How to Install  WordPress and Eduma education theme at Cafe24 (카페24에서 워드프레스로 에듀마 교육사이트 만들기)
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How to Install WordPress and Eduma education theme at Cafe24 (카페24에서 워드프레스로 에듀마 교육사이트 만들기)

Hello this lesson is to install Eduma, WordPress LMS Theme LMS Themes are themes that make it easy for you to pay online or for free. Now let’s see how you can install this theme First, let’s start with a web hosting company. Why not go into the WordPress site, why go into the Webhosting company Before installing WordPress for the first time If you go into the domain connection management here, you have to set the representative domain first. At first you probably want to create a new domain when you make a lecture, a school site or an education site for a fee. In this case, I purchased for a fee. If you do not set up a paid Domian as the representative domain, If you use the domain provided by the web hosting company, you will not go to the paid domain, which is the representative domain, You go to a domain provided by a web hosting company. You can fix this later, but it’s a bit cumbersome. Therefore, before installing WordPress As the representative domain, please set the paid domain you purchased as the representative domain. Then install WordPress here. I would like to install WordPress. Install here If you click on it, I’ve already installed WordPress to explain. Therefore, it will take at least a few minutes when you install it. The web hosting company will install WordPress like this. How do I upload a theme here?
Is displayed in the upper left corner, Don’t click on the ID, just bring it to the menu. Click on the theme here This way, the Korean version will appear in appearance and English is called Appearance.
Will rise. And the theme is automatically selected. Then we need to add a new theme. Then you can choose several free
It will be shown on the screen. Since we purchased a paid LMS Theme, we will upload this theme as well. So if you buy an LMS theme, you will have it in paid form. I am here When you click Browse Here you can see that the paid theme contains the paid theme. If you just uploaded it by clicking on it, I’ll show you once. If you press install like this It will automatically install now. If you purchase a paid theme and upload it like this without uncompressing it at all, you will have some problems. It takes some time. It takes a bit of time because it installs the compressed file automatically on the server. Let’s wait. You can then unpack the compressed file you received from the paid site while installing the theme with these uploaded files. However, while extracting the update you’ll see here, I’m installing a theme, but I can’t install the package. Now the theme installation failed.
Why? As I mentioned earlier, if you use the ZIP file I can’t find the theme inside this. Because there are other folders, like the manuals inside, because the paths of the files in those folders You can’t install the files inside each one, In other words, installing the Theme package will fail. Then go back Click Upload theme again, browse to it, and I’ve already downloaded the ZIP file of the paid theme There is a folder unzipped like this. There is a compressed folder called Eduma. I will only use this compressed folder named Eduma. If you look here, as I mentioned before, there is a document like Manual The address you install will be different. I’m going to go straight and the document and Eduma are together, and I can’t find each location in the file. Let’s click Eduma and install it now This also takes some time to unpack and install, as you saw earlier. Later, when you’re finished with this lesson, you can touch the contents of each dashboard one by one and see how you can decorate your theme. We will also explain how you can create your own teaching site. When I was my first time, when I was young, 20 years ago, when I first made a website and made a web server It’s a bit more complicated than that, but many wizards come out so you can relax. You will see that you are installing the theme from the uploaded file. I’ve successfully installed the theme So let’s activate first. Let’s activate it. Then it will be called Thim Core Installer.
So let’s install the theme we’re on now or we’re going to have a sequence So let’s click here Now The theme will be installed like this. Welcome will pop up. There are eight levels: Welcome, Setup, Update, Plugins, Import, Customize, Support, Ready. It doesn’t go straight like Install on your computer. You need to click click here, but it’s not on the screen. What happens then? You can go straight down. So here you see an arrow called Next. If you are new to it, read the letters here. This explains in more detail how each one is explained or how to install it. Now, let’s move on to this part Then when you scroll up again and see the Setup, you’ll have to go from Welcome to Setup. Then you are asked to use your site’s name. Then I will use my EasyRun, not the ID provided by the web hosting company. How would you describe your site? I’ll explain this as Shortcut for your life Because there is a site that tells the tips of life. I set it up like this If you scroll up again, you can update the Theme. There are various programs in Theme, and it is designed to update automatically. It’s very easy, so click again
If you do. Then, it was updated. Next, let’s install the plugin. Here, each PlugIn is laid out. Click Next and they will be installed. However, if something is not installed, you can install it later, so no need to worry. I’ll just install. Then you will see an indication that this is being installed. Activation has already been told. Now this part takes some time because it is installed And as I said before, even if these parts don’t install properly,
There are many opportunities to reinstall. If you look at the left side here, there is Plugin. These plugins can be installed again So you don’t have to worry at all The number of activated plugins is increasing Straight If you later want to fix the Menu This is where you go to Appearance or Page and edit your website. And later in this section you will be able to write new articles. The bulletin boards of sites that you generally think of can be found by clicking on the icon called ‘Write’ or ‘Write in English’. In the case of this Eduma, as far as I checked, It is confirmed that you are writing directly. Since there are many kinds of plugins
It is taking a lot of time Again, don’t worry if the plugins are not installed here If you look at the left side later, there is a plugin. If you bring it near this plugin right now, at the top of the screen, you can add the newly installed plugin, There are Sub menus like this.
You can install everything there so don’t worry. As soon as this part is installed, I will click the Next button. It takes long When the current plugin is finished
There is an Import part, there is a Customize part, there is Support, there is a Ready part. This is the part of plugin that takes the longest time. I’m doing the third step out of seven Revolution Slider takes the longest. You can try again later. You don’t have to worry about this. You can install the plugin later. All installations will take some time, so please wait a bit. There are only four left now Now, remember that only one Slider here can’t be installed, I will click Next to move on. Now, the last one. It’s done This time, we are moving to the Import stage.
Go down to the bottom, and down to the empty space, there’s also the Next part. Now, if you scroll up again, there is a Customize part. Activate again It says Activate or Next. The LMS theme was created in about 15 minutes of firewood and in about 10 minutes except for the parts described earlier. When you install Eduma theme for the first time, the following page will be installed. I’ll redecorate this later. Now, let’s finish the installation lesson


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