How to Install a WordPress Plugin for Beginners (Step by Step Guide)
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How to Install a WordPress Plugin for Beginners (Step by Step Guide)

Christina Haris here with in this video I’m
going to show you a couple of ways you can install WordPress plugins on your site
plugins are a great way to extend the functionality of your website so knowing how you can do this will
enhance your size capabilities now before we begin make sure that you
are the Administrator of your site and this is a self-hosted
wordpress site that you’re working with if your site is on
you won’t have the same capabilities that I’m talking about. you also wont see
the plugin Section if you don’t have admin capabilities on
your site so make sure you do it will save you a lot of frustration
when checking this first once you’re logged into the site click
on plugins from here you can see other plugins that are on
your site as you can see I only have the two default plugins that come with
WordPress you have akismet which helps with spam comments and hello
dolly which is a historical plugin that was first added to WordPress just to show you what
plugins are capable of doing you also have a button to add a new plugin
and and that’s what we’re going to talk about right now so click on the Add New and from the top
you can see a different sections by default or working on the search
section: and this allows you to search the’s plugin repository this is great because
the plugins that are found in the repository have been reviewed first to make sure
there’s no harmful code the next section is for uploading the
plugin from your computer if you aren’t sure what you want to
install or you’re just curious you have a next few sections that show
off feature plugins and popular plugins you also have the
newest plugins if you want to see what’s coming out and finally you have favorites if you
create a account and you favorite your plugins
from there then you can click favorites from within
side your website and all your favorite plugins are
available this is great if you create a lot of sites in Word Press and you want to have a link to the plugin to use often as you can see I’m not logged in so I won’t
see any here but its still a nice thing to have when
working with WordPress so go back to the search section: let’s find and install a plugin we want
to use I’m going to type in WordPress SEO it’s a popular plugin that helps you
with SEO on your site you’ll see a whole list if plugins that have
the same keyword associated with them on the left you want to check the author
make sure your installing the one that you want you can
also look at the details for the plugin this gives you all the information
about the plugin and as its shown in the
repository from here you can review the
installation information screen shots of the plugin the changelog and the Frequently Asked Questions so once we’re happy with reviewing the
plugin I’ll click Install and you can either click Install from
here or you can close this window out click Install from here now it will ask you are you sure say okay and you’ll see it’s downloading the plugin to your site unpacking the zip files, installing the
plugin from here and you’ll get a success or failure
message and we got a success message so that’s good now we just need
to activate it once I click activate it shows in my plugin area and with this
plugin there’s a Settings link over here now
note every plugin installed just a little bit
differently which means that for this plugin WordPress SEO has its own
link here but many can be found under settings or
tools so sometimes you have to hunt around to
find the plugin settings now I want to show you how to install a
plugin from your computer this is good if you purchased a plugin
and it’s not in the repository it’s on your desktop instead now we want to click the Add New from
the plugin section click on upload I’ll click Choose File find the zip file then click open then click Install Now it will go through the same process as
the other one did and now you have an install plugin that you can work with okay now we’re gonna go over more
advance way of uploading a plugin this involves using an FTP client and
connecting to your WordPress site through the FTP client for this video I’ll use
FileZilla its open source FTP client and free to
download now with this video I’m not covering how
to connect with FTP sinse that’s outside the scope
of what we’re doing over here are folder items on my
computer and I’ve navigated to the plugin
location in order to upload the plugin from my computer to the WordPress site you have to make
sure you unzip the plugin first on the right is my site you’ll see me
I’m in the wp_content folder and I want to upload my folder from
computer to the plugins folder so I’m going to click on the plugins folder from the plugin in Section you’ll see all the plugins for the site right now I only have akismat now I want to
upload hello dolly I removed it by accident and I want to
upload it again you can either right click and select upload from
FileZilla or you can drag the whole folder to the right and drop it in the white
space I’m going to click Upload now you can go to your site look at the
plugin Section and you’ll see your new plugin there by
default any plugin uploaded it sits deactivated so you’ll need
to activate your plugin in from here and once it’s complete you can now work
with your plugins to make your site more awesome I hope you like this video found it
helpful if you did click on the like button below and leave
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  • Ellen Crane

    30secs: admin capabilities on your site? This is my issue, I have a self-hosted blog and I'm using the wordpress website but don't have access to plugins. Does anyone know how to get admin capabilites on your site?

