How to Install Minecraft Bedrock Dedicated Server (BDS)
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How to Install Minecraft Bedrock Dedicated Server (BDS)

hey guys it’s Mitch for a Shockbyte and today I’m going to show you how to install the official bedrock dedicated server software for Minecraft bedrock edition before we get started you’ll need to have a minecraft server first so if you don’t have one you can get one from so head on over there and take a look at all of the plans once you do have a server you can head on over to the server control panel and scroll down until you find a server type from here look for bedrock dedicated server and select the version you want you’ll then get this pop-up and you’ll need to click OK and it’ll take you to a new page and it also automatically select the bedrock dedicated server template so all you need to do here as long as you’ve got the correct version selected which should be automatic just click apply and then you can go ahead and start your server so now the server will install automatically and as soon as it starts up you can connect with your server IP ok the server is online now so you can go ahead and connect to the server in game using your server address so you’ll connect with the server IP which is the numbers before the colon and the server port is the numbers after the colon so we’ll go ahead and open up the game once you’re in game just click play go to servers and then you can add the new server here the server name doesn’t matter so I’m just going to call this my server now for server address we actually need to put the server IP which is not the server address that was on the control panel so I’ll paste in the server address that was on the control panel but we need to remove the numbers after the colon so we’ll remove these numbers into the colon and then we’re left with just the IP and for the port those are the numbers that were after the colon so from the full server address’ this was 25569 and remember your server address and port may be different so now that we’ve got those entered you can just click Save and you’ll see the server appear here and you can go ahead and connect and now we’re loaded up in the game and you can see there is full mob support in this server software and this server software it supports every feature in the game so it includes the latest updates such as update aquatic this is the official server software released by Mojang so when there are future updates to the game this will also be updated to include those new features if you don’t have a minecraft server yet then head on over to and take a look at our plans we support all versions of the game so we support Java Edition which is the PC version we support bedrock edition and we have many different versions available as a one-click install so in addition to the official bedrock Edition software we also support pocket mine MP and nook attacks which both support plugins if you need help with anything you can leave your questions in the comments below or come to our website at and contact our support and we’ll be happy to help thanks for watching


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