How To Install WordPress for Windows Using A Localhost
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How To Install WordPress for Windows Using A Localhost

In this video I’m gonna help you quickly
and easily install WordPress on your Windows computer I’m Tim from Real
website hints dot com and I want to help you find the best and easiest techniques
for making websites so go ahead and get started by installing WordPress on a
Windows computer ok so the first thing we need to do is download the software
that we’re gonna use to make essentially a server on our Windows computer to do
that I like to use MAMP if you go to MAMP dot info and there is a pro version of
MAMP but we don’t need to use it we can actually just use the free version that
you click on downloads and then scroll down here make sure Windows is selected
we’ve got MAMP and MAMP PRO for Windows and then we click on download and then go ahead what those files
download and after they have downloaded go ahead and run the installer and after the installer has run
it should open up their MAMP window like this and then it’s set to automatically
by default start your servers so we all know that
the servers are up and running and ready to go when the Apache server late here
is green and the MySQL server light here is green if for some reason the servers
don’t start automatically you can always push on the start server buttons it’s
always a good idea when you’re done working on your website under computer
to click the Stop server buttons before you close out of MAMP and what we want to do is
go to open start page and make sure everything’s working properly here we go we now have a local server to
run our website on you can tell because we’re here at localhost / MAMP and we’ve got this MAMP webpage. There is one bit important information on the MAMP
homepage the MAMP start page here and that is the database username and
password in those are both by default root gonna need those passwords later
on. What I like to do first while we’ve got this start page open up here is head
over to tools and then PHP my admin we’re going to set up a database for our
website WordPress requires a database and so we click on either in New here or you
can click on databases over here and we can create a database name here either
way works so far this is going to call it RWH dash one that’s going to be
our database name and then want to set the coalition here to Unicode rather UTF
general and then click Create so we’ve got a confirmation that the database has
been created and then you can see the database file over here to the next
thing we need to do is download WordPress and all you gotta do to do
that is just head over to Word Press dot org and then click on Download WordPress
either here or usually the most recent version of WordPress has gonna download
but go ahead and download that then after wordPress is downloaded open up the folder and then we’re going to open
up this WordPress folder that inside that zip file got all the files that we
need here for WordPress and we need to copy these files here over to the folder
on your computer where our website is going to be so to do that the easiest
way that I found is to go back to your MAMP start window here or your MAMP screen
then click on preferences and then web server and it shows you where the files
for your websites are going to be in C:/ MAMP/htdocs by default and we can
click on Open and then open up the folder and then you could just drop
everything right in here if you want to but if you want to develop multiple
websites on your computer so if you’re working on multiple websites at same time all you gotta do is
create a new folder and then each folder will be a website so many call this RWH dash one and the same sort of service like the URL on your computer for your
website that you’re building and then we just drag in our WordPress files here or
copy them over ok so now we’ve got our files are copied
over into our website folder that we’re going to build this website on and go ahead and close
these folders here and we can just close I find the easiest way to get back to
that is just click back over here just hit cancel to this and then back and open
the start page or you can just go to localhost / and there we go now we’ve got
this website folder that we’ve created for our website and if you’ve created multiple folders in
there they would all appear right here and we can go ahead and click on the RWH dash one and it’s
going to take us right to the WordPress install so we click continue now we can
start installing WordPress so now it’s just asking us to make sure we have this
information which we already do this database name that we just created a
database user name which I showed you is root and database password which is root
in a database host which is localhost so we can go ahead and install WordPress so we’ll
click on let’s go then we’ll configure this information so the database name that I created was RWH dash one you’ll probably have your own
unique name therefore database then the user name for the database is root
and the password is root and the host is localhost that’s correct and click
submit and then well click run the install now its asking us for a
site title so we’ll go ahead and put a site title here this will be the name of
your site I don’t have a name since this is just a test so I’ll put in test and you want to create a username you always want to make sure anything on the web but
especially for the back into a website that you don’t make the username admin
or something very basic and generic the reason why is unfortunately we live in a
world where there are tons of hackers out there and get computers they’ve hacked that they use as bots and they’ll just go and I’ll try every generic username and
password to break into your website and they’ll try any sort of common names you really
want to use a unique user name for the main administrator on your website and
then you also it’s really important to use a unique password right here you can see that
WordPress is actually encouraging you to use and unique password by generating
one for you I use LastPass to manage all my passwords I highly recommend that
even if you’re building just one website that you use LastPass that we’ve got a unique
password for every website and every account that you create it’s one great security
measures that you can do and it’s fairly easy using it LastPass like I use or
other password programs like one pass so I’m going to go ahead and use this
recommended password here is going to copy it so that I can know what it is and I’m going to copy it into my LastPass folder and then put in your email and this is where
all the notifications are going to go to about your website what you’re lost
password if you lose your password or information about your website such as
comments and things like that right now it’s not that important since it on our
local host just good idea to put it in there so when you do go live with your
website that information is in there and even actually if you do lose your
password with the localhost it will actually be able to email you using the
password even on your local computer now you can choose to discourage search
engines from indexing the site I usually like to do that when I’m developing a
website here since being developed on our local computer probably doesn’t
really matter that much so you might wanna check it or uncheck it just make
sure that when your website’s ready to go and live and you put it on your live
hosting server that this is unchecked that search engines are encouraged to
index your site rather than being discouraged and then we can go ahead and click on
install WordPress and there we go now WordPress is installed and we can log in… and we’ll just enter in our user name that we just created and that
password and now were taken to the back end of
our website and can go to the front end and there we go so that is how you
install WordPress on your Windows computer so if you’re looking for a how
to move this website from your local host to a live server I’ve got a video on how
to do that easiest way that I have found and if
you’re looking for a theme to use for WordPress or which hosting company to
pick up check out my reviews on different hosting companies and themes
and you’ve got any questions or comments go and leave them in the comments below
thanks for watching I’ll post the written instructions for
this video at real website hints dot com I have to link here below and for
more tips and tricks and reviews that will help you make great websites easily
be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel and visit me at real website hints dot com thanks for watching


