How to Install Drupal on Digital Ocean With SSH Key VPS Drupal Web Hosting Tutorial

The first thing we need to do is create a account with digital ocean if you click on the link below the bottom of this video it will take you to the digital ocean website If you click on this link, it helps to sponsor me make these free tutorials for you you put your email address here, and then create a password Once you’ve created your digital ocean web hosting account Your can create a web hosting server, by clicking on the “create droplet button” Once your on the create droplet page You can give your droplet a name I’m going to call mine “Drupal” next you want to select you hosting droplet size I’m going to choose $5 per month drupal web hosting Because you can always upgrade later Next you want to select the Region, where your business is based I you were in the USA, you would select NewYork or San Francisco If your web business is based in europe , you can slect Germany and Amsterdam If your website business is based in Asia. Select Singapore I’m going to select London for my web hosting server If you want weekly website backups You would select this option. This does charge you 20% extra to your hosting costs But it’s always best to be safe than sorry For selecting our digital ocean droplet image Click on the application “Tab” Then you see the latest current version of drupal you can install on your server For add SSH key I’ve included a link below this video That shows you how to generate a SSH Key on a Mac If you click on the i icon top right side. it will take you to a video. on how to install ssh key on a mac For PC we need to install Putty You need to goto Then you need to click on the “Here” link then click on the puttygen link

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