How to Host a Monthly Town Hall Meeting in an Agency? (Agenda, Purpose, Length)

At Experiment 27, we
are a fully nomadic team, meaning everybody either
works from coworking spaces or from their offices, and they’re all spread out
really around the world, but mostly around the United States. And one of the easiest ways I’ve found to help build that culture is we have monthly town hall meetings. And that’s what I want to
talk about in this video. So what is a town hall? It’s a monthly meeting, usually
takes about a half hour, where everybody on the team gets together on one Google hangout, and we all talk about
how the company’s doing. I go over the clients. We go over any new announcements, introduce any new team members. And it’s open floor, so
anybody can ask any questions that they have at that time. Having a town hall’s been really important for us at Experiment27, because the team doesn’t
really get together that often, because we’re nomadic. So for instance, a lot of the times, the sales guys might not be
talking to a guy in production. Afnan and Cam might not
be talking to or seeing Laticia over on the cold calling team. But if we have the town hall,
everybody gets together, and it makes us seem like a real company. So this is what the town
hall agenda looks like. This is the actual one
we used in March 2017. I removed some of the client names here. The colors are an inside joke. Basically, it’s to make it seem like we’re on a website from 1995. It’s a very straightforward doc. We write the client name, and then I’ve been putting a GIF that represents each client. It adds a little bit of levity. It makes the meeting a little
bit easier to go through. So here’s the first client, second client. Each one of these GIFs represent
something about the client. This one was a Romanian company, so. We’ve got Selena Gomez
sing I love Romania. And that’s the first part of the meeting, going over the clients. Then we have any other announcements. So February was our top
sales month of all time. Actually, March was our top
sales month of all time. And it’s looking like April’s going to be our top sales month of all time. So it’s just constantly increasing. But in February, also, that
was our top sales month of all time, so I said
that during the meeting. We hired Liban in February so I said hey, here’s Liban. Liban introduced himself, said one or two things about who he was. Point number four was to keep it going. The team at Ex27 is amazing. They’re all working super hard and I just put that point in
to help congratulate people. And then number five was
suggest an agenda item, so we opened the floor and
anybody else on the team can say what’s on their mind. If they have any issues
with how me and Robert are running the company, or if they have any issues with how we’re positioning ourselves
or how the team’s going, this is a really good forum
to hear some of those things. I’ll share this town
hall doc as a download. If you want to check it out, link us in the description. If you like this type of content, feel free to thumbs up this video. Subscribe for more b2b sales training and agency sales training. And if you need marketing
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