How to Install FTP Server on Kali Linux
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How to Install FTP Server on Kali Linux

what’s up everybody all right in this
video we are going to install a FTP server onto our Kelly box this can be
great if you need to do some penetration testing or you need to transfer some
files alright so let’s get started sooo
we are going to install vs FTP D as you can see is command right here I always do an apt-get update followed
by an out to get to upgrade just to make sure all your packages are up to date do
TD to do so just go ahead and let this run oh I’m being distracted here when paying
attention alright so we got that done now let’s go ahead and do some
configuration of our new server not there the configuration file was there oh right so we want to find this a local enable make sure that set to yes this will
allow us to use the user accounts on our Linux server for FTP accounts obviously
you would comment this out if you did not want that comment that so we can allow right and
able actually let’s get back in there I think that’s all we want to change let’s see
then you can search for an anonymous right here do you want to know
anonymous we’re gonna go ahead and set this yes just for penetration testing
make our FTP server a little vulnerable all right that’s good now so we’re gonna
go ahead and control X Y enter and save those changes I want to go ahead and add
some new users to our system here say yeah I’m gonna make sure they have really simple passwords so we
can do some practicing of brute-forcing go what else all right so there we go we’ve added a
few accounts to our box here very good so I think we have got enough in order
for us to go ahead and give this a shot so now what we want to do is go ahead
and fire up our FTP server it’s a little type service v SFTP D and start it all
looked good and dandy so now let’s just do a quick scan and look at that you
have ports 21 open hey nice and we are logged in so perfect we have installed an FTP
server configured it and successfully logged in


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