How to host a website free with Google Drive??
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How to host a website free with Google Drive??

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advantage of Google drive’s free cloud storage to upload and publish any kind
of static content you can host HTML pages CSS JavaScript icons images audio
video and podcasts here is the main reasons why you should do it it’s free
save hundreds of dollars per year in web hosting it’s secure
no bandwidth limits your website will never be down Google servers are very
reliable no FTP software needed if you want to change something just replace
the file in your Google Drive folder the disadvantages are if your website was
made with WordPress Joomla our PHP this will not work for you this is only for
static websites Google Drive URL structure cannot be changed but no
worries there is a way to use your custom domain name I’ll show you in a
moment in this video I will guide you step-by-step to host your website in
Google Drive then I will show you how to assign it to your custom domain name
let’s start I assume you already have your website files first thing you need
is an index.html file this file will be served when someone
tries to access your website next we drop the website folder in the Google
Drive preferably in the root now we have to make this folder public
right-click on the folder and select get shareable link before we continue further make sure the
folder name starts with www you
open a new tab in your browser and type DRV TW select Google Drive sign in with the email associated with
the Google Drive account where you uploaded the website files click allow
now your website is hosted in Google Drive and this is the new URL to your
website if you want to use a different domain
with your website follow the steps copy the URL login to your domain provider
I recommend purchasing your domain names from
they have the best prices and amazing support select the domain you want to manage
remove any name servers from your previous web hosting provider you next you have to add a new cname record
in the host field type in the value field paste the website URL
you generated previously you remove the HTTPS prefix and remove all the text that comes after
the DRV TW you in the TTL field select 30 minutes to allow your visitors to access your
domain without WW you must add a new URL redirect record in the value field type HTTP followed by
your domain name the records should take up to 30 minutes
to get accepted globally however since you just changed name servers it can
take up to 48 hours for your site to be up again ok those for a spirited level
people I hear a valued a poor person has a video for like 4 channels of you


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