|
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How To Install WordPress in cPanel | Step by Step Installation Guide|

Hello everyone welcome to TheFreezingTech today I will show you how to install wordpress on any webhosting , I’m running a number of my websites on that’s why I will use godaddy webhosting to explain it if you are using any other web hosting then don’t worry the process of wordpress installation is almost same in every webhosting ok let’s start your hands on godaddy sign in | web-hosting and click on Manage again click on Manage now you are in the cPanel you can directly login to your cPanel as well ok so here is “Your Building Tools” “Your Building Tools” ,”Files” “References”, “Databases”, “Web Application”,””Domains everything you have to select WordPress which is under the “Web Applications” ok click on WordPress yeah after that click on install this application in domain you have to choose that domain from the list on which you want to install the WordPress I’m choosing my directory it is that part of website were the webserver will save all the files of webhosting mostly you can find the files of websites in the public HTML directory by default it is /blog ok so you can select any path which you want It is some more information about the wordpress ok these are the settings you can choose manual settings as per your needs and this is the important part administrator username and administrator password it is that username and password which you require to access your admin section ok choose your username password and administrator email basically you have to make a web mail before it ok so after making a web mail you can put that here yeah it is a that web site which you often sees on other websites like [email protected] yeah website here you can write title of your website , tagline you can change your website tagline after installing it so don’t worry these are some additional security features ok because these are recommended so you can select all these settings after that click on install let me check it again yeah now it’s in process actually that error was because I already have installed wordpress for the domain i’m reinstalling it to explain it to you okay so it is in process it will take some time so as I told before the process of installing WordPress is almost same in every webhosting if you are using any other flatform then and facing any issue then feel free to leave a comment I’m here to reply you , it is taking some time I think it will not take enough time in your website because i have already installed wordpress it is taking time for that , first it will clean that all the settings and files then it will create new folder ok it is taking time so let me complete after installing it visit your domain you will see a website you can make changes in your website you can change themes and all ok for that you need to access your admin section for that type forward slash /wp-admin after your domain like this ok then enter yeah here you have to fill that username and password which you have filled during installation of WordPress by logging entering the right credentials you can access your admin section after that you can choose any theme any texts you can add content so that’s all if you have any question any query then comment below I will reply as soon as possible thanks for watching please don’t forget to subscribe our channel because we really update all types of Tech Tutorials, Hacking news and Thankyou


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