How to install Forge on your Minecraft Server (Any Version)
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How to install Forge on your Minecraft Server (Any Version)

hey guys it’s Primescore and today I’m
going to show you how to install minecraft forge onto your server so
first step we need to get the minecraft forge files and to do that we’re gonna
go to the minecraft forge website which is once
we’re here select whatever version you want to install if you have a Windows
computer select windows installer although I select installer once you
have that downloaded head to the program and run it you want to select the
install server option this option right here you can uncheck that it just
monitors statistics and collects some about minecraft and your system so
unless you absolutely need it just uncheck it before we press ok we need to
make a temporary folder that will store all of our files we are going to install
so create a temporary folder name it whatever you want then click on this
ellipses right here and locate that folder once you have done that you can
then select ok and then wait for it all of this to successfully install once
everything has been downloaded select ok open the folder green or find the forge
– Trillion numbers – universal and then you want to rename that to custom at
after you’ve done that you can set this off to the side and open up your FTP
client of choice we prefer FileZilla and then connect to
your minecraft server if you don’t know how to use FileZilla we have a dedicated
video on our youtube channel that teaches you everything about connecting
to your minecraft server with your FileZilla and I suggest you go look at
that so once you’ve connected to your server
you want to take all three of these files not the temporary file you made
you want all the files inside that file all three of them and upload them to
your server directory once all of your files have been uploaded to your server
directory you’re going want to head to your multicraft panel
and once you’re here you want to scroll all the way down until you see server
type select the drop-down menu scroll all the way to the top and select a
custom jar if it already isn’t selected and once you’ve done that select save
then restart your server and that is how you install minecraft forge onto your
server so if you have any questions please leave them in the comments below
otherwise please feel free to check out our youtube channel we have a wide
variety of videos and tutorials to help you setup your minecraft server properly
otherwise you can shoot us a ticket on our website anyways thank you for


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