  • Andrija Mišković

    "If you can see this page, your new virtual host was set up successfully. Now, web content can be added and this placeholder page1 should be replaced or deleted."
    After this message, I can't get any further with the installation. I get this message after I try to visit "My Website" (localhost/). Does anyone know what's the problem?

  • Mark Alphonso

    Best instructional video for this. Everything else was like a 50 minute video with 3 separate downloads. this was very well explained.

  • Jerome Small

    Thanks Tim. Really appreciate you taking the time to help us Noobies. I replied to the following comment:
    Andrija Mišković
    3 days ago
    "If you can see this page, your new virtual host was set up successfully. Now, web content can be added and this placeholder page1 should be replaced or deleted."
    After this message, I can't get any further with the installation. I get this message after I try to visit "My Website" (localhost/). Does anyone know what's the problem?

    Jerome Small
    2 seconds ago
    Hi Andrija
    I have just gone through the process a few minutes ago and experienced the same problem. I manually copied the web address from the video 5:19 `localhost/your data base name/wp-admin/setup-config.php?step=1` It worked for me. Good luck. Now I want to know how to upload my 3rd party theme.

  • Sean Lane

    Hi, many thanks for this and all the great tutorials you produce. I followed this particular tutorial to the letter but when trying localhost (at 4.42 of the video) I get a different page. This is because I have previous local host install with bitnami. I've deleted all bitnami files from my hard drive but still no joy. Do you have any advice about unistalling a previous local host before following your Mamp local host install? Thanks Sean

  • Liz Packwood

    Wow great tutorial thanks Tim. I've tried wampserver just now and Mamp for windows seems so much easier. Hmmm…thanks again

  • Paul Knight

    pity you did not show how to host the website yourself using your home pc – nobody seems to show that, I have been paying for hosting for years – now I am retired the expense is a bit much.

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  • Nicole Barker

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  • vonnies67

    Fab tutorial and easy to follow for a simpleton like me. Only problem now is that i tried to upload the Divi 3.0 plugin and it says the package is too large. How do I upload to my localhost, another tutorial would be gratefully appreciated ?

