How to Install AddThis on an HTML Site
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How to Install AddThis on an HTML Site

Hi there, my name is Leland and today I will be showing you how to install AddThis on an HTML website. First, you will need to log into the AddThis dashboard and copy the code that is associated with your profile in the ‘Get the Code’ tab. The code that you will be copying will look similar to this, where the only difference is this sequence of characters which is your unique Profile ID and it allows us to link the AddThis dashboard to your website. After you’ve copied this code, just paste it into your HTML between the openingtag and closingtag. It is recommended that you insert this code on all of the pages that you want AddThis to work on because without this code, our tools won’t render. Once the code has been inserted into your website, you can activate your tools by simply choosing the ones you wish to use, customize it to your likings, and then save. Here is an example of the activated floating share buttons. For inline tools, or tools that shows up in the content body of your site, simply open the tool you want to add and you will see any additional snippet of code. Now you can just grab that and copy it. Then go back to your HTML and paste it in where you want the tools to show up. Here you will see the sharing buttons inline with your site’s content. That is it! If you have any questions, please visit our academy at where you can find documentation, guides, and even marketing tips curated by our amazing marketing team. Lastly, if you run into any issues, please feel free to email [email protected] or send us a tweet at @addthissupport and our fabulous support team will be there to assist you. Thanks!


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