How to install mods on a Minecraft server 1.8.3. Mods used are forge and Millenaire.
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How to install mods on a Minecraft server 1.8.3. Mods used are forge and Millenaire.

Hello guys. ThatLemonGuy here and we’ll show you how to install mods
on a minecraft server 1.6 and above. Because they changed it and I didn’t realise that the changed it so
uh… to do that uhm… you don’t need, you don’t
need to download the Minecraft server .jar from anymore instead you download the installer for forge because yeah they have made a new installer for it. So I’ve already downloaded it so you click uh… installer, it comes up with an adfly thing so you just go through and I’ve stuck it in here. And yeah minecraft forge inst… though it should say installer if I make it longer. uh… yeah. And if you haven’t done it for
client already I’ll make a video for that too (he lied). But then we go install server and we want to change it to a different folder because, yeah it has to be an empty folder. And I’ve made a new folder down here called server so I’m gonna go to server. and open that, and okay. So it’ll be busy downloading stuff. It has to be empty originally. oh that’s just the stuff it downloaded. But yeah. and I’m doing Millenaire which you get from here so you get the latest versions for Singleplayer and server. Does not work with bucket. Just so you know. And you do have to have this mod installed on Singleplayer still it does
not work without it. You do need the client for it. So uh… i
think thats done. So here’s the library folder, the vanilla server and the forge server, so you want to start up the forge server one. and it’ll do all its stuff eventually. so it creates all these folders Bom Bom
Bom Bom We’re interested in the mods folder. So uh… that’s done we can close that, takes a while to close. and downloaded mods again we want to open the server version of it with winrar, and yes shut up. Move these into the mods folder, and once that’s done it will be in there and there we go and now when we next start up our server it should have those mods. So we’re are gonna start up our server and we’re gonna start up vanilla minecraft. I said start up vanilla minecraft. okay its lagging its lagging why is it lagging (because you are inept) Vanilla Minecraft. Vanilla Minecraft ok maybe close the server and do it the other way round. oh there it is *God damn it* early in the morning. Yeah at 12:34pm It’s my day off today uh… so yeah, uhm… you want to select the forge profile, so there’s two profiles. That’s for pretty much vanilla minecraft and that’s for forge minecraft. Whi9ch all your mods will be in. I’ve already installed it for single player and that’ll appear then… there we go so I’ve already got the mods installed as you can see whereever it is millenaire down there and we go to multiplayer, oh we need the IP address. We go… CMD click that and we go IP oops IP config, and we look for ipv4 address which is for me already there 192 point 168 point 1 point 101 its your local IP now on the server it
has see this number here if you’re watching at like 1080 should be for most people 25565. So yeah that’s starting minecraft server on star colon
25565 that’s your port number you need that you don’t need it for a
local but you need that if you want to do it for the internet as a whole so i’ll join my server and it
should work if you want to find your oops out of that if you want to find your internet IP you literally just Google it you literally just flippin new tab, you just google IP address and push enter and it will pop up at the top of the search thing so yeah that’s how you find it and yeah when you type in your uhm… I’ll show by example actually, you type in that one you want to flippin put colon 255 oops 5565 and yeah, you want to join it that way ‘cos that’s the port number and, it won’t work without it so! That’s how you install Millenaire well any mod on a server for 1.6 and above I did this 1.6.2 but it should apply to all future versions the least at
least the next year because how long the other install instructions lasted for so yeah uhm… Thanks for watching my video guys see you later.


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