How To Host the BEST Open House!

what’s up everybody bc brian Casilla another video for you today let’s talk about a topic that i’m not quote an expert on but I know how to get people into a place I know how to market I know how to sell so I can impart some knowledge on you that’s really going to help you obviously from the top of the video you know this is about open houses and even though we don’t specialize and do open houses regularly because we focus more on prospecting I’m going to give you some tips and a good strategy for open houses to ideally get the word out and not only attract buyers like real buyers to the property but you can also attract a lot of sellers and then a process become the neighborhood expert right now this is obviously is going to require that you take action and you implement what I teach you but these strategies can be used by anybody anywhere anytime anyplace all right so let’s say you take a nice listing which is one of the first requirement you’re going to take a good listing it’s got to be priced right and it has to show well if you don’t have that the strategy is not going to work okay nobody wants to go to the open house that’s hidden in the corner with only one entrance into that community and it doesn’t look good and it doesn’t show well all right you want to pick a good house that has good pictures and that is easy and accessible if not it’s going to make it very difficult for people to go remember the key is facilitate the process make it easy to get there make it easy to show make it easy for someone to inquire about it you want to make it easy like the little easy button click that was easy that’s what you want to focus on the whole process of buying and selling is you can be the source of somebody that makes it easy they’re going to love you forever all right so let’s say you took the listing you posted it on Monday you want to do an open house Saturday I recommend you at least start posting the house five to six days before in order to facilitate foot traffic number one do to actually you can just do one Facebook ad that’s sponsored you can pay I don’t know it’s like 50 cents or a dollar a day post it for a week have it in a geographic area you can be particular about who you want to target but that’s completely up to you I don’t want to go into too much detail because the video will be too long okay so the Facebook ad another one you want start posting on Craigslist believe it or not people still go on Craigslist I would do a post if you’re going to do it Saturday I would do a post Wednesday and then another one Friday you obviously want to put it in the MLS that way feeds out to the other websites you want to make sure it’s on Zillow Trulia all those other websites now this is where the work is going to come in because the other stuff anybody can do I would like for you to print out minimum 200 150 to 200 Flyers and starting two days before so Thursdays that’s going to be on Saturday Thursday and Friday I want you the door knock 200 doors around that neighborhood right and you’re doing an open house invite key to remember here’s you’re not soliciting when you do this you aren’t binding somebody to an open house I don’t care what anybody comments on this video I don’t care what anybody tells you when you invite somebody somewhere hey my finding it’s an open house you are not soliciting okay I know I get so many messages about the no solicitor signs the neighborhood’s a call look ideally of course you want to refer to your broker and check all the the laws in your area all right that’s the disclaimer I have to put but if you were to ask me do it do it okay you’re inviting somebody to an open house how much you listening that’s the same as a neighbor knocking and saying hey that means bite you over to my friend’s house or or come next door it’s the same thing I’m just trying to eliminate this here I know people are still going to give it a thumbs down and hate in the comments but don’t pay attention to them okay they’re the ones who don’t make any money and who don’t want you to succeed knock on the doors and invite people right you’re giving off the fire the fire has to be basic nothing crazy and then the process you can go through the script invite them and two things go through the script and then ask them if they would like to sell or buy you’d be surprised how many you find that want to or curious about that open house here’s the key if you’re going to do an open house don’t do it for more than two hours do it from 1 to 3 or 11 to 1 don’t do this 4 or 5 hour or all day open house crap that’s what all the other agents do and you’re not average if you’re watching these videos now 30 minutes before so if it’s 4 1 2 3 4 12 32 1 you tell people this isn’t exclusive and when you say it make sure you lean in a little bit and bring your bring your tone down bring your volume down a little bit because this implies that it’s a secret and it gets people to really gravitate towards you and listen to what you’re saying hey thirty minutes before we’re having an exclusive neighborhood preview that our that’s only for the neighbors okay and I’m personally coming here to invite you I would love to have you well you do that now you do that Thursday Friday but they come Saturday you want to get there early I would say you get there an hour early clean up make sure it’s ready make sure the seller or the owners are gone and that 30 minutes is going to be a great time for you to connect with everybody who comes you will normally have anywhere from four to about ten or twelve neighbors come depending on how many people you talk to the last couple days I’ve had sometimes I had up to 15 neighbors and sometimes only had three or four show up but now now you’ve become the neighborhood expert why they know you they like you now and they trust that you’re going to work they see you out there working if they want to sell they’re like I would love somebody like this to help me sell my house because they’re a hustler this is what I want you’ve already aligned yourself now as high status cool now the other two hours some days we’re only 12 to 15 family show up in two hours or I’ve had times where I have people lined up for it to start and that’s great because that tells the neighborhood hey I’m doing something right here this is the hot listing so the goal of course you know you want to collect information and all that now after not only you’re going to get some good fire leads you’re going to get some good seller leads that’s a few there to set appointments I’ve set appointments on the spot and then relisted homes around the corner or now you play the follow up game but what you just did now was you condensed or you took what is called an open house which typically is very passive into something aggressive and active that you can use to your advantage not only grow your business but actually grow your reputation in that neighborhood I don’t care what neighborhood this is I don’t care if that’s your first listing in the neighborhood and if it is your first listing great think about the kind of introduction that’s going to be to so many of the neighborhood if you’re a realtor wow they are going to be impressed and the fact that you follow me and you have a coach probably whether it’s me or somebody else you study your scripts you’re sharp you look good you smell good you it’s lows when you speak wow now you’re really going to blow people socks off alright this formula is simple but it’s going to require some work now I tell you guys if you do this if you do the open house event you do one or two a month Wow three to six months from now your business will be completely transformed and later on you can scale it down and then if you hire people you can have them do it but you get the gist here you guys have any other ideas go ahead and put it in the comments below I’m sure there’s other people who have something to add to this whether it’s something online or maybe something else you can do in person link you can call as well I prefer the door knock that’s more personal and you’ll get a better result I’ve tested it but experiment you know comment below what you guys think liked the video subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already all the links to everything I have is in the description whatever you guys need as you know BC is here for you just shoot me a message and we’ll chat and lastly don’t forget to comment not only what you would add to this as an open house like a pointer but also what your experience has been if you had a success share it here so other people can see it I want this to grow and expand alright see you guys on the next one

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