How to host website via google drive and shorten , customize it’s url
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How to host website via google drive and shorten , customize it’s url

hello friends in this video I will show
you how to host your website via google Drive and also customize and
shorten its URL first of all you need to do is create account on it’s free and it allow you to customize
as well as shorten your URL or you can also shorten your URL by a Google URL
shortener but it does not allow you to customize it so on desktopi have created one
folder in which I have kept my all sample files i have just created this sample file
for this video in which I have kept just simple two animation so what we are going to do we are going
to do we are going to host this page ok so first of all create a folder in
your drive name it in this go to advance change it make it public on the
with you done . so what you have to do upload all your
files of the website in this folder now she once these files are uploaded
now it is very easy to host copy the last part after the slash(/) and
in a new tab type google / and paste that part see now this part gets hosted by a google
drive and click on the right track . HTML that is your HTML so you’re the page is now our website is
now posted my google Drive and this is the link of your website so since it is
public yeah seat now you can use this link to open your
web site anywhere but the problem is that it is it’s a long URL so to shorten
your URL you can use Google URL shortener but quickly so now you are we are using Google URL
shortener see but if you want to customize your you
are in you can use quickly in whicli logging create a backlink base
your long URL and see your quickly short link is created and you can also
customize your order they’re like if you want to customize
the eggs my first website this be cleaning is not available so site via greats now see this week living is created it was simple it . alive / the site
wired right you can copy this URL and also share it
with anybody now see that cut on your l’s also works
with the other side thank you for watching really

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