  • Susan Asher

    i downloaded the plugin for email, and it shows up under PlugIns. Now, how do I set it up on my blog so that people can type in their name and email address to sign up to receive my new posts?

  • WPBeginner - WordPress Tutorials

    @Susan Atlanta it would depend on what plugin you are using, the plugin should say what it can use either a widget or a page embed.

  • Box Lane Productions

    I'm on because i want to build my site before i connect it to my company domain as its currently live on wix, whats the best way round this? to build the site without taking my live site down to connect and build it?

  • Brandon Wood

    Im on but i purchased hosting thru wordpress? How do i get the plugins section? Am i missing something?

  • Pedro Ângelo

    This ".com vs .org" thing makes no sense . Just because I do not wanna build my entire website from nothing it means I can not customize it ?!

  • Tatiana Chu

    Hi! this is really helpful. SO thats mean i need to purchase a domain and hosting first before i can install all these plugin on my site?

  • sammiiboyy

    hi! I jsut did a tutorial about Unity engin and Ive done a little game. On this tutorial they uploa it via ftp on a website and it work properly. Now Im trying to do the same but In my wordpress panel cant seem to made it work. Where should I upload it? Plugin or upload or media section? The game work with a html files and another folder where the file for the game are. thank you

  • Ben Cross

    Can I sign into WordPress org using my WordPress com username and password or is it an entirely different account? Basically I want to add an instagram logo (with my hyperlink) into my WordPress com homepage, so apparently I need to edit WordPress as an admin so I can see the 'plugin' option which I can only do from the WordPress org website

  • riteasrain

    So you can only favourite if you've install a plugin?
    Would be good if we could "wishlist" plugins while we're perusing which ones we'd like.

  • Jade Wu

    Hi, I obtained my domain and also purchased WordPress Premium, but I still didn't see the "Plug-in" tab on the dashboard, do you know what I can do to insert the "plus-in" tab?

  • Davin Chase

    ok you said this was for beginners which I am. But right off of the bat you say something that is unexplained. "Make sure you have admin access..and you are the host of the site" OK yes I am the administrator of this site and I am logged onto wordpress and it's in edit mode. But then you say'if youre on you wont have the same capabilities that you are talking about". OK something is missing here. Is there some kind of other program i am supposed to download to do this/ If so what is it? You said this was for beginners but you skip over huge amounts of important information.

  • Tom McKee

    Wait – so you have way more options of wordpress functionality if you DONT have a wordpress site than if you DO have one? that doesnt make sense. Why wouldn't wordpress allow these to be on their own sites?

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  • Ebi Febriyanto

    Just found ur channel. This is totally helpful for beginners like me.
    Thanks for ur hardwork and making all of these tutorials. Subscribed!

  • jose barahona

    I had these options in my acc. but now when i click on 'plugins' i get re directed to the where i don't have the capability to pick which plugins i want, advice?

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    The menu changed. The 'Add New' is gone…. when clicking plugins you can only see a tiny few. You can't search any….

  • Fabrizio Schiano

    Nice video thanks. But you should also mention that if you don't have a premium account you won't be able to install plugins. Right?

  • my name is zhask

    oh yah, i also buy plugin from ali express, the service said i can install their plugin to wordpress without upgrade my wordpress account to bussines, but when i try even not on site, wordpress said i must upgrade to bussiness to install own plugin, could u help me to solve this problem? thx

  • Dragos Girboan

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