  • Dess Munyiva

    damn i've been looking for this for a long time… i managed using wamp server…
    And by the way, why do u prefer MAMP ?

  • Dess Munyiva

    i have created several websites from scratch using visual studio… is it possible to add the webs to word press and continue from there?

  • Rasool Kilani

    THANK YOU SO MUCH, I've watched a few videos on how to install word press, but this was the video that actually helped me, other Youtubers just assume that you know what your doing (I really don't), you are an awesome mentor, thanks again..

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    I keep getting this message..The virtual host was set up successfully.

    If you can see this page, your new virtual host was set up successfully. Now, web content can be added and this placeholder page1 should be replaced or deleted.

    Server name: localhost
    Document root: C:/MAMP/htdocs

    1 Files: index.php and MAMP-PRO-Logo.png

    Thanks for your help

  • Bryan P

    Thank you so so much. This is great, just what I need, after hours of searching online for "simple WordPress installation and theme setup".
    One question: After I finish setting up my website (on local host), could I upload them to my hosting site (bought already), add a custom domain (bought already) and make an official website?
    Thank you

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    If you can see this page, your new virtual host was set up successfully. Now, web content can be added and this placeholder page1 should be replaced or deleted.

  • Chris Brown

    WOW, thank you Tim. Followed the directions and it worked perfectly. Thanks for that. Now to go through all your tutorials…learn learn learn. I am starting late at 46 yrs old but with your help I should be able to do this.

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    Hi Sir I have followed the steps described however i am getting the error stating "Error establishing a database connection" i have also edited the wp-config file and tried to save as wp-config.php however then i am getting error as "i need wp-config-sample to work from" trying to fix this from two days hasn't got any luck yet..

  • John Hayward

    I get this message after going to localhost/ and getting my web file name to appear." the virtual host has been set up successfully.

    If you see this page, it means that the new virtual host has been set up successfully. You can now add your web content, you should replace or delete this placeholder page 1 .

    Server Name: localhost

    Document root: C: / MAMP / htdocs

    1 files:index.php and MAMP PRO Logo.png

    when I search for index.php files there are several of them ???

  • djovani29

    Great video! Just one newbie problem at the end for me.
     When i go from my back end dashboard to visit site on front end,i don't get the Hello World welcome theme,but instead i get list of WP files from the install folder.Been trying to google it for answers but not getting anywhere. Not sure what am i doing wrong?

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    Please help! Your video has been a God send, THANK YOU(!), but instead of getting a link like you have at 4:41, I'm getting this message, with nothing to click on:

    'The virtual host was set up successfully.

    If you can see this page, your new virtual host was set up successfully. Now, web content can be added and this placeholder page1 should be replaced or deleted.

    Server name: localhost

    Document root: C:/MAMP/htdocs

    1 Files: index.php and MAMP-PRO-Logo.png'

    I have tried twice copying the files over, so am sure I have copied all of the files. I'm embarrassed to ask as assume this is probably something really basic that I'm doing wrong, but I'm a complete novice! Thanks again SO much for your valuable time/video, this has been by far, the best/clearest of all that I've watched (and there have been a lot).

    Any help would be massively appreciated!

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  • Didion's Mechanical

    Thank you for the simple video. I’ve followed the steps, but after I load the files, and use the “localhost/“ url, it redirects me to a different page. Please help!

  • Qlife Hydrogen Solutions

    Hi I was wondering if you create a database using root / root for username and password if I migrate my site to a live hosting will that be a security problem later?


    MAMP is actually pretty shitty, once you get everything set up and the site working, one day MAMP will refuse to start MySQL server and you lose your work

  • Ravali Manthri

    Hi Sir I have followed the steps described however when i open the localhost i am getting "The virtual host was set up successfully.

    If you can see this page, your new virtual host was set up successfully. Now, web content can be added and this placeholder page1 should be replaced or deleted". It is not showing database name to install WordPress.

  • Meli s

    I've followed all the steps and was able to installed WordPress but the next day when I wanted to log in on WordPress I have an error saying that my pass is incorrect, and when I click, Loss password button the message is:
    The email could not be sent.

    Possible reason: your host may have disabled the mail() function.
    I'm stuck here.

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