How to install any Technic Modpack on a Minecraft Server
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How to install any Technic Modpack on a Minecraft Server

hey guys it’s Primescore and today I’m
gonna show you how to install any technic mod pack that you want to
install onto your minecraft server so step one make sure your technic launcher
is installed once you’ve done that you can do that once
you’ve done that you’ll need to go to mod pack section and find here’s a list
of all the official mod packs we can find all the any mod pack that you
want to install under that section so today I’m going to install Blightfall
but this will work with any modpack that will let you host a minecraft
server with that mod pack so you’re going to want to click on the mod pack
that you want to install and then the next step which is crucial is to make
sure you if you to make sure if you have the server download button if you do
everything’s going to be super easy if you don’t there’s going to be just a few
extra steps that we’ll need to do so essentially if you have it we don’t need
to make the file because the server download file because they already
provided that you can download if you don’t have this then we’re gonna have to
make our own server download file so essentially that file is just going to
contain Forge and then the mod pack the actual mod pack files itself so since we
if you do have it then you can follow along if you don’t just to wait a few
seconds and then I’ll show you how to fix that issue because this will be
super fast so once you click the download button and you’ve downloaded it
you’re going to want to extract it into a file and then once you’ve extracted it
there’s going to be two jars in there one is gonna be a minecraft underscore
server and then the server version and then there’s gonna be one that says the
mod pack name or minecraft forge or forge – a trillion numbers anyways you
want to find the second jar file that isn’t the minecraft server file in your
gonna have to rename it to custom with the lowercase C and so once you’ve done
that you’re going to open up your FTP of choice a file as earlier we recommend if
you don’t know if you don’t know how to use it you can look there at our video
on our YouTube channel and it’s great it’ll help you out after you’ve been
after you’ve accessed your files you’re gonna want to upload all
these files to your server directory if you don’t have the server download file
we’re gonna have to create our own and this is where that part of the tutorial
is going to start so let’s say you don’t have this button how do you how do you
actually play the modpack you can’t download anything from here so step one
we need to download the forge version to run the mod pack and so to figure that
out you’re gonna want to look where it says where it’s created by and then
it’ll tell you the Minecraft version it’s gonna be running on this one’s
going to use minecraft Version 1.7.10 and so we’re gonna go to go to the forge
website at minecraft forge dotnet go to the minecraft version that is required
to play and ours is 1.7.10 yours might be 1.12.2 or
something else but this one is 1.7.10 and we’re gonna download the recommended
one and once you’ve downloaded that installer they’re gonna run it I have a
run right here and then after you ran it you’re going to click install server we
can we’re going to have to make a new temporary folder it doesn’t matter what
you name it’s just temporary and after you clicked Install server you’re gonna
click these three ellipses go to desktop and then you’re gonna click on the new
folder that you just created now if I’m going too fast on how to
install minecraft forge we do have a separate tutorial on how to do that
that’s more in-depth and much slower pace then we’re gonna click OK and
that’s going to download all the server files that we need to run minecraft and
the server minecraft forge and the server and so once it’s done installing
all the files that we need to run we’re gonna click OK and then we’re gonna open
up the temporary folder then we’re gonna find where it says forge – 1 million
numbers – Universal or whatever whatever whatever one’s not minecraft
underscore server and we’re gonna name it to custom with the lowercase C once
we’ve renamed it to custom this is just forge installed we need to add the mod
pack files to this file so you’re gonna go to your technic launcher
you’re gonna go to mod packs you’re gonna search for the mod pack you need
and you’re gonna click install once it’s done installing you’re going to need to
go to mod pack options the top right corner click open now it’s
gonna open open the folder that has all the files required to run this modpack
now we’re gonna right click copy on those files go over here and paste them
we’re just gonna upload all these files to that to the server directory that you
have once you’ve in star uploaded all of the required files for the mod pack to
run you’re going to need to go to your server panel go to server type click on
it you have to go all the way up to custom jar and this is you have to do
this whether or not you’ve installed it with the download button or you’ve
created your own download folder or server folder so after you have your
uploaded all your server files you’re going to go to server type and then
select the custom jar and you want to make sure this is custom jar with a
lowercase C and then you’re gonna click Save just in case and then we’re gonna
start the server mine’s already started and running the mod pack and then you’re
able to join your server and you’re gonna you’ll be able to play your
awesome new mod pack with your friends too and all you have to do is just find
the server address copy this put it in your IP or in the Minecraft where it
tells you to asks you to put an IP give that to your friends and all of you can
play this awesome server together anyways as you can see them on pack is
running just fine so like I said before if you have any
questions please leave it in the comments section below otherwise please
don’t hesitate to send us a ticket honor at otherwise thank you
for watching


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