How to install PrestaShop on your server – Tutorial
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How to install PrestaShop on your server – Tutorial

Welcome to the Official PrestaShop
Installation Tutorial. In a few easy steps, you will be able to install your
PrestaShop online store onto your domain. In this tutorial, you will learn how to
Download the PrestaShop software from Create your online store’s Database
using your Web-Hosting Admin Panel. Upload the PrestaShop files
to your Hosting Server via an FTP Client and Install the PrestaShop software
onto your Domain to get your online store up and running
in the matter of minutes. DOWNLOAD PRESTASHOP
First, go to
and click “download”. After the download is complete,
unzip the files onto your computer. DATABASE SETUP
Follow these steps to create your online store’s database. Login in to
your web-hosting admin panel. We will be using CPanel. Scroll down to Databases and click
“MySQL Database Wizard”. Choose the Database Name. And Password. Be sure to remember this information because you will use it later
in the Installation process. Click “Select all Privileges” DOWNLOAD ANY FTP CLIENT Next, download and install
an FTP client, in this tutorial
we will be using FileZilla. UPLOAD FILES TO FTP SERVER
Now, we will be uploading the PRESTASHOP files
to your FTP client. Simply Enter your Host Address, FTP Login, and FTP Password, and then go to Quick connect. Contact your webhost, if they
did not email you your FTP credentials. Locate the PrestaShop files
you UnZipped after downloading. Select all the files within
the PRESTASHOP folder, and right click to upload. It may take a few minutes
for the files to be uploaded and transferred successfully
Next, we will install
your online store. Enter your domain URL
of your online store into your browser and press enter. CHOOSE YOUR LANGUAGE Choose which language you want
to continue the installation in. ACCEPT TERMS AND CONDITIONS Read and accept Open Source License
Terms and Conditions and click next. ENTER YOUR STORE INFORMATION On the next page,
fill in the required information. After that, choose and confirm the password you want
for your Back-Office. Then, click on next. SYSTEM CONFIGURATION The next step is to connect
your database using the Database Name, Login and Password
that you created earlier. You can always contact your webhost
to retrieve this information. Once the database is connected,
click on next. STARTING THE INSTALLATION Now, sit back, relax and wait
for the installation to be finished. FINISHING INSTALLATION For security purposes, you must delete the INSTALL folder
from your server via your FTP client. INSTALLATION IS COMPLETED And you’re done! The PRESTASHOP installation
is now complete and your online store
is up and running. Go ahead and explore the back-office, add your products, pictures and prices, customize your shop
and start selling today!

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